May 20, 2012

May 20th: And I shall call him...

You knew I wouldn't do any work on my assignments when you saw that sock monkey kit yesterday, right?

Well, here we go. Two hours of hard work and really messy sewing et voila:
Arnold Cornelius Baxter was born.

Now why would an adult female be in need of something like a sock monkey? I am yet to venture through the very core of this diffuse urge and will inform you of any results I should come across.

So what happened in my super exciting life today? Well...Dan and I went to the Rocklea markets nice and early today to discover treasure (aka vintage games and clothing) and I had to learn that Australian market stall owners are just as pushy as the ones back home and that people will try to sell anything and everything, no matter how old and dirty. There were a couple of interesting stalls with racks of vintage clothing, but I wasn't in a hunting mood. I bought some crystals though for my collection. I got amethyst and quartz and something orange haha :-)
Photos will follow sometime.
Aaand of course one can't leave a market without a super calorie loaded sugary treat. I went for caramel and cinnamon covered roasted almonds. A Christmas market classic back home, I enjoyed eating them without knitted gloves and temperatures below zero for once.
Oh so yum!!!!!!

What did you guys do?