May 18, 2012

May 18th: Miniature food and the Temper Trap

I completely ignored the fact that the Temper Trap's new self-titled album was released today. How did I NOT run to the next record store and buy the album? I love their stuff. Will buy it tomorrow and let you know how I find it.
Until then:

They are touring with Coldplay. Sucks for me as I could not imagine anything worse than going to a Coldplay concert. I would just cry and come out extremely suicidal. My emotions are directly linked to the music I listen to and Coldplay is just too melancholic and sad (and boring...I mean..WHO JUST SAID THAT? Ok, I think they're boring as a fart. But oh well...)

Many times before have I expressed my love for miniature polymer clay products, especially in the form and shape of food. You can imagine the excitement I felt when I came across THIS shop on etsy.
Again, I cannot justify spending lots if any money on that shit (right now) because I don't invest enough in the important things of life (like saving up or buying food other than the type that comes in a can). Seriously, whenever I have money I buy shit or shoes. It HAS to stop!!!
 ONE day though...I tell you - I will own the biggest doll kitchen and fill it up with miniature food until it bursts.

all via Allie's Minis Etsy shop. Buy something you rich bastard!

Come on, as if you DIDN'T just wee your pants a little?

No? Maybe I just have an unhealthy relationship with miniature food...
If polymer clay doesn't do it for you
maybe this lovely garment will help you urinate out of excitement:

how nice is that bodysuit? It went on sale around 50 minutes ago and it's already sold out. As per their facebook it will be re-stocked on Monday. Get it at my new best friend aka Beginning Boutique.

And now make sure you DEFINITELY WATCH this video. I myself watched it around 20 times and I still have to laugh at the dancing 80ies kid. And of course the song is as brilliant as it gets.