April 30, 2012

April 30th: Past my bedtime

Dreaming of jelly sandals and white frilly socks today.
For some reason.

I have tomorrow off so that asks for a serious YAY!

Not so yay: the state of my wardrobe. Pretty much everything is piled high on the floor. Very uncool.

If only I could get my PAX shipped in from Austria..

photos: IKEA
 Yes, I have one of these babies to satisfy my OCD as well as my love of displaying everything I have in case someone 'important' ever enters my room (see in case some band's tourbus broke down on the remote streets of the little village I come from and needed shelter and I would go: "Hey Dave Grohl/Alex Turner/Josh Homme you can stay at my place" and they would go: "Slick wardrobe you got there, wanna get married?").
Yes, thoughts like these kept me going as a desperate teenager so I went and got a Pax the size of a small rescue boat and had half of it transformed into a designated "shoes-only" - area and it makes my heart twitch and bleed a little when looking at the current wardrobe I rent (yes, it's part of the rental house I reside in) and there are no shelves and no space whatsoever and with the amount of shoes I own it's really just an overflowing mess. Like a clothes-blob! And whenever I get into the dephts of it I wonder if there is a gremlin somewhere hidden in the back, ready to attack....

Which reminds me (and don't ask why) I saw PONYO yesterday for the first TIME EVER! I choose Ghibli over Disney ANYTIME! No evil body image, non of the "She's only 16 but she is already the most beautiful girl with immaculate breast and a horde of creepy old guys stalking her in order to get to marry her", no 'The Prince saves the day" bullshit - just genuine lovely kids movies that make me feel nostalgic in a good way, not the "everything was better as a child" annoying sort of way. And I like how Ponyo turns into this half goose/half fish when she does her MAGICKA!

Ok, I am starting to get a bit cold and it's already past my bedtime so I won't talk around this much (grandma anyone? bring me my slippers and robe!):
Here's the deal. You donate a PAX to the author of this mind blowing post and she will post again tomorrow.
Or maybe she will anyway....

You'll see!

April 29, 2012

April 29th: New hair and a bag full of cheese

Went and saw The Avengers today and it was fucking cool. I am officially a NERD now and proud to be.
I am especially fond of Scarlett Johansson's bum and am thinking about maybe touching my gym membership card again, which is currently covered in cobweb due to lack of usage over the last...hm, let's say about 5 weeks.
The back pain, headaches, wobbly body and angry Hulk-attacks (see what I did there?) indicate I should definitely get back into a work out regime. Also a good incentive: That rockin bikini bod I have been wanting since the day I saw Dirty Dancing for the first time.

Until then I will just crave having long hair and spend my days eating chocolate and colouring my tips:

the inspiration. via tumblr

the outcome: I am SUCH A LOSER. The minute I sat down and bullied my poor husband into taking this photo three little Asian kids came up, disappointed that I had taken the seat before them and waiting for me to finally get my ass up and leave like a horde of scavengers around dead avengers. HUH! See what I did there again? Again. I am a loser. And again: proud to be

I had a few too many beers as you can probably tell so I'm going to set an end to this post.

But before I go: Here's a quick question:

Jeffrey Campbell Tripoli via Solestruck,  $ 260

Soles Shadow Catcher in black via Styletread, $ 190

Three million buckle trend. YAY OR NAY?
If only I could afford these babies...

Chloé ankle booties

Yeah, if only. I still wouldn't buy them.
$ 1185 is just a bit FUCKING RIDICULOUS for a pair of shoes!!

April 28, 2012

April 28th: migraine talks

Ah, I love the Graham Norton show. Makes even Nicki Minaj seem like a genuinely nice and funny person.
But what I was really really excited about was Rufus Wainright's performance. He is such a talent and I could listen to him talk forever. He's one of those really unpretentious artsy people that don't take themselves too seriously but at the same time still ake sure to let everyone know they are SO MUCH cooler than  me. Love him!

Also I am OBSESSED with theconversation.tv .
It's the thing I look forward to reading most after a long day. There is always an article I can completely and utterly identify myself with. So instead of spending your time on TMZ all day looking at Katy Perry's boobies, hop over to their site and click.

What annoys me at the moment:
Austrian Student Protest because of the re-introduction of study fees. But listen to this: the fees only apply to students who don't finish their degree in time and you only have to pay for the additional semesters or if you aren't a EU-citizen. On top of that the fees are only a ridiculous € 363.36/semester. 
And who the ... is complaining? The exact same peope who ask for MORE money for education. But noone's prepared to fork out even a small percentage of what they spend on their weekly booze binges.
It's this typical Austrian mentality of the 'elite' to complain but refuse to take action that makes me so angry because it IS SO UNLOGICAL!!. It's a lazy attitude. A loser attitude. Makes me want to vomit.

