February 29, 2012

Day 29 - 2: A copy of a copy of a copy

I was going to post this last night but at 12 pm I though I should at least get a couple of hours sleep before doing a 10 hr shift. Do you get that 'copy of a copy of a copy' - feeling too when you watch movies from the 90ies and early 2000s and realising that fashion is just repeating itself over and over again? I had one of these moments, when watching 'Clueless' again  last year after years of Alicia Silverstone neglect (you can find that article in my archive!), where I spotted sheer long sleeved shirts and cross jewellery and thought: Wow, I should have watched that 4 months ago and started my own jewellery line and would've become rich!
When 'Bedazzled' was on last night, I couldn't help but observe again :)
I present you with bodacious Liz Hurley's amazing wardrobe from the movie:

red sequin dress. wowzers. all I see here is boobs. left. right. and .centre.
knee high socks-skirt-shirt-collar-combination. Sounds familiar? Seen it on about 50 different girls today.

Ok, just ignore they are speaking Russina or sth in this video and  the fact I took this from a scumbag's youtube channel and skip straight forward to 1:23
the T-Shirt yells 1999. I love it! But may I please draw your attention to the patent leather pants she is wearing. Cross stitch? Heck yes. Sign me up for a pair! And to complement the look, a studded wristband as the devil's scrunchy? Do I hear a 'So wrong it's right'??

the pumps, the thin straps on the dress, the hair piece, the make-up. It's a 90ies masterpiece! Kate Moss couldn't have pulled it off any better!

Imma go burn of that jello now, after seeing these photos! ;)

Day 29: It's like this day doesn't even exist!!!

So, February 29th?

I didn't know public transport was free all day today in Brisbane so that
was a pleasant surprise. The charming busdriver even drew a little smiley face
onto the post it note that said: 'Free travel: ONCE EVERY FOUR YEARS'
(I like how he clarified the 'once every four years' in advance!!) haha

My day in fast forward: touching old grandma legs and spotting all sorts of rank stuff in the toilets at Myer Centre (I'm not going to go into detail, but the 6 weeks I have been back working in the city I have experienced the worst toilet moments of my life...girls are pigs), giggling over German girls saying nasty stuff, thinking  I don't understand, trying on and putting on hold 6 pairs of shoes, staring at a girl's boobs so obviously she blushed (it wasn't my fault, I just thought her top was great!),  cutting my finger on the key on close so I bled everywhere (I'm awesome) and having old mate from centre management help me close the doors, followed by being super paranoid on the way to my car (I always am though, I am one of those people who play robbery scenarios etc in their heads in the worst moments!!! Need.  to . see. doctor.)

I came home to Dan watching Chapelle's show and damn, I must have seen it about 2000 times by now but still wee my panties.
I love me some political incorrectness sometimes. Very self-ironic too. And there's as much swearing as on my blog!! Yay!!!

And look at what just went on sale at sportsgirl.com.au

oh me likey. onto me now!!!

I have been eyeing off some collar tips for a while and thought I would get a pair from nelly.com while overseas, but sort of forgot and didn't really pay a lot of attention to online shopping because the actual shopping was amazing enough!

I came back with about 5 button up collared shirts so thought I might as well invest in a pair of shiny metal goodness.

Found these beauties for around $ 12 Australian on Ebay and I was SOLD straight away:
the seller was from Texas. So cliché I kill me, as Alf would say.

the shirt and choker are from Europe, bag is from a toy shop (yes, toy shop) at Stones Corner form years ago, collar tips Ebay

I have also been spending some time at http://beginningboutique.com.au/ lately.
That's where I spotted the mirror belt trend first.
image via backstage.bigcartel.com check them out! the belt pictured above is a smart USD 22 and they offer international shipping. they rip off a LOT of designer jewellery and it looks pretty well-made!
They were out of stock when I felt the urge of calling one my own so I thought Sportsgirl would be a safe bet to get one, but I wasn't really fussed on spending $ 50 on a seasonal trend so I just got one from Ebay. It's quite sad I can't remember what colour I ordered it in, but I think it was a golden one. Or something. Haha.

Anyway, tomorrow: DAY OFF! Good for me. Really have to get my writing cranking. Assignments and other stuff.

Oh jello, you never let me down.
Good night!

