August 28, 2013

Going platinum

To go back to platinum or not?
Pro: Looks awesome with white and black and no clothes. No need to tan. Doesn't get greasy due to lots of chemicals on scalp.
Con: Hair like icky straw. Red complexion becomes FLURO red complexion if one has platinum hair. People think you're in some kind of "scene". Hair will be whiter than teeth.
Note to self: Even with platinum blonde hair I don't look like Anja Konstantinova. But that's cool.

Sorry not sorry for the boobs because really, they're just boobs. If you feel offended by a female body part something's clearly wrong with you. Boob on to another blog!

Daisy chains

I am currently indulging in child hood memories, which in my case, involved a lot of nature, flower picking, playing in the millions of forests surrounding my parents' house, building dams in every stream we could find and watching wild animals with fascination. Yeah, I had a pretty banging time growing up on the country side, where the TV was never switched on before 5 pm and, looking out the window of my room, I saw nothing but mum's massive veggie garden, a linden tree and endless fields.

One very fond memory I treasure is spending afternoons with my great grandmother, who not only had a talent for finding rare flowers in the wild (of which we were only allowed to pick one or two), but who could also find four leaf clovers in an ordinary clover field and make the best daisy chains the world has ever seen.

And since daisies are a big trend at the moment, I felt the need to share a few of the many ways one can surround oneself with as many daisy themed items as possible.

daisy dress via asos, headband and necklace: Lovisa, magnificent pouch manufacturer unknown, other images via pinterest

Putting daisies in your hair is really not a new thing - I can remember the girls at communion at age 8 wearing flower crowns their mums, aunts or grandmothers had carefully made the day before and  kept in water overnight to keep them from wilting. It's not a hipster thing, gooosssshhhh. It's really a catholic countryside farmer tradition. Let's see who will burn their flower crowns first?

I involuntarily fell in love with this dress from Asos when I "researched" for this post. The length, cut and the fact it's called a "sun dress" make it completely unsuitable for my body shape and personality but hey, it's a steal at $ 35 and you might want to have a closer look!

The headband from LOVISA is not yet in my possession, but the necklace I own and I have received a lot of positive feedback from various strangers on the internet (don't you love reassurance through social media? Jokes...). Lovisa is making a bit of a statement with daisies at the moment, so there is a much bigger range online. Check it out.

As for the tea cup - it's vintage and possibly a one off - but daisy tea is something we learned to indulge in as kids too. To be honest we even put daisies in our cocoa some experimental summery holiday mornings. You can eat the leaves as well or put the flower buds in sandwiches, soups or salads. Speak of prettying up your lunch!

Being surrounded with possessions, responsibilities, currency and social pressure, it really helps remembering the blissful content I had as a child and taking in how happy I was as a little peanut. I had next to nothing in materialistic goods (expect for a shit ton of Lego, of which some was handed down from my mum's childhood days), yet I think of it as one of the richest periods of my life. Anyone's life really. There is nothing more exciting than exploring and seeing the beauty of the world through a child's eyes. It's not something we have lost, we just need to re-learn it. C'mon everyone, shake off that sarcasm, money-orientated attitude and indulge in some barefoot, flowery goodness! *slaps a tambourine and rides off into the sunset*

August 21, 2013


I hope everyone had a marvellous and magical weekend, because mine was banging. There's absolutely nothing better than relaxing with your other half (pet or human or family box of chocolates or  beloved TV show equally count as other half), being outdoors to soak up some of those endorphin producing sun rays and meeting up with a great bunch of friends. I saved a lizard from being eaten by a magpie Sunday afternoon too, so there was some real-life Attenborough meets Hitchcock action going on in my very own was a crazy yet intriguing experience.

