May 27, 2013

Pursuit of happiness

I have just acquired Gala Darling's ebook "Love and Sequins" during her half price deal and am diving into it face first like it was a strawberry cheese cake. I am such a cynic sometimes and reading it felt hard at first, but I felt that the image I have of myself shouldn't be what's creating my first impression of the book. I should be creating that impression.

But anyway, as I am only a couple of pages into it I am still far from writing a review. But I can already tell that it's a very animating read seeing as I spent my day seriously thinking about the way I perceive myself and how I react to certain situations. Oh yeah, and of course I made a list of all the things that buzzed through my brain hole today. Because lists fake a sense of structure in an unstructured life and are generally very awesome:

1) It's just money
Paying for everyone's dinner on a night out, putting fuel in the company car, lending money to non-family members - I find it so hard! I am not a greedy person, I am actually quite generous, but I just love to save my pennies and be prepared for hard times. It can get quite overwhelming trying to budget or making a large purchase because I stress so hard about the possibility of being broke. And while I have never not been able to pay a bill in my life, I just fail to have faith in my ability to make ends meet. And then this happened...
When a customer came into one of my stores the other week she found that we sold an identical product for half the price she just paid for it at another store. When I said to her she can probably return it she simply said: "It's just money" and that was a major eye opener. And FYI, she wasn't someone who looked like she drove a Ferrari. Money can't rule your life, your whole existence. It's good if there's enough but that's already it. Don't stress about it, don't be an idiot and buy a yaught if you're on minimum wage either but just be content with what you have or work towards earning more. But stop believing that life would be better if only, ONLY you won the lotto next week.

2) Move for the sake of moving
I don't think I have to point out the benefits of exercising regularly. I can point out my personal benefit favourites for you though (thissss my blog after all):

-Destress: I feel a lot better in my brain cavity after I've done a workout. It's one of those rare moments where it's just me and my body and where my mind just has to shut down for a moment, because my muscles suck up all the juices. Any sucky bullshit that happened during the day gives me fuel for my workout and is fully processed and dealt with afterwards.

-Sensible eating:
It's pretty simple: I don't exercise, I eat crap. There is nothing to lose so why not munch away? After exercising my body craves good foods and water and this effect usually lasts for around two days. Just in time for the next hard workout. Easy peasy.

-I won't spend money on clothes because who knows what my body will look like in summer?

3) After work isn't just before work
Being on call 24/7 can easily overpower your life.  I feel that my approach to play and leisure needs some work. Word play right thurr. I have a hard time relaxing, I always need to tidy/read/watch something. Gala puts it into some pretty beautiful words when she says: "Most of us don't enjoy hanging out with ourselves". Background life needed.
This is a main point I want to work on and I think meditation will be the way to go.

I'll update you on my findings over the next weeks :)
For now enjoy these fairy lights in a glass (via galadarling's instagram)


I believe that every person has a passion, something that elevates their heart rate and makes them involuntarily dance in their seats or squeal with frustration.

Things are going on in my brain that I haven't felt in a long time. I feel clear, I know what direction I am supposed to head towards. It's not a matter of money, but I am sure this will follow. Good things happen to good people because they make them happen. I have waited for an epiqhany for months, years even, when I could have easily triggered it myself.

To say I found out what I am meant to do in this crazy ass universe would be an exaggeration. But man, I finally see a path leading somewhere and instead of taking a shortcut to somewhere else I want to walk it ALL THE WAY.

Happy Monday!

May 26, 2013

Saucy scissors

What an amazing idea and organic way of expressing creativity. I shall recreate.
Via tumblr - feel free to caption the artist, as I can't remember her name.

May 22, 2013

No tees

Creepy and ill-fitting, yet fascinating enough for me to take a screenshot of this very evening.
Shirt via omweekend

Bye Cairns

Oh hey. Here are a few shots of my last stroll down the Cairns Esplanade. I was playing with the thought of buying a bucket of fish guts and throwing it in the ocean, just to see what happens. I have to look into the legal aspect of such an activity first though.
But seriously, it's like there is this big advertisement for sharks and crocodiles and the likes with all the warning signs up and the locals hyping that shit. And then...NOTHING!!! False advertisement.

