February 29, 2012

Day 29 - 2: A copy of a copy of a copy

I was going to post this last night but at 12 pm I though I should at least get a couple of hours sleep before doing a 10 hr shift. Do you get that 'copy of a copy of a copy' - feeling too when you watch movies from the 90ies and early 2000s and realising that fashion is just repeating itself over and over again? I had one of these moments, when watching 'Clueless' again  last year after years of Alicia Silverstone neglect (you can find that article in my archive!), where I spotted sheer long sleeved shirts and cross jewellery and thought: Wow, I should have watched that 4 months ago and started my own jewellery line and would've become rich!
When 'Bedazzled' was on last night, I couldn't help but observe again :)
I present you with bodacious Liz Hurley's amazing wardrobe from the movie:

red sequin dress. wowzers. all I see here is boobs. left. right. and .centre.
knee high socks-skirt-shirt-collar-combination. Sounds familiar? Seen it on about 50 different girls today.

Ok, just ignore they are speaking Russina or sth in this video and  the fact I took this from a scumbag's youtube channel and skip straight forward to 1:23
the T-Shirt yells 1999. I love it! But may I please draw your attention to the patent leather pants she is wearing. Cross stitch? Heck yes. Sign me up for a pair! And to complement the look, a studded wristband as the devil's scrunchy? Do I hear a 'So wrong it's right'??

the pumps, the thin straps on the dress, the hair piece, the make-up. It's a 90ies masterpiece! Kate Moss couldn't have pulled it off any better!

Imma go burn of that jello now, after seeing these photos! ;)