If you're a wanderlust riddled earth dweller like me, you've probably been on a long distance flight before. I'm talking 14 hrs and up, non of this 7 hr "my knees hurt sooo much ugh" luxury bullshit please. You've encountered the many issues that come along with being in a confined space for a perverse amount of hours, crouched in basically one and the same position, 375 people using the same 4 toilets over 14 long hours and other nightmares. But unless you fly twice or four times a year (like moi), you won't have made as many illogical decisions in the long distance preparation department as I have. I've had to learn the hard way that some things are better to be left out of your carry-on bags, and some things you really should NOT travel without. This is information you won't find in a travel guide, my lovelies, and I am here and happy to safe you from making those very same smelly, painful, uncomfortable and impractical experiences yourself! I am not saying I am a long distance martyr, but you know... :)

1) The clothing you wear makes all the difference

I don't own thongs (aka flip-flops for the rest of the world), I own one pair of super stylin' track pants that I would still never leave the house with so in case you're rolling your eyes at the headline, this is NOT going to be a paragraph about how you should dress like a bum when on a LD flight.
Au contraire, you should glam it up a little, because hey, it's a special occasion and you probably forked out big dollars to go on this trip. The vital information you should filtrate form this is that it doesn't matter if you're wearing jeans or dresses, but that the fabric you choose really does make a difference. In other words: Steer away from synthetics!
Starting from your underwear to your socks to jackets and even your shoes - I won't go into detail but that synthetic shit starts staaanking and itching so bad so early on into what can easily be a 32 hr round trip and is not recommendable AT ALL! I once wore synthetic pantyhose on a plane because I liked how I could pull it all the way up under my boobs and have it caress my belly and I could not recommend any other type of garment any LESS (except for an outfit consisting of a transparent rain coat and a 12 gallon hat...maybe...). My feet were a catastrophe in the smell department, my thighs got itchy from the constant friction and my belly felt like I had sliced it in half with a knife so no, do not ever consider wearing pantyhose on a plane.
Go for cotton or other natural fabrics (not wool though, ITCHY!), because not only will they allow your skin to breathe and make you sweat less, but you can also cover up odours (yes, you will stink, I'm not making this up dude!) with your regular deodorant better than you could on synthetic fabrics (once that stuff is drenched in fluids, it holds onto them like an old lady to her purse).
Another thing is synthetic coats and pleather jackets. They're all bad ideas because their yucky plas-sticky-ness (new word patented) will make you sweat, but they won't keep you warm in return and you will end up with an air con cruel plane cold. Go for a warm yet thin cardigan you can throw under your seat no worries when it gets too warm and which will still keep you warm when you want to go to sleep.
As for footwear: Wear whatever you feel comfortable in because you will most likely kick them off 20 minutes into the flight anyway. I found that Vans slip-ons are a good idea, because they take little to no effort to put on and take off (no elbowing the passenger next to you while you're trying to put on your kicks is always a plus) and again they're mostly made of cotton. Ballet flats are an okay option too I suppose. Just not the oldest pair you can find. Because. Foot smell. Yuck.
Accessories will be more annoying than anything on planes. A pair of sunglasses is really all you need. And don't forget to bring a scarf! Not only will it give you the illusion of a little privacy when you wrap it around your head an diminish your field of vision (aka block out all the assholes), but it also collects all the out-of-mouth dribble you will inevitably produce when trying to sleep sitting upright. Amazing advice, I know.