I got over the disappointment eventually, bought a Quarter pounder meal and watched nasty re-runs on TV.

I had a cruisy flight home and bummed around in bed all day, watching movies on netflix and hiding from the cold. Oh ueah and if you're wondering when I can finally start posting well written, well formatted articles again, please ask my laptop repairman. After six weeks I finally got my pc back but as soon as I unwrapped it, I realised they broke it EVEN MORE!!!

So bear with me people of the North lands. Three more weeks or so of this crap, then back to the good stuff.

May 19, 2013

Roaming the streets of Cairns

....all while pretending it was Hawaii or some exotic country and completely disregarding the fact that it is, in fact, pretty exotic here. I mean, if I had the time I would go dive the fuck out of the Great Barrier Reef.
I had a wild night out on Friday and danced off a million kilo joules amongst backpackers and desperate locals. It had almost slipped my mind why it is that backpackers get laid easier than seemingly any other human being but that night was a good one to refresh my memory. We couldn't  even get into the door of the club of our choice without being chatted up, next up was the door man sparing us from paying cover charge because of our appearance (that one time sexism saved me ten dollars), and don't even get me started on all the sad motherfuckers waiting at the bar. It is in those situations that a men-repel system is to be enforced when a group of married women just  want to have a dance without being the victims of unsolicited thrust-attacks. I can dedicate a whole post to this repel-system but let's just say crazy facial expressions and "I am married" combined with ghetto-like wedding ring dangling is a good start. IN YO FACE, CREEPER!

Six hours later I found myself at work, talking about how it is completely unacceptable to arrive at work hungover.

Tonight is my last night in this beautiful town and I will most likely be back in less than a fortnight. I think it is a worthy outro to a six-day business trip to sit at the beach and eat ice cream so that's exactly where you'll find me. At the beach. Eating ice cream. Repelling men like a boss.

May 17, 2013


I seem to have found the holy grail to relaxing flights. Not valium, but ear plugs. 10 years of constant airport frequentation and I only just figured that it would be a good idea to pop some ear plugs in for the brutal 6 o'clock flight I took yesterday morning. Long sentences and stuff.

I'm in Cairns, peepz. And I'm feeling
nostalgia. The happy type. Feel free to search through my 2010 posts, to see what I got up last time I was here (gotta learn German first though).

As always I am working, but with a half day off here and there I can get around to exploring the area a little. Walking around in a city you've been to before is like walking on a deja vu - minefield. Every step you take a memory strikes and a smile or a face palm follows. Sometimes both.

I am not sure what I am trying to tell you tonight, except that I still haven't sighted any crocodiles yet in this place. But if I do you will be the first to know.

May 13, 2013

Occassion dresses

Let's pretend I had fancy galas and balls to go to and evening gowns and cocktail dresses would pour out of my wardrobe.
Even on a budget I could afford these rollerderbyawesome dresses from H&M. Yes, rollerderbyawesome is an adjective. We have a selection of Tarzan and Jane slash Byron Bay hippie kind of dresses, some elegant lace classics and quirky race dresses. My favourite is the baby below. Sheer arms, detachable asymmetrical peplum skirt, fitted body con anti-panty-flash skirt underneath. And sold out in my size (of course).
Indulge my friends. All photos via H&M, products available via their website.

May 11, 2013


Here's the deal:
I don't really care too much about skin care. I don't take off my make up most nights, I don't have expensive lotions and potions emptying my bank account, I don't go for facials and I fail at clean eating. I am known for my wide palette of (sometimes alienating) facial expression when I converse, which means lines liNES LINES OMG. I like to squeeze and do all the things you're not supppsed to do with your face (scrubbing like crazy, cutting yourself with dangerous jewellery, squinting like a mole because I forgot my sunglasses).
But even I don't want to risk confusing my environment about wether that giant hole in the middle of my face is an enlarged pore or just a good old nostril.

