May 14, 2012

May 14th: COII love

Wow, what an uproductive day off. Spent most of it sleeping and then hit a couple of shops to find what shouldn't be as hard to find: A clothes hamper. I came home without one, but bought a pair of cateye sunglasses from dissh.
Ah well...

I have announced it twice now so here's my new addiction: - a korean online shop that sells some slick stuff. All the tops and dresses are one-size so in case I order I hope it'll fit. I am not exactly Asian, nor am I 'Asian-thin' so I'll just have to try my luck :)

Here are my favourites:

How amazing are the prints?
And the androgynous style of the model in the first picture makes me want to chop off my hair and live off wheat grass juice for the rest of my life.

The prices are reasonable, unfortunately they charge 30 USD per item for shipping, unless your order is over 300 USD which would mean you'd enjoy free shipping.

Ok, I gotta go. I just burnt garlic bread in the oven and smoked out the whole house :(