Chloe got it right. She also doesn't need a scarf, she employs drool-removalists

2) Keep your hand luggage light and compact

In other words: Don't take anything on board that isn't a necessity! I've made my own life extremely hard by cramming too much unnecessary stuff into my hand luggage in the past. The various problems that can arouse when your carry on is bursting in its seams are for example: 
  • every living soul in proximity of a scale between the airport entrance and the boarding gate will make you weigh the damn thing and then tell you that you're really pushing the weight limit this time (or make you throw out $ 70 worth of good magazines you bought 3 minutes prior to the scale scandal due to "their weight" gggggrrrrrrrr)
  • the carry on bag will fall over whenever you take your hands off it. I mean EVERY SINGLE TIME YOU TAKE YOUR HANDS OFF IT! It basically needs as much attention as a new born. Learn to cope with that cruel fact after 21 hrs of sleep deprivation.
  • you probably put a liquid in there somewhere, forgot about it, the security people will make you unpack your suitcase in front of everyone and will make you showcase your practical yet unattractive COTTON (!) panties, you tell all the laughing security people that at least you won't get a yeast infection because of bad underwear choices, everyone gets awkward, you pack your bag angrily and walk away ashamed yet triumphantly
  • you can't find space in the overhead locker
  • once you find space five rows down from your seat you put your back out before even commencing your journey of discomfort because the thing is so heavy it should be exclusively lifted by The Hulk
  • the space under your seat doesn't harbour your feet, but an armada of electronic devices you don't use, a stack of books you're too tired to read, a synthetic pleather jacket you can't wear (see above) and you will end up crouching in your tiny seat, ruining your already achy-brakey knees because TOO....MUCH....STUFF
  • you brought the biggest set of headphones you could find, only to realise that whenever wearing them you won't be able to sleep (too much bulk), that they don't slot into the entertainment system properly and you only get sound through either the left or the right ear, that they're too fragile to put into the already full overhead locker, so you're forced to store them in your seat pocket which, again, takes up space vital for sustaining most bodily functions on this long and lonesome journey
  • gathering all your stuff takes about 25 minutes so once descend has commenced and the fasten seat belt sign is switched on, you basically have to power pack all your shit and break an anxiety induced sweat because you will most likely forget or break some of the stuff you should have just left at home in the first place
  • a layover of 5 hrs or over will turn into an even greater hell than it sounds because you're completely immobile due to the size and weight of your cabin baggage, meaning duty free shopping, using a shower/bathroom or ordering and carrying food to a table will all be a flipping nightmare 
These are only a few of the real life scenarios that are more likely than not going to happen if you fill your carry on baggage with shit you don't need. As with everything in life, moderation is the key: Be it entertainment, spare clothes, toiletries and other items - just pack wisely and only take what you actually use daily at home. I used to walk around the house 2 hrs before leaving for the airport, collecting all kinds of things I haven't looked at for ages, thinking "Oh, that Nintendo DS would be alright to take with me, oh yeah and that Word Search book, oh and I should re-read all of Bret Easton Ellis' work" and end up with a handbag that's too full to carry and too annoying to search through. More often than not I instantly regret taking ANYTHING with me because really, a e-Reader or one paperback and a non-brand specific MP3 player bursting with great music is really all you'll need and crave.


There is no such thing as too much moisturising when you're on a plane. I'm not vain or worried about my complexion, but I have had the worst experiences with forgetting moisturisers altogether and then trying to live with that burning sensation of raw skin for what seemed like an eternity. As a matter of fact I actually started licking (!!!) the backs of my hands 12 hrs into a 15 hr flight in 2011 because they were that sore, read and raw from the dry air in this god forsaken metal tube. There was no trace of a chap stick or anything similar in my hand luggage whatsoever and the only duty free option on board would have been "La Mer" face cream for $ 400 so yes, I did in fact resort to saliva moisturising and I am not proud of it.

You want to take the following moisturising products on a long distance flight:
  • Intensive nourishing cream - this is a thick, white moisturiser that usually comes in a flat tub (Dove and Nivea do a good one), you can use it on the really dry spots on your face, your hands and in emergencies on your lips. If you only want to take one product, this is your winner - but make sure it's under 100 ml
  • PAWPAW is an Aussie all rounder and a good alternative to the intensive cream, but makes me break out if used on my face (this might also happen with the above, so make sure you do a test run beforehand)
  • Good quality colourless chap stick - because your lips will die and then not recover for the entire duration of your holiday from that flaky, cracked horror that only extensive plane rides or Siberian winters can induce, if you don't keep slapping that shit on every hour. Forgetting your chap stick essentially means you won't be able to wear coloured lipstick your whole holiday unless you're happy with your lips looking like a weather beaten garden fence. This will not only ultimately make dressing up less fun, but will also rob you from at least one more hash tag you could use on instagram. #lipstickwearingscrubber 
  • Moisturising eye drops - YES because even your EYE BALLS will dry out in 45 000 ft altitude. Seriously, pack these or you will look and feel like a dope head upon disembarking. You're gonna skip this one? Think of me during cavity search, bro...

