May 31, 2012

May 31st: Killer art

all via

I love this stuff.
Having a little argument with myself as to why I didn't think of it first but I gotta be grateful for all the creative minds out there who supply this weird and wonderful stuff.

May 30, 2012

May 30th: Online shopping is ruining my life!

Oh hi there! Thanks for stopping by again today.
I am always super stoked when I see how many people actually read the stuff I brew out of my brain juice. Spread the love if you like or keep it to yourself! I will continue posting anyway, because quite frankly, I love it!!
If you would like to follow me on instagram, go ahead. My username is astridapfelkern and since me and my husband phone are inseperable at the moment I post quite frequently and with a whole lotta enthusiasm.

A few days ago I talked about Sobi, a super awesome store in Lismore that carries heaps of amazing brands, locally made jewellery and they also sell the Kardashian bag range (which I am not a big fan of). I am, however, eyeing off a leather messenger bag with fake pony hair on the front. SO cute.

After the gym yesterday I felt like rewarding myself (damnit! always the same...) and took advantage of their 40 % off promotion. I ordered the following dresses:

both pics Sobi
 I know, right! I have fabulous taste.
And even though Mombasa, and other shops have the same dresses for a fragment cheaper than Sobi, I just LOVE their customer service and the enthusiasm their staff has for fashion. Whenever I go in there I feel comfortable and there is none of this awkward pressure of having to buy something I sometimes experience in other small boutique-like stores. That alone is worth a couple of bucks more! I posted a comment below the photo of the black dress on their facebook page and rang up the next day. As it turned out the lovely Kim (I THINK that was her name, haha) had already put the dress aside for me the previous day after reading my comment and I went ahead and bought the pink lace dress too. With the 40 % off promotion I got both dresses for a seriously ridiculous $ 104, plus a flat rate of $ 5 for postage.

They have their promotion on until the 6th of May so go ahead and get yourself a cheap goodie!

I finally got my ebay studs today so will dig out my old and neglected white Chucks out of the cupboard and start studding my butt off.
Will let you know how I go.

What have you been spending your hard earned money on lately?
Presents? For ME? Oh you shouldn't have... :)

May 29, 2012

May 29th: Oui/Non s'il vous plait!

Remember when you had to justify all your purchases in front of your parents? Like when you bought a massive blow - up Godzilla for your bedroom from your first hard earned pocket money and tried to point out all the benefits of having one of these to Mumsie and Dadster? Maybe that was just the code of conduct in my household but I am still finding patterns of exactly that behaviour in my everyday life.
Like when I bought this belt of Asos the other day even though I don't use any of the other ones I own (besides my beloved mirror belt)....straight away I felt the urge of explaining the benefits  AND versatility of owning a french script belt to, well, to myself. Thank god Dan and I both have a big hoarding problem (video games, consoles, comics and books are his downfall, accessories, shoes (!), clothes and homeware/storage are mine), so the old: "Why do you need another pair?" - discussion doesn't happen in your favourite gal pal's home. 
Oh I am getting off topic again. Ok, here are a few options to wear this amazingly cheap alternative to the "Moschino" script belt.

OPTION 1: Wear it as the belt it was intended to be. Yaaaawwwn. NEXT

OPTION 2: A very BDSM-inspired wrist/hand wraparound version. Totally impractical and I am loving it. Wear it with this baby!

OPTION 3: Wear it as an ankle cuff. Possibly sans cotton tights.
OPTION 4: You know how these cheap vinyl belts always bend around the 'buckle up area'. Well, here I present you with the ultimate solution: Cut it to length and warp it round your lovely skull. Et voila - headband au francais.  Excuse the 6 week regrowth. I was supposed to have it done on the weekend  by my personal hairdresser aka sister-in-law. Alcohol ruined our plans.

Now if THAT aren't possibilities enough you can call me Heinrich from now on.

I didn't get around to doing my DIY today, but I am SUPER KEEN to do this shirt sometime soon:

Holly Fulton for ASOS Arrow shirt. Sold out :(
I might do a less straight version of it, as I am a bit of a messy cat and the straight lines always turn out to be a bit of a challenge for me. Also I'll probably skip the whole back part. Short attention span and stuff.

Great. Now I am stuck browsing through the Ring & Tings online shop...

May 28, 2012

May 28th: Presents!

Nothing can lighten up my mood more than finding a parcel on the dining table after work.
I am a marketing victim and consumerism is soothing balm for my soul.

I will show you tomorrow what's inside as I am now going to enjoy late dinner and a Studio Ghibli movie.
Did I mention I have the day off tomorrow? Will most likely try and get my DSLR out of its dusty, cobweb-covered bag. I have neglected it so much that I am starting to feel bad. And seriously, who wants to see shitty Instagram photos on here everyday? (uhm...except me, that is!)

