April 14, 2012

April 14th: You're prettier than I am

Flanell sheets on my bed, hot soup and lemon-ginger tea in my belly, curling up in chunky knits.

These are about the only good things about Australian winter.

Here are the downsides of experiencing half-arsed seasons that don't quite require getting central heating:
  • Face-freeze in the mornings
  • full body-freeze after showering
  • ice cold toilet seat
  • laundry never dries
  •  my nose is practically always frozen, in fact, it just turned blue
Back to the chunky knits. I bought this beautiful carpet/cardigan thing with a very amazing print of a Chinese wholesale website (classy, I know!). It's a rip off of some brand I don't remember that was featured in one of Planet Blue's Look books last (Northern Hemisphere) Winter.

I have hardly ever gotten that much wear out of any of my Winter cardigans.

And now look at my amazing 'Batman-locked-up-in-a-kitchen'-moves.


BATMAN (and please pay attention to the retarded right leg move. ahahahha. Ah....)

Who like palm tree pony tails and blackberry jam? Ok, no. You got me there. This is actual lipstick. And I am actually that bad at applying..

Palm tree head and white skin. And again, the blackberry jam mouth.

My Payless boots (never worn those out just yet), wooden hand I got Dan for his birthday (he's working on illustrating a comic book at the moment, exciting!!!), random free postcard Dan picked up for me when he bought lunch the other day.

So this Sherpa coat/carpet thing is THE best airplane garment in the world. It's amazing how it transforms from a simple cardigan into a blanket and rolls up perfectly into a neck pillow. It's even big and voluptous enough to perform as a sort of leg stool thing (and everyone of you who has ever sat in a plane for more than 25 hours knows how important it is, to alterate your legs' position from time to time - otherwise: INSANE PAIN AND CRAZINESS!)

I had one of those really lethargic, sleepy days today. I blame it on the rain. Maybe I should stop by the gym again some time so my body gets some positive excersise, as opposed to the abuse I put it through at work. It clearly hates me right now.

Pump Class tomorrow, old bods.
I promise. Maybe.

Now: Being home alone and watching 'Knocked up'. YAY for doing that and nothing else on a Saturday night. Again: Grandma.

Love and chocolate fudge.