February 28, 2012

Day 28: Never underestimate the power of stupidity

One would think that intelligent women would have finally gotten their heads around how manipulative TV and trash magazines are and how they feed hatred between us but hey, turns out a lot just haven't. Now this might seem a bit full on so let me start with a few facts:

 1) I am calling myself a feminist. I am all for equality. However, I do think achieving equality is only possibly with a strong female community....a united community. Sisterhood, if that's what you want to call it. I believe that with the end of female rivalry said 'Sisterhood' is a possible scenario and with a community like that, a lot of gender related issues and inequalities could be resolved. I sometimes feel like women stand in the way of their own progression, that we have to move on from the 'men are evil'-pattern and look at what is actually blocking us.

2) I believe in freedom of speech and am happy for everyone to have an opinion. Stupidity, however, hurts   me physically. Being oblivious to one's own stupidity gives me strokes.

7 am:

I am checking my facebook before work and have to come across the following status update:

"A man's best accessoire is the woman by his side"

Unsurprisingly this was posted by a girl of 18 or 19 years of age. All her friends, male and female, went on about how this comment is 'so true OMG' and 'such a lovely thing to say'.
Now imagine me on my little office chair, angry and agitated and slowly reaching boiling point. I got so worked up I felt nauseaus.

My questions to you:
How can one NOT see the sexist message in what is supposed to be some sort of a weird compliment here? A men's accessoire? OH HELL NO (imagine this in Beyonce's voice)
Every single one of us has come way too far to be happy with being someone's accessoire. And for all of you who are still having trouble realising this: Women are perfectly functional humans. We wear accessoires, we don't act as one.
Did you get trapped by the 'nice' way this degrading statement is wrapped up in the same way, the girl and her friends did? And can you understand why I am so agitated about this?

Most ladies I have had the pleasure meeting so far claim to by 'totally emancipated and feminist' and one can see the feeling of empowerement and independence glance in their eyees when they hear that 'Girls run the world'-song on the radio..
Righto. Again -  Sisterhood and all. Goodonya.
And when asked about what's wrong with society they usually complain about  how advertising is creating this perverted image of the female body, that makes us all get eating disorders and feel self hatred. And men.  They're evil. Cause they get more money. And stuff.

Ten minutes later, I see them opening a magazine and giggling about how KE$HA has cellulite on her thighs. I see how they are celebrating hatred and determine another female's worth by how she looks.
A great way to treat someone of your own kind, right?

"What was that? You say it makes you feel better about yourself when you see someone's 'ugly'? Then you've got some bigger fish to fry than jiggly thighs, darling."

7:15 am

Found another statement, this time coming from the Austrian Lesbian Community:

'Real women dress casually, not sexy'

Wow for this shit coming from the last place on earth I would've suspected anti-feminism at.

Dear Austrian Lesbian Community,
I would like you to define the world 'real' in the context you used it. What is a 'real' woman? How and why does cleavage and a mini skirt take that 'realness' away from her? 

This is such a devaluating statement of women who dress (what society perceives as) sexy.
You might be able to tell what they were trying to say with this statement so let me just re-phrase it a little bit:

'Women should be found perfectly capable of choosing their wardrobe and can dress however they want. If they choose to show more skin than my grandma, they should be able to do so, without being judged by anyone else (including other women), held responsible for being raped by some filthy sick human being or considered a second class citizen. If they choose corporate wear, that's cool. Sporty? Cool! Fetish  clothing? Cool. I only have a problem if you don't wash and sit next to me on the bus. Everything else is non of my business' 

Moving on from this....

6 pm:

I knew that a day after the Oscars the online community (as everyone else in media) would start tearing into what people were wearing. And by people I mean women. Of all age. All backgrounds. All colours.
Now the blogs and newspapers I tend to read are ones that usually stay away from headlines such as 'Jessica Simpsons says: DONT CALL ME FAT' etc... (you get the idea).
how life-defining!!!

So when I went over to one of the few Austrian pop culture blogs I have in my Google Reader (and I am not going to link the article for the simple fact it doesn't deserve any traffic) and saw the headline 'Oscar night bitching' I already sighed and prepared myself for the worst.

Again this bullshit was born in a female's mind:

Imagine a flood of photographs of actresses in designer gowns and said female judging each one of them, making fun of Natalie Portmans 'non-existant' tits (Wow, you really seem like a decent human being! I would SO want to hang out with you!), wants to 'feed Angelina Jolie' (gooddamnit, that tastless 'joke' has been chewed on for years now. You call yourself a writer? Get a creative mind!!!) and feels grossed out by the fact that 'Michelle Williams is starting to look more like Renee Zellweger'.  Wowzers, seems like I've found the breeding ground of mysogony today. Again (and isn't this ironic?) this was all written by a woman.

Sounds like your common $ 1.75 trash mag article, doesn't it?

