December 21, 2010

Listening to:

The Pretty Reckless.
I already read quite a few gig reviews and the majority of it says it's rather shit. The worst review I read was probably on one of my favourite blogs, where the guy described how at a gig in NY nobody paid attention to what was going on on stage and at one point, when the band was performing a ballade you could hardly hear any music cause people were chatting so loudly and apparently the lead songstress felt offended and got snotty.

Generally I'm contra handling bands above or below their value, just because a famous person is in it. Quality music has nothing to do with sympathy (see also: Kanye West).
In this case the famous person is new "role model" and Gossip Girl acctress Taylor Momsen, who makes it seem ok for 17-year-old teenage girls to drop out of school, dress like crack whores and flash their underpants in public. I don't want to sound like a prude, but Taylor Momsen has bodyguards when she goes home from the fun fair, thousands of other 17-year-old teenage girls who like to dress and talk like her don't and sexual predators are EVERYWHERE!!!

I watched some of the video clips and instantly noticed that she's in a band with 4 old guys (again, they're EVERYWHERE!) and that you can hardly ever spot them throughout the video clips because focus is on her and her pins all the time. I wonder what might go on late at night in that tour bus.
The music's not crap, it's ok, she sounds like she lives off cigarettes and whiskey and there are those metal-inspired riffs at some stages that made me laugh a bit but nothing's...ok it's pretty average.

Let's face it, it's girly wannabe hardrock and it seems that if good old Britney Spears would slip on some stay-ups, apply eyeliner and spit out seemingly deep vocals the result would be the same. "I can see it in your eyes, you make me wanna die". A-ha.

First time I saw that girl I thought she looks like a younger, slightly less good looking version of Debbie Harry, kind of authentic and the fact that she's a bit of a pervert and likes the Dead Weather made her seem even more sympathetic but I saw some interviews and the way she acts around reporters kind of bothered me. If someone like Kele Okereke plays up during interviews it's his perfect right, I mean, he's a god and music magazines sell if his face is on the cover so the journalists bites the apple but in her case it's quite obvious she needs the press more than the other way round.
Another question I am asking myself is: where the fuck are her parents and why aren't they buying her a proper pair of jeans or wash her filthy mouth with soap?

If she was 10 years older I would probably support her and maybe even pay for a song or so. But being pro a 17-year-old who flashes her boobs at her band's NOT sold-out concerts would feel a bit like supporting US-American food habits and North Korea's dictatorship. Unhealthy and just plain wrong.