April 20, 2012

April 20th - 2: A bit of music

A few songs I like at the moment. For you. 

It breaks my heart to look at the 'Splendour in the Grass' line up and then the ticket price. As a European it puzzles me how one can ask for $ 350 for a three-day festival, when I pay only around a third for bigger names and longer sets back home. I want to go Friday to see The Shins, but  I cannot even justify the ticket price of $ 135 for a single-day ticket.

I will also miss out on the 'Owl Eyes'  gig in Brisbane's 'Oh, Hello'. Very sour about that especially since they announced today that 'The art of sleeping' is supporting them on the tour.

Booo hoo. I have the cold and blue hair and my day is not going too well.
Come and cheer me up!
Oh...no wait. I remember: I have 3 kgs of Austrian chocolate.
All good again!

Love you my curly wurlies xoxo