So yeah, something remotely related to a beauty routine does in fact exist in my life. Reason enough to share it with all of you fancy little things.



Cosmetic brand "Lussh" can probably thank this product for their successful attempt of taking over the world. It's a creamy yet coarse paste you emulgate with a little water and gives you just the right amount of peeling while beeing a soothing, thorough cleanser. A bonus is obviously the smell of lavender. It actually has lavender flowers in it, which soothe any irritations but most of all make washing your face that little bit more fun (except for when you accidentally inhale one of the flowers. Not cool.)
It's something around $ 15 for a pot that lasts you around 2 months, but the product does have an expire date (no preservatives) of around 45 days. I have used it past its expire date and it was STILL GOOD! Throw away if it gets moldy though. Seriously. Don't try using it anyway.


Another "Lussh" product I love, but that might have to go into hibernation during winter is DARK ANGELS. It's a very coarse scrub that has charcoal in it, again a soothing element for yer skin. Yer yer. It's pretty full on so I tend to just use it once or twice a week but it is hands down the best scrub I have ever used. PS: It's amazing as a foot scrub too! And who doesn't like the bizarre mixture of ticklish weirdness and pleasant sensation when touching your own feet. They're so weird looking and sensitive. Astounding.


Masks are great because you can pretend to be a ghost simultaneously to deep cleaning your skin. Multi tasking the fun way!
Clay masks are my favourite, they pull all the barf out of my pores and then make them disappear altogether. They also highlight my wrinkles once dried on my face and I can do old lady voices and scare the shit out of husband.
There is a favourite Swisse brand I use called "Mila d'Opiz" that I can only get when I am overseas but I am sure there are good clay masks around this side of the Earth ball too.



It's silky, it's nourishing and comes in a handy dispenser bottle, not a pot in which you dip your grubby hands in and then breed all kinds of bacteria. It also has SPF which is pretty important if you happen to live in a country that harbours two gigantic ozone holes. Last but not least it is fast absorbent and lets me frivolously apply layers and layers of cake cake cake within the minute.


The hype is justified. I don't use foundation at all anymore outside of work or going out purposes. I can see this completely subsituting my moisturizer in summer, but at the moment I use a combination of Aveeno and BB cream, because otherwise I get flacky dry skin on my nose. AWWW.


This I use as my concealer and to make my eyes look less puffy on a day where I actually care if they are puffy or not. It's long lasting and easy. I also use it when I have been in the car for too long, with the air con on too warm and cosy music and I feel that only a bag of ice down my pants could wake me up. Anyone else ever get that?



Its common purpose are stretch mark and scar fading but damn, does it feel good on. It's like a smooth cloud of warm goodness caressing your skin, all while keeping you moisturized until you shower the next morning. (Yeah, it's that good). I prefer to use a lighter moisturizer in Summer but this is an absolutely amazing product to use in Winter.
I also love chasing the husband while I am all greased up because the sheer thought of oily anything on his skin makes him want to move to Alaska and be a professional speer fisherman and never see a hint of civilization again.


I don't have an extensive hair care routine. I just follow one rule and that is: Don't buy your shampoo and conditioner from anyone else than a hairdresser!
The general retail stuff is crap, with silicones and other nasties in it.
I wash every second day or every third if I had my regrowth done that week. I use dry shampoo (or talcum powder if I am skint) between washes.
And I use a heat protection spray before I blow dry and straighten the hell out of my split ends. That's it for the hair.

Et voilaaaaa - the lazy person's beauty routine. Simple. Cheap. Doesn't take up more than five minutes of your day so you can spend more time being a smart ass or writing yet another article on beauty routines.

