April 10, 2012

April 10th: Yes, I cheated.

Ok, so it's technically the 11th and I have not blogged on the 10th but hey, at least be happy for me to have some sort of a life afer work. At least some times.

Speaking of work. I have to go there in around 7 hours so I will make this a short one.

I didn't end up watching the Lorax but went and saw The Hunger Games instead, which was a bad decision both because The Hunger Games are FUCKED UP and TWISTED and it's never a good idea to watch children slaughter each other before bedtime and also because I was in the mood for some light entertainment. Now I will spend the rest of this month stewing on this movie and feeling extremely melancholic.

But anyway, it wasn't a bad watch. Just very unexpected. And brutal.


Speaking of brutal (see what I did there?)

I hate hate hate this new Ralph Lauren fragrance commercial.
It's 2 minutes of pure: 'I'm rich cunt and Imma rub it in your face. See ma convertible, my stables full of race horses, ma model boyfriend/girlfriend, me playin tha fucking Polo in a Polo shirt in shitty as colours'

And with that: Good night!!!