So after lines and lines of superficial blah the conclusion of said article was as follows:

A) Celebrities (make that a 'female celebrities') have to look amazing (whatever that means) all the time, otherwise they are deemed worthless and have to be MADE FUN OF
B) All men supposedly looked amazing because, y'know, men in tuxedos always look good (that was her statement, true fact.)
C) There is no need whatsoever to  mention anyone's achievements, nominations and projects when writing about the most important award of the film industry. Great journalism. So full of interesting observations and information. But remember: Nat's tits were too small for the dress.

After power-spewing for a few hours I commented on the article and expressed my disbelief and disgust to my husband in what was a mixture of angry dance and yelling/dribbling. (His suggestion: to play 'Syndicate' and shoot people on the Xbox. I'm sure he would've refused to hand over the controler so I decided on written vomitting instead...)

I can take quite a few hits but these three things literally drained the life out of me today and at some stages  I just sat here, shaking my head and feeling indescribably frustrated.
When's this nonsense gonna come to an end?

I was going to post about something a bit lighter today (I shopped on ebay...haha), but I just had to put this in writing.

And to end this post, I present you with the ad I hate so much it makes me turn into The Hulk:

February 27, 2012

Day 27-2: I'm a blob.

In my head this was an amazing 5 minute movie with dolphins and dragons and catdogs but I lost interest really quickly (so typical..) and just left it like that. Next weekend, however, I will do one with a script and stuff. Not just standing there thinking: "hum, what next..."
Me, clueless. ALSO: Note to myself: learn how to use the focus on your camera.

this is gonna take me years so don't expect a further update on that one any time soon. I'm sure it'll look amaza-poise when it's done though.

So much for now! New shoes in this weeks so stay tuned if you're a girl or a boy who likes wearing/looking at heels.
As a matter of fact, you can get your very own pair of Lita heels on solestruck. For men. In men sizes. For men. I repeat. For men.

Ok now, moving on form this one....

I went to Stones Corner which is a part of Brisbane that used to blossom and be full of great outlet stores and nice fine eateries and charming artsy cafes etc. etc. You get the idea.
In recent years it has become very unpopular (and maybe a bit unsafe..who knows) with a lot of shops and gastronomy going out of business but I went there again today with Dan and we were really surprised about how it is starting to flourish again. We met Ursula from UrsaLady Creations and she is the quirkiest and loveliest girl I met in a long long time. She has this Vintage/Rockabilly store that opened 12 weeks ago and makes her own jewellery as well as rents out shelves so local artists can reach an audience outside online shopping. Now I am not into Rockabilly fashion that much anymore (even though I have tattoos and a great interest in burlesque and think it's a wonderful and tasteful way to rip your clothes off in front of strangers without this whole hassle with the police...) but she has some darn good stuff and promised me, there would be some cateye glasses in any time. On top of that she stocks a pretty amazing Melbournian designer. Velvet shorts that look like PJs anyone?

Another highlight at SC is Lady Marmalade. Now if you live in Oz and have a TV you probably know the show My kitchen rules and surprisingly the two owners of said cafe were in one of the 35 seasons produced over the last 2 years and were portrayed as douche bags. But you know..reality TV always cuts and pastes at the wrong spots and they turn out to be delightful in real life. Their cafe is filled with all sorts of vintage fiends (today I spotted their stuffed peacock for the first time) and their food can be best described as organic deliciousnes and taste-sensational. Now with all small hipster eateries you can expect your lunch to be a bit pricier than "Subway" but holy moly, it's worth it. Just ask my taste buds!

Here's proof I didn't make above story up (aka I took photos)

Orange and passionfruit juice. And how good are the table tops?? Who WOULDN'T love looking at Winston 'the handsome' Churchill while brunching? Is anyone faking a British accent yet? Cause I am.  Magnificent!!!

this was delicious! So many tastes, colours and consistencies. Wrap it up in bread and go "om nom nom"

Ahaha, I just saw how pleased and full Dan looks in this photo! May i draw your attention away from my husband and onto the interior of the store. And did you spot the stuffed peacock yet?

Milk bar

See the images on the chairs? I sat on Shakespear today. It was quite a delight!

This sounds good but how many avocados do they throw in to justify the $ 3.50?

Enough for today!
Good night!

Day 27: Princess Polly and a lack of computing skills

So everyone keeps telling me about Princess Polly and to be honest I've never been to any of their shops (even though they're quite great as I just found out and have their head office in the Brisbane valley).