Onto lighter things I am incredibly looking forward to this movie:
 Michelle Pfeifer, Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter. Need I say more?
And I don't care what anyobody says, Tim Burton is a genious for putting the same people in his movies. It's like he created this big family franchise with a great focus on quality and on top of that saves a shitload and can maximize profits because his dear wife always plays the leading lady :)
Also awaiting THE FIVE YEAR ENGAGEMENT (because I'd totally do Jason Segel).
And of course I am looking forward to THE AVENGERS, not only because I am married to a self-confessed nerd but also because I have Captain America protect my middle finger

how good's randomly starting to bleed from your middle finger when you sit on the lounge (?) Am I Jesus?

Also I have ingestes most of my Austrian candy already which resulted in extremly wobbly arms.
My favourite at the moment is (was):

it's chocolate with little SMARTIES INSIDE! Creamy chocolate paste covered in sugar embedded in chocolate? Uhm, how fantastico does that sound to your sweet sweet ears?
 AND Australian Winter is approaching so I am getting a lot of wear out of this overseas purchase (Zara, hero shop!)
button up flanell shirt from Zara, like...12 Euros. And how faded are my tips already? Desperately needs a touch up!

Now I'm gonna do what every sensible 22-year old woman should do on an average Saturday night: Watch Japanese comics in bed.


April 27, 2012

April 27th: Art stuff

Uhm? How amazing?

Such a great thing to watch. I am really happy I come across this sort of stuff from time to time. I should really make art a bigger part of my life and watching re-runs of 'The Big Bang Theory' a MUCH smaller one.

And onto more amazing stuff:

Check out the rest of her portfolio. Truly beautiful and inspirational stuff.

At the moment I am trying to keep busy and avoid getting too emotional. The reason: All my Austrian friends are currently getting extremely excited for the first (and best) musical festival of the season. It's the festival I wrote a few things for a couple of weeks ago. If you speak German you can read it here.
Anyway, it's a very special little festival that I used to work at and go to since I was, like, 12? I even planned my Australia/New Zealand trip around it two years ago and made sure I returned the weekend before. Too bad Eyjafjallajökul dedcided to shit itself and flights were grounded globally so I missed it that year (not that I minded, I got a pretty darn sexy husband instead) and the last time I have been was in (gulp) 2009. Craze maze, people.

I have one more day of work to go and then one way to short day off.
I cannot WAIT to sleep in and try on my mountain goat leggings! It really is the little things in life...

April 26, 2012

Aril 26th: Imma slug

For someone who claimed to not PMS I have a very strange and strong desire for hot chocolate and electronic heating blankets. Goddamn it.
Now onto more important things. Shoe porn, that is.
Because shoes always make things better, except your (my) ugly bunions.
Also on todays agenda: fucking up a dish that involved 2 fresh salmon fillets ($$$) and trying to remember the name of a club I went to twice in my life and of which I have had flashback-like memories from the last couple of hours. Don't you hate when you remember something and you don't remember it at the same time?
And now I am feeling extremely emotional because Dan just finished 'Azura's Wrath' and the story is so beautiful and it makes me miss my dad.

Ok now. Onto the promised shoe porn. All these images are via wholesale-dress.net
I have ordered clothes from there before and let me tell you this: The success rate was around 50 %, meaning that only around half of what I ordered actually fitted or was in a wearable condition. The rest...well.... Let's jus say I ordered what was described as a dress that ended just above my hips, exposing the entirety of my ass and most of the stuff was either itching like death or staining or not like the picture at all. I didn't really expect much though, but curiosity and greed took over and so I ended up spending 2 days of my life and $ 250 of my hard-earned money on the site. The prices are pretty intriguing, but the shipping costs are ridiculous. They are calculated by weight and the lovely people at wholesale-dress.net claim a pair of flatforms weighs 1.3 kilograms. Well, there we go. At least we know now how they make their money.
sold out in this colour and black. damnit. If only I would've known earlier that they are substantial to my survival. Now I have to wait till they're back in stock and fill incomplete until then.
who could say no to a classic mary jane in this mustard colour?

$ 15 for those. Plus the $ 30 for shipping.

