February 26, 2012

Day 26: time waster

I keep tricking myself into visiting Etsy, thinking I won't browse and 'right click-save' every second image, wasting hours and hours gathering photos of things 'I could one day make myself' and ending up looking at the clock and shitting my panties.

Good  for me I have the day off tomorrow and also good that I have been pretty productive today (with exception of the last two hours I spent on etsy. TASTE TEST you will be the death of me!).

I finally finished Bret Easton Ellis' 'Lunar Park' this morning (I couldn't finish it last night cause I got too scared!) and am on the look out for a new read. I yet have to finish Keith Richard's autobiography and a couple of other philosphy books that I started ages ago (Foucault, you hear me!). When I was a kid I watched this scary horrow show that came on right after 'tales of the crypt' and I remember one episode was about a boy starting to read heaps of books, but not finishing one. The characters of the books started to come alive and tried to kill him and his sister. He had to finish reading all the books in order to make the things disappear.
Ever since that show I feel weird starting a book when another one still lays on my bedside table unfinished! Childhood trauma much?

After I had finished the book I got a coffee and then had the brilliant idea of making a stop motion movie with all the little colourful pods. That ate up half of my afternoon and didn't quite turn out as brilliant as the images I had in my head. Things never do, though. Or do they?

So after that and cooking and washing I started on another collar. Pretty creative day, huh? Too bad I am so tired after my etsy venture to show you any of these things. Will do tomorrow, though so stay tuned!

And for all of you who are desperately looking for a birthday present pour moi (don't you all???) here are a couple of things I wouldn't mind calling my own: (all images via etsy.com - of course all of these products can be purchased on said website!)

Frida Kahlo felt puppet.

Tassimo bag. Beauty and the beast was my first VHS!!

Ok, imma be honest. I hate scented candles. But this photo looks delish.

Who wants a fox on a bike?? Moi s'il-vous plaƮt

French bulldog? Check. French bulldog coin purse? Double check.

this is just so weird and wonderful

so is this!

so nice, don't you think? the rim has the charm of a crocodiles mouth

ok, there we go again. felt puppets. They are of absolutely no use to me whatsover. I still want them though. Anyone buy them for me? What if I say PLEASE?

Candy coloured denim turns thighs into thunder thighs. I don't care. I want it all.

come to me, eduardooo

very lovely. I could see you on my finger!

Dog's head on human body on a plane? I'm sold!

Yes, me too likey the nebula trend!

This I want because I watched 'My week with Marylin' the other day and the movie was great! Michelle Williams has been a favourite for a long time and she is doing a pretty good job. The Oscar nomination is justified.

Again: Galaxy trend. I like this better than the leggings actually. Doesn't mean I don't want the leggings too!!

This must be the greatest idea in the history of shoes. NO doubt all of this stuff would come off with the first drunken club night but who cares: It looks good!!!

More nebula! Gimme MORE!!

I don't know if this is supposed to be a monkey with a tiny penis or what that dangly bit down the bottom is supposed to be...maybe a tail. Maybe it's not a monkey at all....in any case it is for your consideration (and for your shopping basket!)

Heaps of friends went to Soundwave today and I was absolutely gutted. Even though Aussie festivals can't compete with European ones, it's hard to watch other people being covered in mud, beer, sweat and food grease without being an actual part of it. Mentally I, of course, was totally there! :)