May 10, 2013


Newest online shop discovery Vidakush (LA based)

I am in love with their knuckle rings and overall jewellery range. It's a shame their international shipping is a whopping $ 20, seeing as their stock is really quite affordable. Have a look and if you're keen on something on their site we can partner up and split postage ;)

All images via

May 09, 2013


What I found while googling potential Studio Ghibli full body tattoos:

May 08, 2013

Society sizzle

The other day I received a survey invite from the travel agency of my trust. I don't usually give away my data for free but the prospect of winning a $ 600 travel voucher lured me into participating. I can't really remember much about the survey, but one of the 40 or so questions stuck with me.
"Do you feel let down by society?"
I ticked a "Very much" without hesitation and didn't really think about it in much more detail, but it haunted me that same night,  when I put down my computer, phone and books.
I feel very much let down by society, but why?
Isn't the way I perceive society just a reflection of how I perceive myself and my surroundings, or do I actually have an objective opinion on it?
It took me a couple of days of reflection to answer some of these questions, while also realising that a lot of these feelings of disappointment originate in the way I react towards situations that happen in our society, rather than from society itself. Aaaaaand breath....
There are three major points I feel we all need to collectively work on:
Gender equality
I am a feminist and believe in gender equality and I am let down by the fact that I am not valued as highly as male humans, in neither monetary currency or the to me most important currency that is genuine respect. I am sick of women bashing each other and hiping one particular stereotype of a female (thin, caucasian, successful and wealthy, in a heterosexual relationship). This nonsense has to stop and we really need to keep on preaching that we are all worth the same, independently from gender or appearance.
Major let down right there.
The body issues
Another disappointing fact is that my worth is determined by my appearance. Admittedly this doesn't really affect me personally anymore. At least not on a good day. What deeply shocks my system is the amount of feedback on women's body shape or looks we're exposed to on social, online and print media. Only two minutes ago I read a comment below some girl's instagram photo, in which someone compliments her on her thigh gap. What a great thigh gap. It doesn't matter if this person is good or bad, helps the homeless or kills puppies at night, as long as her existence is accompanied by a great thigh gap. Is this really what women should work towards? Is that all we should aspire to? I refuse to believe this and yet I am disappointed. I am let down by women my age.
Carelessness and sense of entitlement
Consumerism has turned people into wasteful creatures. We always want more, better, newer. When was the last time you purchased something, even though you already had an identical product at home? A new phone, camera, jacket or a pair of shoes? And who really waits until their old stuff breaks, to buy a replacement? I am let down by society because it dictates that the only way to live happily is by surrounding yourself with crap, while simultaneously exploiting our environment.
And finally, I am disapointed by my own and following generations, because there is a sense of entitlement in all of us, something we developped because we were told we can be anyone and anything we want to be, if we only believe in it. Unfortunately life doesn't pan out like that. You have to work in order to have a career and more often than not you will work for far less than you're worth. Your chances of getting your fingers on copious amounts of cash are ridiculously small. Remember that dream you had where you just spontaneously booked a 5 * hotel room for the rest of the month? You know, the one with a fucking shark tank built into the living room? Yeah, that ain't going to happen anytime soon.
It's a let down that we are lied to by media from a very young age. It wouldn't have been as glamorous, but the realisation that we will most likely end up in a manual labour job for the rest of our lives, would be less cruel if peeps would have been for real with us from the start.
That said I am not a pessimistic arsehole, trying to point out that the human race is doomed. Even though we kind of are.
To support this statement, I will shamelessly quote Lena Dunham's dad, because I think what he said is truer than true..probably the most honest and at the same time scary thing I have read in a while:
"This is the first time (....) that you can see that my kids are not going to do as well as I did"
Maybe it's time we shifted our aspirations and had a more realistic approach to life. Maybe I need to start being more realistic. I mean, after all you can only get disappointed if your own expectations are not met.
What about you there? Yeah, you! What annoys you about society and are you guilty of participating in the madness, just like me?

May 05, 2013


Food's awesome.
It's even better when it's in your mouth and on your clothes. Yer clothes.