The heel and the oval shaped toe makes me feel so attracted to these.

You almost had my credit card details there. Good for me the only size left is 35.

same with these beauties. it's a very very mad world!

There's simply no resisting those. The flatform, the hardware, the fake pony hair. L-O-V-E.

sexy biests

THESE I had my eyes set on very strongly. THESE are also the shoes that are supposedly 1300 grams heavy. What a rip-off!!

shits and giggles

for when I want to feel like a pretty girl (never!)

April 25, 2012

April 25th: INK!

THIS brilliant article on stereotypes us feminists see ourselves confronted with is what you should read if you are male/female and human, before you proceed to the rest of this post.

I have been watching a lot of Ghibli movies and been getting new tattoo ideas (finally!! I have been wanting one for ages now but could never find anythin I really liked) and also started appreciating my existing ones. I always forget how beautiful and meaningful they are to me until I take a moment and look at the lines and shades and think back to when I got them, where I got them and why I got them.
This one I got in Christchurch, New Zealand while I was there in early 2010 (cannot believe it's already been 2 years!). It was a spontaneous decision that I don't regret! I chose a pretty good spot for it, it's just below the muffin top (haha) on my left hip. If you're a person like me who gets bored easily, choose a not-in-your-face spot for your tattooes. Whenever I get a glimpse of it in the mirror it brings me back to times when all that mattered in life is what place to book a plane ticket to next and what pub to grab a drink at.
It's probably 'just another script tattoo' for you but it means loads to me. It represents a time in my life that was not only awesome and free of sorrow and worry but also taught me heaps about myself.
I was devastated when I saw Christchurch in ruins after the earthquake last year and was very emotional, when I saw the tattoo studio I went to completely destroyed during a news report on TV. I actually bawled my eyes out on the way to work that morning. I get pretty attached to places....
Moving on...aaahh, nostalgia!

My leg piece is by far the most significant tattoo I got so far  (and surprisingly I don't have a photo of it)- not just because of it's size, but also for what it stands for. I really quite hated myself and everyone around me when I got it done. I was frustrated with who I was and what I was doing - the rut I was in, the daily routine, going to a business school, the shallowness of the people I surrounded myself with, constantly being stressed when I got home, always making sure not to piss anyone off when I was so pissed off myself, holding out for the weekend to experience something new, being disappointed when 'something new' didn't happen and feeding off it for weeks, when it finally did. I hated it. So when I decided I had enough and felt like it's time for a change I booked in for a 4 hour session and got my leg brightly coloured. I had drawn the piece but honestly it looked nothing like what I ended up with which totally worked in my favour (ahahaha, I wish I still had the drawing but I gave it to Martin, my tattoo artist, when I booked in and am pretty sure he threw it out the moment I went out the door). I didn't tell anyone and went to the session by myself. There were a few people who wanted to be there I didn't feel like sharing that experience with anyone else. Also a fun fact: I went to book in for a session in Februay 2008 and the earliest available appointment was in June. I got a call 10 days after booking in that some guy couldn't make his session because he was arrested and that I could get in earlier. I had it done on the 10th of March, 6 days before my 18th birthday. Of course I lied to Martin, he wouldn't knowingly stick ink-tipped needles into kids' skin.
It was a fun session and  we listened to Deftones and then Martin put some Juliette and the Licks on for me and I enjoyed every second of it. I had no idea what to expect but hey, he turned out ot be a genious with colours and I let him do his thang. I loved it. I was intimidated by its size at first, but I loved it. Everyone else didn't.
My parents expected something 'little', my father predicted infinite singledom, my friends were polite but I knew secretly they thought I was turning into a butch, my classmates never lost a word about it in my presence, which meant they lost plenty of rude ones behind my back, my profs predicted I was never going to find a job (Jesus, it was 2008 when I got it done and people's reactions were STILL that retarded!)...the list goes on.

It wasn't until I went travelling over 18 months later that I got what felt like the first genuine compliment on my body art. (And trust me, I showed it off at ANY given opportunity from the day I had gotten it.) And they just kept coming. Like fuck. Left, right and centre. And besides killing any doubt about wether taking a gap year and leaving the country was the right decision, I finally felt understood! It felt amazing to be amongst like-minded people!

So what the fuck did we learn today?

1) Tattoos are shit if you get them for fashion purposes. They are awesome if you get them to capture a feeling, date a significant point in your life, to piss someone else off (YES, totes supporting that!), to prove something to yourself (and that might simply be not taking yourself too seriously), to express love for someone/something (I am all for getting your bfs/gfs name tattooed. Just make sure you leave enough space for a cover-up. Just. In. Case.) 