I am also in a major DIY-mood so I'll see what the day brings tomorrow! Be as excited as I am!!! xxx

May 27, 2012

May 27: Ave liver

Oh Jesus
I am currently recovering from a pretty long and
beverage-rich night out.

Went to a little boutique in Lismore today called Sobi, a shop I always like to stop by at when I am down there.
They support local designers and have the cutest stock, comparable to much loved Beginning Boutique or Dissh' s stock. If you like their facebook page until next week, you'll get 40 % off one item and they do phone orders too! YAY!
There were plenty of dresses I would have loved to call my own!
If only I hadn't fed a whole heap of coins to one of these tricky Cadbury chocolate factory machines the night before...drunk decision making equals waking up with empty pockets. Old story!

Anyway, I still managed to get myself a cute little suede bag with a chain strap.
I usually carry my house around with me in gigantic bags and I always end up having to carry everyone else's shit in it too, so for the sake of my spinal cord's health, I went for a mini bag. Also pictured: Probably the best purchase I made all last year: my amazing long pleather-sleeved grey blazer I bought off for $ 20.

May 26, 2012

May 26th: Steaks and all

Just getting ready to go out for drinks. Here a few impressions of my day:

May 25, 2012

May 25th: There's no place like home

Hey you! Remember this post?
I have been meaning to post a follow-up for ages now. I am on it. I promise!

So here's the deal: I am feeling a bit homesick at the moment and it makes me feel extremely nostalgic.
Oh Austria,
where the people are still rude and selfish and where real food consists of carbs and fat and nothing but carbs and fat!

Anyway, moving on from nostalgia (and the urge of doing an upset rain dance because all my friends back home are in Bavaria at the moment drinking beer and watching bands play music and sleeping in tents with strangers)


sell your right kidney for me. I'm shiny!

No, they're lying! I'm totally waterproof!!!
 Wow. Weird and wonderful.
And pricey.
They are designed by Brazilian designer Andreia Chaves, are exclusive to Solestruck and are made to order. The top one is going to cost you almost $ 4000, the bottom one is fairly cheap compared to that at around $ 2800.

As per Solestruck the mirrors on 'The Invisible Shoe' are placed on angles so the light reflections they create makes the shoe seem, aaaaand drumrooooooollll, INVISIBLE!

Will be great to see on Elin/Rumi/Susie or whoever else has the spare change and matching wardrobe.

What do you think, kitten faces?

May 24, 2012

May 24th: First world problems

I have to stop this insanity!
my collection of wedges of which I haven't worn 90 % more than once and most likely won't ever wear again because quite frankly, they're not all that 'hot' anymore. And even with all this information at my disposal I spent two dollars on another pair today (yeah that's right. 2 dollars) 

for fucksake. why am I so weak?

May 23, 2012

May 23rd: Dirty hair days

I have to face the fact that I am not a hair person. Until about a month ago straightening my hair went somewhat like this: throw damp hair over head - randomly run ghd straightener through strands - throw hair back - wonder why everything's still wavy - shrug and go.

So when I see girls who ALWAYS seem to have a different  hair style I wonder what chromosome I missed out on?
Side chignon today, beehive tomorrow, sleek and shiny the next day. I only sport two syles at the moment: open and straight on clean hair days and ponytail on the side on dirty hair days.
i love lazy "get outta my face" hairdos. 

What dirty hairdos can you recommend?

Also I took the plunge yesterday and bought nailpolish from Cotton On. At $2.45 a bottle I didnt have much to lose after all. As expected it already chipped like all hell today, but with only one applied coat and no top coat I should've seen that one coming, rightio?
The colours are gorgeousnd it dries really quickly for a cheapy so I'll be more than happy to apply a bit more often.


May 22, 2012

May 22nd: Run Boy Run

You should listen to and/or watch all of these music videos below. It's quite enlightening.
I am incredibly excited about and for some of the recent releases. The Temper Trap, Silversun Pickups, Rufus Wainwright, Beach House, Santigold, Allo' Darlin, Hot Chip, Maximo Park and The Tallest Man on Earth...
SO much good music coming up!

Also: I just saw this in wonderful music video on

Pretty awesome, huh? Looks like one of my nightmares!

Also worth a listen:

What are you guys listening too? Are you all indie kids like me? :)

May 21, 2012

May 21st: Why belts should do the talking...

I am fighting off this mutated flu bug at the moment and my body goes from "You should run a marathon" to "You shall die a cruel and sweaty hot-cold death" in a matter of minutes.

Nonetheless I am brave and going to work because, well, I need the  money and if I'd stay at home I'd just eat all day and watch the telly.

Anyways, here are a few current loves and hate

Kimbra and this song in particular. Still can't grasp how good she was live. It's like a big blur of awesomeness and confetti.


