April 15, 2012

April 15th: Tighten Up!

Oh Westfield Carindale, you really have changed.
Since it's 'Grande Opening' three weeks ago it's been so damn crazy and it definitely feels like one of my former co-workers described it: 'It's now a great shopping centre cramped into a shitty one'

And right in the middle on the last day of school holidays - me! (I should've known better...it was SO busy!)
Today was the first time I actually went there on a work-free day (sad, non?), to have a look around and I ended up spending all the money I earned from working the Easter Saturday (and chu know what, I deserved it gurl!)
All hail the ghetto slang!

So here's the deal with me and my shopping behaviour: No matter how much I like a certain garment, if the shop assistants give me the shits and are rude as fuck, I won't buy. It's a simple principle. I won't buy your shit if you don't say 'hello' or scan my outfit before you acknowledge me as a person.

The rudeness, people! Seriously, I am stunned. 'Dissh' is by FAR the worst, no matter what location. It seems they only hire arseholes there that fit a size 4. 'Mombasa', 'ZU shoes' and 'Sportsgirl' are pretty high up on the 'shitty customer service' - scale too. It pains me, as I saw this really nice long-sleeved white lace peplum shirt I wanted to buy at Mombasa. Thank god 'Ally' is so good at copying Mombasa's shit. I'm sure in two weeks time I can find it there.
just hoping for my utility bills to take their time coming....

 Speaking of which, I have been avoiding 'Ally' for a long time but today I went and had a look. Most of it is still pretty tacky stuff (leopard print and sequin overload!) but I found a dress I saw online at 'beginning boutique' in a marone colour. I preferred the dark purple shade they stock at 'Ally', as marone usually makes me look very pale, and snatched it for $ 39.99.

Then there is my new love 'Glassons'. They have great stock, better quality than...say...'Cotton on' and the staff is amazing, quick and helpful. I (finally) got myself a pair of plain black velvet leggings and went back later for a pleather pleated skirt in a dark blue-green. I really had to talk myself out of buying another black one. I accumulate SO much black in my wardrobe due to my work uniform restrictions and it's starting to annoy me. On top of that, winter depression is already getting a hold of me so I might as well work against it with a colourful wardrobe :)

I bragged about how 'Cotton On' has a lot of beautiful stock in at the moment but I got disappointed today, when all the shirts and vests I was after were sold out. I went in and left empty-handend but went back and bought a faux fur vest and a sheer black button up shirt. They're staples I need/want for winter so I thought I might as well buy them today. I couldn't decide wether to go with light or black faux fur so I went with a sort of tie-dye version. I thought it was a pretty fresh take on an old look.

And last but not least I went and finally bought that 'The Row'-inspired fake croc pleather bag they sell at 'Temt' at the moment. I have been thinking about getting it for a week or so now. It's a mere $ 34.95 compared to the $ 36000 the Olsens designed (and what sensible person really needs a dead croc around their shouldes?). Oh, and they had a -30% promotion on all bags (which was nowhere advertised so I suppose I was just lucky....) so I got it for around $ 25.

I didn't know I had so much to say about a simple shopping spree...