2) Getting a tat won't necessarily make you feel better about yourself, if everything around you seems a bit shit. A location change will.

3) I am totally generalising my own experiences here. But hey, it's my blog after all!

4) If you want to re-live your childhood watch GHIBLI!

Now show me or tell me about your body art! Excluding the ones in your crotch-area PLEASE

April 24, 2012

April 24th: SURPRISE

Ok, here's what I ordered from Beginning Boutique on Friday:

...because I'm a girl from the Alps! I might as well wear them on my pants.

BOOOO. Buy them here!

April 23, 2012

April 23rd: Bad karma, baby

There was this really strange moment in the supermarket today:
I went to get some bits and pieces after work and felt really run down and it seemed the ten or so other people felt exactly the same way. Then all of a sudden U2's "Stuck in a moment" came on and everyone around me, including me put down their baskets simultaniously and started singing silently.
It was one of those rare and very special "This song REALLY fits like a fist on an eye" - moments. I picked up my basket after that and went into the next aisle, where I passed a woman in corporate wear and heels and she peeled off her headband and shook her hair out, music video style, all while singing to the song.
I told Dan and he reckons it was scripted. It WASNT! It was for real and it was great!

Now onto more materialistic shit.

I FINALLY got my blue envelope clutch in the mail. If you have been following this blog, you might remember that I ordered them for my birthday from ebay for super cheap. Well, their obviosuly made from linoleum that is usually used on floors but you know what, who gives a rat's ass? They look pretty cool. Oh yeah, by the way, this leathery dude modelling them is GEORGE, practically part of our little family. He's Dan's MMA grappling dummy and my truest friend.
Has anyone watched American Horrorstory? If so can you see the simliarities between creepy latex suit guy and George?

Thank god George is a good bloke. Hopefully he never sees these humiliating photos, comes to live and kills me in my sleep with his leathery fists.

 Enough of the crazy talk.
Now go watch the whole first season of American Horrorstory (and don't let the fact, that it's from the co-creators of "GLEE" put you off. Not that I would. Glee is awesome)

April 22, 2012

April 22nd - 2: Time waster

I finished an assignment tonight (triple-YAY cause that only happens once every six to twelve weeks!) and now I can't move away from my computer because I am addicted to doing this:

Oh lord, when will I ever do something sensible with my precious time...

gif creator

April 22nd: Not quite the average day


Sundays: The weirdest days of the week. Doesn't matter if you're in school, at uni or if you're a working class man/woman, Sundays feel the same to everyone.
It's like a shitty mix of "Whoa the weekend was awesome, I got a headache" and "I gotta go to work/school/uni tomorrow and haven't washed my work clothes/uniform, haven't touched my homework/papers/assignments all weekend and am still feeling a bit seedy from all the piss and intercourse with strangers today"

NOT for me people. I have declared the Sunday the ANTI-SHIT day and from now on it'll be treated like any other day in my house. No lazying around, no post-weekend depression, no shitty re-runs on the telly - just productivity and endorphines!!!!

Ok, I'll cut the bullshit.
The only reason I am having this 'go for it' motivation-soaked attitude is because I am so stoked over a present I got: It's a pen pad for my computer on which I can draw silly stuff, like:

 Ahahaha. I clearly CANNOT draw but you know, them's just jokes and it prevents me from watching 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall' for the 100th time and then quoting every second sentence for the next 3 weeks.(Which is, uhm, AWESOME I know but really annoys everyone around me. Can you believe it?)

If you now live in fear of this blogasauus getting flooded with unwitty drawings than let me tell you, I am just like a little kid. I get excited about stuff just as quickly as I get bored. But until that boredom sets in I will be taking advantage of my little pen pad pal a LOT! EXCELLENT!

ALSO something I can tick off my 'Make Sunday Anti-Shit' - List today: Spending a little on a lot of fun!!!
$ 2 Dinosaur mask from Kmart. SEE THE CREEPY EYES? Oh yeah, I really gave my all when taking that photo.

AND I also did the washing. Pretty amazing stuff. Ok, ok, usually I wear my pyjamas all day on a Sunday but again, it's ANTI-SHIT day and that's why I am doing household tasks the ANTI-SHIT way.

 I am PRO abusing filters in photo processing programs!
(PS: How good is my 'Glassons' blue-green pleather skirt?)

Muchos besos!!!