March 28, 2013

Fashion ethics

Pretty tasteless to put a millionaire model into luxury clothing, fly her into a third world country and let her pose in the midst of the poor.

I read numerous positive reviews on this editorial. I'm confronted with a feeling of disappointment because none of the feedback I consumed had a spark of criticism for this over the top "supposedly artsy creative" contrast of arrogantly presented wealth and extreme poverty in it. I wonder if all the locals got paid for starring in this editorial. As if. I wonder how much model Daria Werbowy made in comparison.

her shoes are more expensive than the elephant

March 27, 2013


...I create a "NEW IN" - post.

Did I hear lame?

I don't really care. I just finished my first Rush Fit - workout in 6 months and I had to feed my afternoon tea to the toiled bowl upon completion of round five. Great work out you guys. Thanks GSP, you muscly little French-Canadian turbo blaster. It wasn't pleasant but gosh I feel so skinny already for realsies (pinching muffin top as we speak)

Since I travel a bit lately I have been on the outlook for an appropriate backpack/weekender bag for a while now, but weekender bags are for adults (yuk). Safe to say there is a variety of  suitable and potential backpack partners out there for me.. Say whatever you want but the relationship between a backpack and a girl is a peculiar one. It's confusing to have the heavy weight of daily necessities distributed over two shoulders. Like, omg I am so NOT ruining my back right now. How FUN!
Also I like looking like a child.
via if anyone knows which blog this is off please let me know.

It's from Glassons by the way. I can't find it online anymore but there are still a few in store.
So you see the perfectness in this boxy little school girl number?

The magnetic buttons, the buckles just for show, the short straps which add a whole new level of infantile charm. Oh backpack.

There is no way I will be wearing this baby as relaxed as Mistery Lady in above picture. I will be strapping that shit on my like I was carrying 500 kt of pure gold in it, possibly engaging in a variety of good old school yard games while showing off the coolness on my back as proud as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle would its shell.

old school games. sneakily hidden exercise. I tried playing this at the beach once, possibly under the influence. What a fail.

March 26, 2013

Quilted love
Backpack $ 45 from Bardot
via Choies
via Choies
via Choies
What is it with my affiliation with quilted leather goods recently? It seems to be THE perfect way to work thread into cow skin. I have spent the last couple of weeks thinking about the art of quilting, an art form previously mastered by ancient upholsterers all around the globe. Or so they tell me. It haunts me with a fascination. How do they get all these deltoids so perfectly symmetrical? I need to know!

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March 25, 2013

Adventure Time

YAYAYAYAY I am still feeding off my trip to yet another awesome spot in this country.

Noosa Heads.
Best known for old people, the national park and of course the legendary nude beach. (We didn't make it there. THIS TIME!)

After a long week of work we tried to find a place to stay at Mooloolaba or Maroochydore first, but ended up further up North because EVERYTHING was full.
Since Noosa is a bit of a drive we were hesitant at first but ended up pressing the "book now" button anyway. Nothing like a bit of insensible behaviour on a Friday night.

So on Saturday morning, after an amazing home-cooked Canadian breakfast (a birthday tradition), we headed off to what we thought would probably be a weekend spent indoors and maybe (!) in a pool accompanied by the occasional rain dance.

How wrong I was. It turned out to be super sunny and warm. Some of the locals there even blamed the good weather (after 8 weeks of rain) on our presence. Hehe. Children of the sun.

We ended up in the South Pacific Resort & Spa, which is about 5 minutes from Noosa Heads' busy Hastings Street.
The photos on their website speak for themselves but let's just say we felt like fresh out of "Forgetting Sarah Marshall". Can you blame us for faking a British accent?
Really feeling that minimalistic Polynesian-inspired interior decor

view from the hotel room. Not bad. Not bad at all.

Before checking into our room, we explored Noosaville and the Foreshore. It's a really charming place that reminded me of that one time I went to Magnetic Island with my awesome bro and 3 other rad friends.
There were a lot of cute little takeaway-places and lots of very expensive restaurants, and of course the famous Giant Pelican.

Australians and their fascination with gigantic plastic statues
After delicious food and a wander through some of the busier, touristy streets we headed to the hotel and checked into our awesome room. We booked in for a massage and damn, it was amazing! I love having a nice old chat with my massage therapist and she was a fabulous New Age-freak and really into aromatherapy. She passed on some of her secrets to me, my favorite being an apparently extremely efficient way to relax and shake off any conflict or stress that may have built up in your body during the day - hot foot baths infused with rose petals and lavender oil. I have yet to try this one out but just the thought of doing this in winter after a long day at work gives me happy goose bumps.