Getting hit in the crotch by a approx. 18 month year old baby girl who carries a fucking heavy ass doll in her hand and mistakes me for her Mum. She actually hit me in the crotch with the doll on my way to work. A tear rolled down my face and a decent "FUCK ME" came out of my potty mouth. The Mum didn't even apologise. She just laughed. I at least expected a stand-off about me swearing in front of her baby but no, nothing. Just a stupid grin. Parents are useless these days!!!


My smartphone. I admit, I am addicted. Dan and I only communicate when I have fed my (tap) fish and uploaded all my instagram shots. I am waiting for the novelty to wear off in order to get my life back.
Until then I'll be playing the shit out of free games and am expecting my two super amaza-poise phone cases I ordered off ebay for a dollar or so.


My current work-lowdown. I absolutely hate dragging myself out of bed in the morning to get to work. Winter depression much?


Letting the belt do the talking

This Holly Fulton for ASOS arrow shirt as seen on Sabinna from BROKEN COOKIES. This pretty much screams DIY ME ASTRID!

Ok. Lemon and ginger tea and honey for me. Then - bed!

May 20, 2012

May 20th: And I shall call him...

You knew I wouldn't do any work on my assignments when you saw that sock monkey kit yesterday, right?

Well, here we go. Two hours of hard work and really messy sewing et voila:
Arnold Cornelius Baxter was born.

Now why would an adult female be in need of something like a sock monkey? I am yet to venture through the very core of this diffuse urge and will inform you of any results I should come across.

So what happened in my super exciting life today? Well...Dan and I went to the Rocklea markets nice and early today to discover treasure (aka vintage games and clothing) and I had to learn that Australian market stall owners are just as pushy as the ones back home and that people will try to sell anything and everything, no matter how old and dirty. There were a couple of interesting stalls with racks of vintage clothing, but I wasn't in a hunting mood. I bought some crystals though for my collection. I got amethyst and quartz and something orange haha :-)
Photos will follow sometime.
Aaand of course one can't leave a market without a super calorie loaded sugary treat. I went for caramel and cinnamon covered roasted almonds. A Christmas market classic back home, I enjoyed eating them without knitted gloves and temperatures below zero for once.
Oh so yum!!!!!!

What did you guys do?

May 19, 2012

May 19th: Hey, I bought shoes!

Yes, I shouldn't have. But then again...who really cares? I will mostl likely end up with the biggest and cheapest shoe collection mankind has ever seen.
This is what I call 'The happy circle' 

So what's happening in your hood this Saturday night? I will most likely stay at home and stroke my shoes, the crazy shoe-lady that I am. No but seriously. I should get the hell stuck into the last and most hated quarter of my journalism course. Or maybe I'll tend to this instead:

May 18, 2012

May 18th: Miniature food and the Temper Trap

I completely ignored the fact that the Temper Trap's new self-titled album was released today. How did I NOT run to the next record store and buy the album? I love their stuff. Will buy it tomorrow and let you know how I find it.
Until then:

They are touring with Coldplay. Sucks for me as I could not imagine anything worse than going to a Coldplay concert. I would just cry and come out extremely suicidal. My emotions are directly linked to the music I listen to and Coldplay is just too melancholic and sad (and boring...I mean..WHO JUST SAID THAT? Ok, I think they're boring as a fart. But oh well...)

Many times before have I expressed my love for miniature polymer clay products, especially in the form and shape of food. You can imagine the excitement I felt when I came across THIS shop on etsy.
Again, I cannot justify spending lots if any money on that shit (right now) because I don't invest enough in the important things of life (like saving up or buying food other than the type that comes in a can). Seriously, whenever I have money I buy shit or shoes. It HAS to stop!!!
 ONE day though...I tell you - I will own the biggest doll kitchen and fill it up with miniature food until it bursts.

all via Allie's Minis Etsy shop. Buy something you rich bastard!

Come on, as if you DIDN'T just wee your pants a little?

No? Maybe I just have an unhealthy relationship with miniature food...
If polymer clay doesn't do it for you
maybe this lovely garment will help you urinate out of excitement:

how nice is that bodysuit? It went on sale around 50 minutes ago and it's already sold out. As per their facebook it will be re-stocked on Monday. Get it at my new best friend aka Beginning Boutique.

And now make sure you DEFINITELY WATCH this video. I myself watched it around 20 times and I still have to laugh at the dancing 80ies kid. And of course the song is as brilliant as it gets.

May 17, 2012

May 17th: Work it

Came home from work
Canned food and weird 80ies movie on TV.
Most likely be dreaming of these babies:

As if I couldn't justify buying light coral coloured snake skin heels. Cuz thems go wit everythang!

Oh so sleepy.....