March 11, 2013


Oh's been a while.
I have no real excuse for my absence, but then...what do excuses really do for us anyway?
It's quite funny because I actually felt a very strong and unsettling urge to write over the last week. Really BAD.
But I couldn't. Everything I thought would make an interesting post just wouldn't and wouldn't come together, no matter how hard I tried, no matter what cool places I went - I just wasn't there.

Nonetheless I am lining up words as we speak so I think there might be hope still.
I read a lot about Mercury retrograde and while I am a skeptic in regards to new age, I do kind of (want to) believe in it. I'm just going to blame this writers block on that shit.

It's the start of my birthday week - yes, that's a thing "these days" and I feel very content and grateful for what I have experienced in my life so far and stupid at the same time for needing a year added to my age to have this realisation.
What a weird species.

I'm running late for work but I can already assure you that there will be a lot of posting this week, since I will be in Mackay for two days and have no intention of getting attacked by a bat/mining employee at night. Looks like it's going to be me, a hotel room and a laptop all over again - just like the good old days...