Still zonked from our massage we headed into the heated pool and enjoyed the rest of the afternoon in cheesy, married-couple lame twosomeness. We did plan on going to the beach, but after 30 mins of unsuccessfully finding a spot to park our car and a million people at the beach we decided to just take it easy. If you spend your work days wandering through busy shopping centres, bumping into thousands of crazy consumerism-controlled aimless people you quite enjoy doing absolutely nothing while being surrounded by a bare minimum of fellow human beings.

 Needless to say I got my drink on soon after!
1 Cosmopolitan later I was harassing the bar staff
We hopped into a cab and made our way back down to Hastings Street and set foot in the Irish Pub there. Yeah, it became apparent pretty quickly that Noosa was Noosa and only about 25 people actually go out on a Saturday night, so after downing way too many drinks in very little time and a very embarrassing trip to Video Ezy (apologies to the young man behind the counter lol), we embarked on a journey to find an open bottle shop and then crashed in the hotel room. I lasted about two thirds into a Prosecco bottle and Wes Anderson movie before I happily and drunkenly fell asleep.

I woke up WITHOUT a hangover (nailed it!!!) and we headed towards Brisbane fairly early, got stuck in traffic and decided to turn off our GPS and have breakfast in a charming deli away from the main road.

After about an hour in the car we finally made it to the beach, only to find this:

Nevertheless I got to have a wander at the beach, feel the sand between my toes and smell the salty, crisp ocean breeze. Marvillosa!!
feeling an overwhelming amount of content right now
And of course, what would a birthday be without half a birthday cake?
Yeah, that's right. Half a birthday cake. Because otherwise I would have eaten about 12 pieces myself.
Black forest. Eating in style!

Thanks everyone for being  so crazily awesome!

Coming soon....

It's like this platform didn't even exist the last couple of days. Oh em gee.
25 days down and I only managed to post 6 times.

March 19, 2013

Happy Birthday to me!!!

It was here in a second and then gone even faster, but yes, yes, I have now officially had my 23rd birthday and to say I had a great weekend would be an understatement.

Let's just say coastal town, no work phone (!!!), my gorgeous husband and my friends and family here and overseas showering me with birthday messages and cute photos.

Dan got me lots of little things, such as a Lumpy Space Princess figurine (heck yes!!!) and most amazingly got me massage vouchers which I can't WAIT to use! Best most thoughtful present ever. Since making our own birthday/anniversary cards is kind of a thing in our home, I of course got a hilarious one this year. Themed and all.

We ended up in Noosa Heads, which was great to see because I skipped it during my East Coast Tour in 2010. To be frank it's not for everybody as it is really small and quiet but the beaches and rain forest are spectacular and hey, you still find the odd pub and backpacker bar full of crazy, drunk people.

I will show you some photos tonight, as well as a more elaborate description of my weekend but let's just say we had a room that looked like fresh out of "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" aka THE BEST MOVIE EVER MADE. Fake British accent and all.

Thinking back to the heated pools and super humid and hot weather and the sand between my toes, I am not even wasting a minute thinking about buying stuff other than food. I'm becoming less and less attached to things and more attached to places, memories and experiences. Don't get me wrong, I'm still feeling a pleasant twitch here and there when I see a quilted leather jacket (!) or a pair of studded boots (!!), but I keep reminding myself that that's not at all what life is about.

Now it's onto saving up for the next trip! We want to go back to Noosa, but still need to explore Mooloolaba and Byron and and and.
The next adventure is just outside our door step.

March 12, 2013

When in Rome...

Just kidding.
If I was in Rome right now, gelato and pasta would come out of the majority of my orifices.

Instead I am in a surprisingly expensive Motel in a mining town in humid North Queensland, Australia, possibly just consumed 50 grams of Jelly Beans in one hit and am feeling a bit uncomfortable yet surprisingly indifferent about the fact that the bathroom blinds aren't working properly.

The tad of liveliness I have left in me today is concentrating hard on how to best prepare the wardrobe for an upcoming drop in degrees of the Celcius kind, hats with little ears attached and all.
Vero Moda sweater via Asos
Burgundy knit dress via
Image 1 of River Island Print Biker Jacket
River Island via

via Sportsgirl. This might already be sitting on my vanity.
River Island dress via Asos with a pair of knitted tights and leather jacket. Yes? Yes