All images via Asos


Travel is an inevitable part of contemporary youth culture - instagram is swamped with travel inspiration photos and in your facebook or blogger feed there is probably at least one update on a travelling friend's adventures. So now you're thinking of taking a break from real life and jump on a plane with nothing but a backpack and lonely planet guide?
Why just think about it, when you could just do it?

"Why, yes. But what if...."

What if not?
Do you really want to die without having seen the beaches in Hawaii or the desert in Mexico? Can you really live a life where work and responsibilities reign your daily routine, where that is all you know and do, where you sneakily drool over your coll friend's travel photos? She rode a muthafuckin Elephant in India and all you ride is your super lame fixie bike and asshole boyfriend. Seriously, just book the damn ticket.

"Yeah, but what do I gain from it, except a few nice photos and an empty savings account..?"

Dude!!!! It's the memories you will have for your whole life! Nothing lasts that long, not your car, job, health and probably not your relationship. Your memories though, they stay with you and influence everything you will do and say in the future.
Travel is like a refreshing drink on a super hot summer day - just for your soul! It opens up your mind and lets your spirit grow from all the new, exciting adventures you come across daily. You're at the beach relaxing one day, next day you visit great cities with breathtaking architecture, the day after you are climbing the Alps or diving in the Amazone. No matter what destination you choose, you are guaranteed to learn something new. And you are guaranteed to meet awesome people on the way. Go on, have an animating conversation. Or a hook up. Whatever you feel like. Make those memories!

"But my buddies at home are already awesome enough for me and I really enjoy going out to the same pub every second night and what if noone loves me anymore when I return..."

You can only grow so much in one environment - there is a limit to experiences you can have in it, a limit to the places you can visit and cultures you can explore. Imagine what type of person you could become, if you saw something different and spoke to someone different every day? We all have met at least one person we thought was mindblowingly cool, someone we thought was leading the ultimate life. It's likely that somebody crosses your travel paths every day when you're exploring. And eventually you're going to turn into that badass yourself, On my travels I meet so many different types of people. Some I disliked, most of them I liked but that's not the point. The point is all of them taught me something about myself. About the person I want to become, the things I want to achieve. They taught me a step of the way to finding my very own happiness.

"Uhm yeah..but..."

But WHAT????

Don't tell me you're still in doubt about money/job/what happenes back home while you're away?
Well, if the former hasn't convinced you yet, what about this little list below?

"Yeah, man. I like lists, they're structured and stuff..."

Here are 5 nerdy and awesome reasons a location change is totally worth the risks:

Nothing will train you better in small talk than staying in a hostel full of strangers mixed with subtle loneliness and a strong urge to mix and mingle. You will be a little awkward at first, but after a week or two the 'So where are you froms" and "Where have you been to so fars" will come out flying. And when you're back in the real world, you'll be smooth talking your way through the likes of interviews and first dates alike.

Yeah, it's the truth. Potential mating partners will swarm around you, wanting to hear your stories and experience possible exotic love techniques you might have picked up along the way (or not, not really a criteria). You're interesting and you're full of awesome adventures to tell. So yeah, travelling the world increases your hotness by about 10000 %

It'll make you stand out from the crowd. Throw in a little volunteering and you're sweet as.

If they ark up and call you a boring loser just show them the photo that hot Italian guy took of you at Santa Monica beach. That'll shut them up.

It's like owning lots of real estate around the globe, except you don't have to be rich or worry about taxes. Sweet deal.

So come on now. Put on your big girl pants. Book yerself a ticket and conquer the world!

May 02, 2013


It's been a while since I featured art on the blog. I have this really annoying habit of taking screen shots of great art, but not taking down the name of the artist. So while I have around 200 pictures of various intriguing art saved, I don't want to show you until I dug out all the artists' names.

With this artist I was smart enough not to crop the tumblr link so here I present Drew Mosley's art. I found it extremely charming, very Slavic looking. As a kid we had books full of fairy tales and interesting art, which Mosley's paintings remind me of a lot. Maybe it's this nostalgia that makes me enjoy looking at them so much.

