April 06, 2012

April 6th: Bare hands pt 1

Good Friday?
More like Calory Friday.

The flu struck again so I spent my day sleeping and eating. Ok, I lied. I HAD to take advantage of all this
space and privacy I have with the house to myself to get ma booty shake on. And trust me lizard ladies, I gave all I had to give, considering I had to hold a Wii remote in one hand and fight off a virus at the same time. Multitasking much? God, my robot moves really need work....

I also only just discovered my husband's amazing wardrobe. How did I NOT notice the comfort of white fine ribbed men's cotton singlets. It's like a whole new world opened up for me today.
And the best part: low cut sides equals subtle side boob equals everything I have been looking  for in a singlet for-fucking-ever! There is a package in the mail for me coming from Austria that contains one of the cutest bralettes I have ever seen so cannot wait to pull that look off.Also in the parcel: TONS and tons of transfats and calories. I CANNOT HWAIT! HWHISKEY!

I promised photos of my birthday present so here you go:

I couldn't capture i ton this photo, obviously cause I suck at taking photos but the clasp is COVERED in sparkly stones!!!

How nice are the cut outs on the side of the clasp. Beautiful!!!

Again, one of my ordinary photos. And a WHOLE lotta advertisement. Thanks Chloe for the gift! I love it!!!

In case the title of this post has puzzled you let me tell you, you're not the only one. I have been thinking about introducing a new column to this blog-a-saurus. Bare hands reminds me of Bear Grylls, cheesy semi-erotic housewife literature book covers and gel sanitizer in a pump bottle.
I decided to use it anyway.
It's a rubric about stuff I come across online and potentially want to turn into DIY projects, but that usually end up somewhere amongst the 20000+ pictures saved on my computers and gadgets.
So once  every couple of weeks I will post them here and let you know how I go with following through with the projects.
A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that I was looking into a sewing course. As soon as the cash is at my disposal and my sewing machine is fixed I'll get stuck into it.

So anyway. Here's what I'd like to create. With my....bare....hands.
Oh god, I really have to rethink that title!
1) Learn how to paint this. I know it's easier than it looks so if anyone has any tips, lemme know please. I would like to paint one of the numerous pairs of wedges I have and a sheer button up black shirt. image via google
Put a chili con carne can around your heel. via Stylebubble

Shorts in the front, skirt in the back. Love LOVE the pleats in the front. I hope someday I will be able to look at garments of this beauty and shamelessly copy them. via stylebubble

this is an easy diy. Cannot wait! via stylebubble too....i think :D
Who WOULDN'T wanna have a go at these?

Gonna get some plain ceramic coasters and paint that on them. Black cats and all...

This looks so mediterranean. Greece. Or Spain.

I would just buy these if only they were available in ladies sizes....

Ok enough from me.
What's on your DIY list at the moment?