4) The devil's in the detail

As profound as some of this paragraph may sound to you, when you're on a plane with literally ZERO things that could urge you or fill your brain, you'll be thankful to have thought ahead and taken some of these things into consideration:

Don't watch new movies:
You will be dependent on the in flight entertainment system and if you've watched all new movie releases of the last five months in a weekend marathon, well, you'll be boned. Even if you've taken your laptop/tablet PC and external hard drive with you, there will come a time when you just want to get all that shit off your tray table and spread out, while still wanting to block out the engine sounds with some kind of light entertainment. You'll find that you will hate yourself a little when you scroll through the movie selection and realise you have watched EVERYTHING, then retreat to the Kids channel and watch Disney movies in silence and shame...

Don't wear colourful/glitter/3d nail polish:
It will crackle, it will come off half way down your nail, you will look like a hobo and you won't have enough to do to distract yourself from that horrible wannabe grunge look, you'll start picking at your nails, people will think you're a dope head, cavity search, The End. Seriously though, this is one of the things that has annoyed me THE most in the last couple of years of travelling and it wouldn't surprise me if I stepped on my plane next month with yet another experimental "only lasts for two-and-a-bit-hours" nail do that could bug me until I landed in Europe. Clear or no nail polish on short "can't split on the sides" nails. Simples.

Holy shower:
If you can find a public shower at the transit airport and have enough layover, take advantage of it. Don't wash your hair because any activity that requires a hair drier is stupid, but give yourself a few minutes of hot water, pleasant smells and most of all PRIVACY! I don't know what's best out of the three but privacy is one of those things you really, really appreciate after intercontinental travel. A shower will fix you up even if you're tired, shitty and sore and will put you in good spirits. Make sure you packed a small towel and travel sized shower gel in your hand luggage (essentials for me!).

Take ear plugs with you:
And ensure you have at least one spare set you can replace the used ones with, once you had a shower between transits. Cause they get rank, man. Have you ever smelled them after wearing them for a day? Goose bumps.

Plane food be cruel:
I don't actually mind the taste of most of the food I have been served on planes, but my bowels do disagree - meaning I get painful stomach bloating a lot and for extended periods of time after I eat up in the air. This is a pretty common symptom called "Jet bloat", caused by equally the food and pressurisation of the cabin, and there are a lot of online threads and forums about this out there in case you want to do some extra research. The most common remedy is peppermint tea, but you can buy peppermint capsules for on the go. Try to avoid eating too many carbs, as they further the symptoms, and eat slowly. Yeah, and don't eat the fresh sea food salad. But that goes without saying...

Make sure you have a sufficient supply of headbands in your bag prior to departure because as flow y-fresh your blow dry might be now, as destroyed and greasy your maine will be within the hour. Also: travel sized dry shampoo!


5) Stay chilled

As much as I talk about preparing yourself through collecting the right amount of handy yet purely materialistic helpers, not going crazy when being stuck in transit for hours really all comes down to how you're feeling.
The ideal physical and mental state you should board a long distance flight in is calm. Really, this applies to everything in life but is one of the vital prerequisites to not experiencing what is essentially the beginning of your holidays as totally annoying. You don't want to be all pumped, super excited and full of beans when you board a plane because, beware of logical conclusion, there is literally no room to expel any of these energies, you will have (even more!) trouble sleeping and will therefore get impatient and restless. You don't want to be super stressed either because it will be near impossible to calm down in a confined, loud space with no privacy and a possible army of crying babies and a seat-kicker behind you.
What you want to do is exhaust yourself physically before the flight, because this will automatically calm your mind. Presuming you have packed your bags properly and have a few hours to spare before heading to the airport, exercise is really one (but not the only) of the best things you can do for your body and mind before a LD flight. Here are a few of my other favourite insanity-preventative activities:
  • Go for a run/walk in the park - double bonus is you expel energy (and burn calories), but also get to enjoy a bit of fresh air and nature before hours and hours of being surrounded with artificiality
  • Sexercise - no explanation needed
  • Go to the beach/Get some sun - you'll practically be a vampire who will squint in wonder at the first sun rays once out of your destination airport so soak it up while you can, tough warrior!
  • Do laps in a heated pool - this always calms me down like a baby in the womb and will also tire you out rapidly
  • Watch a Will Ferrel movie with your friends, eat Doritos and laugh so hard your abs will poke through your sweatshirt and ask you what the FUCK is up
  • Do Pilates or Yoga or a combination of both or mediate, sniff scented candles or drink ridiculously expensive tea, whatever makes you get in touch with yourself
  • Get a massage!