May 01, 2013


ASOS order arrival excitement paired with crazy bed hair and lovely sun rays. Yeah I bought 3 pairs of sunglasses during an extraordinarily exhausting shift last week. They were all 25 % off though and...and...and... Ugh. The weak mind. Fuck.

10 reasons April was awesome!

Oh man, is it seriously May?
It scares me to think we are almost half way through the year, seeing as I haven't figured out much in the last four months. To be fair, one must have designated things to figure out before he can start doing so, which in my case is not really the case. Oh adulthood. You confuse me so much.

Seeing as it is May which my body associates with spring but my head and surroundings do with autumn, I am yet again in a confused state in which I ponder over fitness regimes (summer body which is actually winter body which should be all year body) and indulge in a bit of the old 'shopping summer collections online but then closing the browser before putting in the payment details' Spiel. I worked a lot this past month and there was some serious drama at work which put me off track a bit, but some great things happened too, some great things were said and done and that's why April was a good month after all. Thanks again for bearing with me in this computerless time, too. I get very frustrated about posting with the use of my tablet only, since it doesn't let me put photos where I want them and formatting altogether is a bit of a nightmare. I promise once I have my trusted VaIo back all of these things will get fixed and stitched. ('trusted' is not the most adequate adjective, since it broke after only 8 months).

Adieu April. Here are 10 reasons why you were awesome!

1) Visitors from strange lands

My beloved brosef booked his Australia flights mid April and I was crying happy tears when I found out. I haven't seen my family since September last year and the last time I had my brother visit was in 2011, a time when I had no work permit and hence no job/income and we basically just chilled out like a pack of bums. This time, though, he can get ready for some serious action and adventure. It will be the third time he is going to visit me and he is also the only family member, besides my cousin, who has ever visited me. Time to get all the other ones over too :-)

2) Birthday boy

It was Dan's 30th birthday and we had an amazing weekend, celebrating, eating and drinking like there was no tomorrow. I am not one to get all lovey-dovey but man, I sure do love this boy's company. He looks like a yummie toy-boy, with the wisdom and intelligence of a 30 year old and when I boiled my hand the other day he didn't leave my side until he was 100 % sure I was ok, all while laughing at me for trying to wash my hands under the hot water tap. I mean. I mean. I mean. Heart-eyed.

3) Coheed and Cambria gig

I am a concert goer body and soul, I love the excitement of getting ready and driving to a gig, lining up at the door and checking out the rest of the crowd, the different people who unite and become on big family. It's one of the most interesting opportunities of social observation I can think of. I didn't know what to expect from Coheed and Cambria and I certainly stood out in my heels and a little coloured dress in the midst of a crowd who dressed in uniforms of black pants and shirts. Although feeling a bit out of place I thoroughly enjoyed every second of being there, meeting the band, the support act Circa Survive, the main gig, the crowd etiquette (super well mannered!). And the music does the rest. I have hardly seen any band play their instruments like Coheed did, that is with passion and expertise.

4) Human money box

The middle of the year is approaching and it's time to make travel plans, which automatically come with money saving plans. I wouldn't say I lived a lavish lifestyle over the last couple of months, but I certainly could have saved my pennies better. I stopped making my lunch basically a month into starting my new job, which cost me around $ 50/week, all while delicious and healthy food was going off in my own fridge. I stopped using my water filter and started only drinking bottled water (yuck). It's little things like that I caught myself doing and I realised how much hard earned money I spent, how much I contributed to pollution (you question your habits when your recycle bin is full of empty water bottles) and how much unhealthy food I consumed daily. I decided to put more money away on pay day so that I simple wouldn't have any to buy lunch and be more mindful of the groceries I bought. Oh, and I have started putting change into my piggy bank again. It's amazing how much less tempted you are to buy coffee/bubble tea etc, if there is no change in your wallet!

