April 26, 2012

Aril 26th: Imma slug

For someone who claimed to not PMS I have a very strange and strong desire for hot chocolate and electronic heating blankets. Goddamn it.
Now onto more important things. Shoe porn, that is.
Because shoes always make things better, except your (my) ugly bunions.
Also on todays agenda: fucking up a dish that involved 2 fresh salmon fillets ($$$) and trying to remember the name of a club I went to twice in my life and of which I have had flashback-like memories from the last couple of hours. Don't you hate when you remember something and you don't remember it at the same time?
And now I am feeling extremely emotional because Dan just finished 'Azura's Wrath' and the story is so beautiful and it makes me miss my dad.

Ok now. Onto the promised shoe porn. All these images are via wholesale-dress.net
I have ordered clothes from there before and let me tell you this: The success rate was around 50 %, meaning that only around half of what I ordered actually fitted or was in a wearable condition. The rest...well.... Let's jus say I ordered what was described as a dress that ended just above my hips, exposing the entirety of my ass and most of the stuff was either itching like death or staining or not like the picture at all. I didn't really expect much though, but curiosity and greed took over and so I ended up spending 2 days of my life and $ 250 of my hard-earned money on the site. The prices are pretty intriguing, but the shipping costs are ridiculous. They are calculated by weight and the lovely people at wholesale-dress.net claim a pair of flatforms weighs 1.3 kilograms. Well, there we go. At least we know now how they make their money.
sold out in this colour and black. damnit. If only I would've known earlier that they are substantial to my survival. Now I have to wait till they're back in stock and fill incomplete until then.
who could say no to a classic mary jane in this mustard colour?

$ 15 for those. Plus the $ 30 for shipping.

The heel and the oval shaped toe makes me feel so attracted to these.

You almost had my credit card details there. Good for me the only size left is 35.

same with these beauties. it's a very very mad world!

There's simply no resisting those. The flatform, the hardware, the fake pony hair. L-O-V-E.

sexy biests

THESE I had my eyes set on very strongly. THESE are also the shoes that are supposedly 1300 grams heavy. What a rip-off!!

shits and giggles

for when I want to feel like a pretty girl (never!)