Admittedly, LD-flights will most likely always be a pain, but thankfully the sheer excitement and anticipation of discovering a new place or seeing long-lost friends and family will keep you going. Yes this whole article was based on making the experience more pleasurable but being stuck in transit is a tiny price to pay in order to see the world, don't you think!
Live it up my lovely readers!

And who knows, one of you might be sitting right next to my drooling and bloated self on the next economy flight I board halfway across the world! It's a sight to look forward to, I promise!

(images via pinterest)

August 15, 2013

Teenage idiot pt 1

Loving the title, are you?
Here's a new series I would like to introduce and if you're not into awkwardness and ridicule, please steer away from this and future posts because really, this is where it's at.

Today I'm exploring a series of quite substantial crushes I had on front mans of several national and international (I'm looking at you, 2004 Brandon Boyd) bands when I hit the young age of 14. I had dreams of high quality rock star marriage and being the awesome sidekick on tour, who always supplied the band with soy lattes and Fiji water bottles (weren't my aspirations tremendous?) and who would get to lay the hot hot singer every damn night (at a time I had not a remote idea how horrendously weird some of these guys were. Ugh dodged a bullet. Or a butt plug. Who knows?) With amazement and horror do I look back at the naivety that accompanied me not only through ridiculous yet awesome day dreams, but also some of the actual not-so-awesome real life relationships that followed these dreams. If only I could go back in time and tell myself, what a fucking idiot I was.... (aaaaaaaa I know this interlude is so bad it hurts but damn am I feeling it today!!!!)

Hey 14 year old self: You really need to shake up your definition of a suitable mating partner and possible permanent life enhancer. Your dreams are far from reality. You think a whimsical, pretty artsy boy is going to enrich your mind with his creativity and emotion, will write songs for you and give so many fucks about you it will huuuurt oooh. He will take weird analogue photos of you when you're asleep and stroke your hair when you wake and will spoil you with riches that only a mastermind of the musical sorts can provide. Well, reality is there is no such thing as an exclusive relationship with a touring musician. Really, they're a rarity with common men of the unimpressive type but you're gonna find out about that soon enough.
 What do you think is bound to happen on tour, when there are hoards of good looking ladies and gentlemen lined up by a tour bus, patiently waiting to be inseminated? How many times were you unsuccessfully approached by one of these scumbags straight off stage because you smiled and had a good time during the concert? Some of these clowns were even married! Heart break aside, think of all the STDs for crying out loud!!!  Also, and I would like to put this out there once and for all,  there is NOTHING more awkward than someone writing a song for you, then playing it to you, then asking you what you think. You think it's romantic shit until it actually happens to you. Try to hide that horror face!
14 year old self - please listen: Never ever wearing a shirt when the rest of your band is completely, fully clothed is NOT hot! It's ridiculous at the best and a huge sign of major narcissim at the worst of times. Imagine taking your rock star man friend to dinner with your parents, only to be anxious the whole time about wether or not the idiot is going to leave his shirt. Does that sound like fun? Does IT? What I'm really trying to tell you is: you should probably consider picking up the guitar again yourself. What is it with this lack of ambition anyway? You don't need some clown to write a song for you or be all creative around you, you've got all that inside yourself. You want someone to write a song for you? You've written dozens and recorded them on your crappy phone! They might not be all masterpieces but at least you can be honest with YOURSELF about that and don't have to fake-praise and then have instant distraction sex to avoid awkwardness. Go back, improve or find another creative outlet (you like photography and writing, remember?) but don't let your happiness depend on someone else or something that (if you're lucky!!) is never bound to happen.

You can only be with a rock star if you're a rock star yourself. But luckily you'll find out about that as well...