5) Enjoy the home cooked

Until a few weeks ago I didn't think I could cook. I still can't, but I figured out that I, at least can successfully follow most recipes!!!! It's the holy grail to saving money, man. Takeaway not only chews up your intestines, but also your bank account with $ 20 (McDonalds)  - $ 40 (Pizza delivered). And I never thought I would say this, but, I quite enjoy cooking. 'Hides her face like an embarrassed teenage boy who farted in class'. Seriously, as long as you have some basic ingredients (basic = cheap), it's quite simple to make your own dinner every night. Come on now, don't be such a lazy grub!
I have also made a serious effort of having at least one meat-free day per week. As per a vegan girl whose identity I won't reveil (omg suspense is at breaking point, right?) just one meat-free day per week for a year spares the lives of 52 animals. I have to check the facts but the naive belief alone makes me eat less meat. Yes, bacon is meat in case you're wondering. It's unfortunate but true.

6) When you got the beach

Living in proximity of one of the most beautiful beaches in the world doesn't mean I always get to enjoy it. I can count the amount of times I have seen the beach this year on one hand. I often fail to appreciate the beauty that's the closest to me and that's precisely why I need a wake up call from time to time. Dan and I went on a night adventure this month, we drove down to the Gold Coast for dinner and then walked it off at the beach. It was a magical night with stars glimmering in the sky and the full moon reflecting in the swaying sea. We stood on the pier and gazed into the black ocea for what seemed to be forever. There is a sense of peace and clarity the ocean awakens in me and that's a very welcome change to my usual mindset.

7) I recycled a skirt
Yes, yes you only just read about this but I am genuinely proud with having spent that much time and effort on something I could have just bought somewhere. You know. Save myself the trouble of making it. I will admit I went to bed thinking I would never be able to wear it, but thanks to the forgiving jersey fabric it just smoothed itself around my hips like we were made for each other. There are a lot of hit and miss projects yet to come, but I certainly enjoy sewing and the process of creating something from scratch or recycling an unloved piece.

8) TV awesomeness
I started watching 'Arrow' this month. The recipe for success is definitely a ripped guy who is mainly topless and a glamorous story intertwined with puzzling flash backs, deserted islands, strong femald lead characters and abs. Again. ABS. Goose bumps.
I also watched the fifth season of Adventure Time and I can say the weirder it gets, the better it gets. If you're a fan and you haven't seen it yet prepare yourself for some seriously absurd endings to basically all episodes and many "WTF?" moments.

9) Treats
Aldi started permanently stocking yet another amazing European treat - Knoppers!! I was so excited I posted a status about it on facebook! Can I hear a "laaaame"? Next time you end up at the supermarket of my trust, buy one of these delicious chocolate/milk creme/hazelnut wafers. I used to love them as a child and I still have to control an urge to eat all of them at once!

10) Tegan and Sara gig

UGH! It was amazing! It was hands down the best gig I have been to since seeing Kimbra last year. The crowd was lovely and while their support act was a little boring, their gig made me forget all about it. They really have some incredible vocal skills and can play multiple instruments well, but it was the way they connected to the audience that made the show extra special. I am swooning over their charming stories, stylish outfits and beauty ad-esque immaculate faces. They rewarded the audience with a lenghty set, an intimate acoustic encore, which included some serious crowd-involvement and a few crazy emotions going through my brain, trying to make their ways out through my wet eyeballs. Bottom line: I laughed, cried, danced, smiled, sang, shook my hair, stood on my tippy toes to see better and I will most certainly buy a ticket again for future shows.

5 songs I was addicted to in April:

Frank Ocean - Pyramids
Tegan and Sara - Walking with a ghost
Arctic Monkeys - When the sun goes down (still a smashing album)
Queens of the Stone Age - My God is the sun
The Rubens - My gun

So tell me, boys and girls: How was your April? Did you get fooled on the First? Spanked on the Second? Did you watch too many Wes Anderson movies like me? Not that there is such a thing as too many....