There are litterally swarms  of girls coming into the shop every day who are wearing Princess Polly from head to toe and I have always wondered about the price class - so I went and visited their online store today. Holy moly, the shit is good. They have beautiful designs and a pretty great and unique mission statement (if maybe a bit fluffy) and with most of their dresses priced at $ 70 (and some sort of lay-by option with a $ 20 deposit to hold possibility instore I have yet to check out) it is also quite affordable.
The only thing that bothered is the concept of having everything super short, super tight and obviously made for real skinnies only. Blaming Princess Polly would be a mega fail though, it seems every dress I buy recently can only be worn with tights (tights in Australian summer, fuck my life!) because I'm generally not a fan of rocking out with my shit hanging out but the hemline is generally two inches away from my crotch, which doesn't leave a lot of room to play with.

 My neighbour got flashed SO many times yesterday when I hung out the laundry, she and her children left their back yard and went inside. So one tells me....

Their sizes range from 6 - 12 so one should think curvier girls shouldn't have problems fitting into the clothes, but can you imagine this on a chunky lady?

But anyway, I spent around 15 minutes on their website and was already potentially spending more than $ 400 before I closed the browser.

Here are a couple of things I put in my basket:

 I wish some of their models wouldn't look so super grumpy though! Watch out, evil face!
I will go clean my dirty house now (inspection tomorrow, boo!) and post the fruits of yesterday's creativity attack  later on today. Stay tuned.

(all products are available on http://www.princesspolly.com.au/ they offer international shipping for $ 25 yay)

February 26, 2012

Day 26: time waster

I keep tricking myself into visiting Etsy, thinking I won't browse and 'right click-save' every second image, wasting hours and hours gathering photos of things 'I could one day make myself' and ending up looking at the clock and shitting my panties.

Good  for me I have the day off tomorrow and also good that I have been pretty productive today (with exception of the last two hours I spent on etsy. TASTE TEST you will be the death of me!).

I finally finished Bret Easton Ellis' 'Lunar Park' this morning (I couldn't finish it last night cause I got too scared!) and am on the look out for a new read. I yet have to finish Keith Richard's autobiography and a couple of other philosphy books that I started ages ago (Foucault, you hear me!). When I was a kid I watched this scary horrow show that came on right after 'tales of the crypt' and I remember one episode was about a boy starting to read heaps of books, but not finishing one. The characters of the books started to come alive and tried to kill him and his sister. He had to finish reading all the books in order to make the things disappear.
Ever since that show I feel weird starting a book when another one still lays on my bedside table unfinished! Childhood trauma much?

After I had finished the book I got a coffee and then had the brilliant idea of making a stop motion movie with all the little colourful pods. That ate up half of my afternoon and didn't quite turn out as brilliant as the images I had in my head. Things never do, though. Or do they?

So after that and cooking and washing I started on another collar. Pretty creative day, huh? Too bad I am so tired after my etsy venture to show you any of these things. Will do tomorrow, though so stay tuned!

And for all of you who are desperately looking for a birthday present pour moi (don't you all???) here are a couple of things I wouldn't mind calling my own: (all images via etsy.com - of course all of these products can be purchased on said website!)

Frida Kahlo felt puppet.

Tassimo bag. Beauty and the beast was my first VHS!!

Ok, imma be honest. I hate scented candles. But this photo looks delish.

Who wants a fox on a bike?? Moi s'il-vous plaît

French bulldog? Check. French bulldog coin purse? Double check.

this is just so weird and wonderful

so is this!

so nice, don't you think? the rim has the charm of a crocodiles mouth

ok, there we go again. felt puppets. They are of absolutely no use to me whatsover. I still want them though. Anyone buy them for me? What if I say PLEASE?

Candy coloured denim turns thighs into thunder thighs. I don't care. I want it all.

come to me, eduardooo

very lovely. I could see you on my finger!

Dog's head on human body on a plane? I'm sold!

Yes, me too likey the nebula trend!

This I want because I watched 'My week with Marylin' the other day and the movie was great! Michelle Williams has been a favourite for a long time and she is doing a pretty good job. The Oscar nomination is justified.

Again: Galaxy trend. I like this better than the leggings actually. Doesn't mean I don't want the leggings too!!

This must be the greatest idea in the history of shoes. NO doubt all of this stuff would come off with the first drunken club night but who cares: It looks good!!!

More nebula! Gimme MORE!!

I don't know if this is supposed to be a monkey with a tiny penis or what that dangly bit down the bottom is supposed to be...maybe a tail. Maybe it's not a monkey at all....in any case it is for your consideration (and for your shopping basket!)

Heaps of friends went to Soundwave today and I was absolutely gutted. Even though Aussie festivals can't compete with European ones, it's hard to watch other people being covered in mud, beer, sweat and food grease without being an actual part of it. Mentally I, of course, was totally there! :)