August 13, 2013

Dirty girl

Complete lack of hygiene right there. I might be a freak but I get all icky if I can't have a shower in the mornings. Not to mention it makes me feel extremely uncomfortable watching her apply make up over the top of old make up and not changing her DAMN UNDERPANTS in the morning. YuCk.
I still like the song though.

What's up with your life?
I know there's not much going on in mine so yeah....uhmm....

I've had a thing for non-porn star ready to wear fishnet like dresses and 90ies rave fashion recently. Here's a little taste, but I am planning on exploring the shit out of this amazing grunge meets showing skin meets extra girliness kind of fashion craze.

all images via google.

August 11, 2013

10 reasons JULY was AWESOME!!!

The urge to write felt like a burning sensation pounding underneath my fingernail these past four days. I have been on the road, working and flying and while taking delirious photographs (see below post) in strange hotel rooms on zero hours sleep and loading them up on hotel wifi was an option for posting, I couldn't get myself to start typing this post on my little smart phone.

July was too amazing to be wrapped up in a poorly edited post. There was adventure, family visits, lots of fuzzy warm emotions, studio albums and anticipations, baby holding sessions, mind blowing work outs and little to no spending on little to no value items.

So let's not talk around it for too long, cause I feel like diving head first into the


1) My brother was here
This could easily fill up the other 9 reasons why July was awesome but I think putting it as numero uno will do it justice. I haven't seen him in a year. Yes. That's a muthafucking year my dear friends and I was well overdue for some dry Austrian humor, dialect talk and drinking at ungodly hours. Little did I know we would get up to lots of adventures, while still doing the boring but oh so good home cooking and movie watching and useless topic dissecting which, really, is the definition of quality time. Needless to say I cried like a baby when I had to drop him off at the airport, but who knows..I might see him again sooner than later...

2) Shutting down
Of course I took a week off from work while my bro was over and I have to admit that I enjoyed it almost a little too much. The weeks leading up to this holiday were absolute hell with basically everything going wrong that could possibly go down the toilet (do other people in busy jobs get that? It's like the universe is trying its hardest to prevent you from going on holidays letting loose a shit storm a week or so before...) I had my work phone shut off which sounds like a profanity if you don't have a work phone and don't know what it's like to be on call 24/7. Three days into my holiday I turned it on just to turn it off again straight away because of the horror that were 250 unread emails. So yeah, July was awesome because for one week I didn't get a minor anxiety attack whenever I fell asleep in the afternoon/had a reeeaaally long shower/forgot my phone at home/insert any other scenario in which I could have possibly missed a phone call or not have read an important email.

3) Mt Tamborine
I've never been. Have you? HAVE YOU? It was one of my life goals to take one of my family members somewhere a Kookaburra would unleash its ridiculous monkey-like song and we could laugh at it for being such a weirdo and I achieved just that and much more at Mt Tamborine. There were waterfalls, muddy walk ways, jungle, amazing look outs and evil turkeys hiding away. You said you're dying for photos so here you go! ONE!

At sea world, admittedly. I know...sea world is a cruel outlet for ruthless commercialism of entertainment hungry humans who are into animal abuse. I just wanted to see a shark, ok! OK! I feel quite bad for going there after seeing this trailer.... Ah well, I suppose it has made it into my July awesome list for a) being amazing because I saw a shark and b) being amazing because I now know that there is not just a great documentary out there ready to be watched but that it is also completely immoral to go back to sea world ever again. And hey, it was pretty crowded anyway.

5) Beach frolic
I spent an afternoon at the beach, climbing slippery rocks, collecting shells, gazing at the millions of fresh oysters attached to stone. It's what I imagine a Saturday afternoon would have been like if I grew up in this marvelous country. I even saw dolphins splashing in the ocean. Thinking back to this afternoon, it was pretty much like a self-healing session, better than therapy, but for free and with more sun rays and salty air inhalation.

6) Anniversary
I celebrated three years with this inspirational human.

