April 29, 2012

April 29th: New hair and a bag full of cheese

Went and saw The Avengers today and it was fucking cool. I am officially a NERD now and proud to be.
I am especially fond of Scarlett Johansson's bum and am thinking about maybe touching my gym membership card again, which is currently covered in cobweb due to lack of usage over the last...hm, let's say about 5 weeks.
The back pain, headaches, wobbly body and angry Hulk-attacks (see what I did there?) indicate I should definitely get back into a work out regime. Also a good incentive: That rockin bikini bod I have been wanting since the day I saw Dirty Dancing for the first time.

Until then I will just crave having long hair and spend my days eating chocolate and colouring my tips:

the inspiration. via tumblr

the outcome: I am SUCH A LOSER. The minute I sat down and bullied my poor husband into taking this photo three little Asian kids came up, disappointed that I had taken the seat before them and waiting for me to finally get my ass up and leave like a horde of scavengers around dead avengers. HUH! See what I did there again? Again. I am a loser. And again: proud to be

I had a few too many beers as you can probably tell so I'm going to set an end to this post.

But before I go: Here's a quick question:

Jeffrey Campbell Tripoli via Solestruck,  $ 260

Soles Shadow Catcher in black via Styletread, $ 190

Three million buckle trend. YAY OR NAY?
If only I could afford these babies...

Chloé ankle booties

Yeah, if only. I still wouldn't buy them.
$ 1185 is just a bit FUCKING RIDICULOUS for a pair of shoes!!