7) Shopping under control
There is no such thing in my world as "deciding between the two" when I am in a shop and I really like two basically identical items. I would just buy them both, no matter what my bank account says. I feel like such a grown up knowing that in July more often than not I either made a conscious decision of not buying anything, or simply deciding on one item only. This may sound profound to you, but it is quite an achievement for me and made me feel pretty fantastic. On top of that,
I seemingly didn't feel the need for anything more in July than love and a million punnets of strawberries. Except for.....

8) See what the hype is all about
Yes, so I did spend some money on one ridiculous thing that is a MAC lipstick. It's completely unjustifiable. It's not that great. It doesn't last forever as I was promised. Maybe I just have extraordinarily slick lips. So yeah, July was awesome because I finally tested and found out for myself that spending a quarter of your groceries money on lipstick is completely ridiculous and that $ 10 drug store brands can give you. EXACTLY. THE SAME. QUALITY. Expensive or cheap - re-application is completely unavoidable. Lipstick sucks if you're lazy either way.

This month I turned into an IT crowd addict and may or may not have intensified a completely unreasonable (accent is so whack ugh!) girly crush on Chris O'Dowd as well as developed one for Richard Ayoade. I have absolutely no reason to like this series, I can hardly sit through "Peep show" or "Black Books" without cringing and walking away from the TV at least once, but something about IT Crowd has me charmed. On this note: Netflix is THE best thing anyone has ever invented and my favorite TV show and movie repertoire has multiplied in light speed because I can now fill my evenings with awesomeness instead of Big Bang - re runs. Did you see that ludicrous display last night?   ALSOOOO: MOVIE SOON???????

Crisp, isn't it? Taken in Austria 2012, my parents' front yard, rediscovered on my camera.

How the flip has your month been? Did you go on adventurous excursions? Get a sex change? Get tattooed on your private parts? Enter a beauty contest?
What other amazing things are there to do in this world????

Aaaaaaand... I'm out.

August 08, 2013

Oh the glamour....

Hotel life.

August 04, 2013

This is a check in

Hi friends. It's been a while. I had to take this much needed break from all things blogging and photo sharing and facebook status posting and online feminist activities to not only settle my racing mind, but also to overcome the flu and guide my bod through the first set of antibiotics I have taken in three years. (I don't even take paracetamol! Such a hippie.) There has been a lot of really positive feedback on this little baby here, which kind of always startles me and makes me completely over-think the next post and the concept and the layout (I really wish I had paid attention in web design class instead of wasting my brain cells on composing messages online I would send to male time wasters). Instead of mindlessly posting about fashion I am not at all into at the moment (major closet hate right now) to fill up your feed, or hitting the publish button on some weird hate scribble about the unfairness of life (does exist!) I decided to go on a mini hiatus. It's only a week, I know, but a week in internet days is basically half a lifetime and enough reason for readers to move on to the next information hit so yeah, what I am basically trying to say is THANKS for sticking with me.

There is some really exciting stuff coming up for August. (August, dude. The EIGHTH month of the year. Where. Has. The. Time. Gone?) Since flying to work weekly I have realised that I can use the time on those damn delayed planes to thoroughly explore my awkward, angst riddled teenage years and really indulge in making fun of myself. It's one of life's pleasures that we should all devour in at least once a week, hell once a day if possible! If you're anything like me (and if that makes me a narcissist, so be it), it'll be more entertaining than reading a book. All those awful outfits, the weird hair-dos and dance moves, the extremely awkward conversations with guys who were either way too easy or completely uninterested, the front man crushes, the dream relationships with famous guys (I know you're secretly thinking about the amazing ways you and "INSERT HOT FAMOUS GUY" could spend the rest of your lives together), the weird creative outlets and pseudo poetry, love songs and expressing insecurity and the darn aaaaaangst in all possible ways, the body image issues that ate me up but also allowed me to develop an opinion and a genuine interest in things, the moments I made a total ass out of myself and the moments I kicked ass like a bawse, the good friends, the scumbags, the fights with parents, the hundreds of concerts and dozens of music festivals that I am convinced really really really saved me from becoming a total hermit weirdo.

 So yeah...uhm. This is just a heads up that I am still here and that some really, uber amazing content is coming your way!
NOW: Art I like. By Nick Sheehy 
Stop by his website and his very reasonably priced web shop.