August 04, 2013

This is a check in

Hi friends. It's been a while. I had to take this much needed break from all things blogging and photo sharing and facebook status posting and online feminist activities to not only settle my racing mind, but also to overcome the flu and guide my bod through the first set of antibiotics I have taken in three years. (I don't even take paracetamol! Such a hippie.) There has been a lot of really positive feedback on this little baby here, which kind of always startles me and makes me completely over-think the next post and the concept and the layout (I really wish I had paid attention in web design class instead of wasting my brain cells on composing messages online I would send to male time wasters). Instead of mindlessly posting about fashion I am not at all into at the moment (major closet hate right now) to fill up your feed, or hitting the publish button on some weird hate scribble about the unfairness of life (does exist!) I decided to go on a mini hiatus. It's only a week, I know, but a week in internet days is basically half a lifetime and enough reason for readers to move on to the next information hit so yeah, what I am basically trying to say is THANKS for sticking with me.

There is some really exciting stuff coming up for August. (August, dude. The EIGHTH month of the year. Where. Has. The. Time. Gone?) Since flying to work weekly I have realised that I can use the time on those damn delayed planes to thoroughly explore my awkward, angst riddled teenage years and really indulge in making fun of myself. It's one of life's pleasures that we should all devour in at least once a week, hell once a day if possible! If you're anything like me (and if that makes me a narcissist, so be it), it'll be more entertaining than reading a book. All those awful outfits, the weird hair-dos and dance moves, the extremely awkward conversations with guys who were either way too easy or completely uninterested, the front man crushes, the dream relationships with famous guys (I know you're secretly thinking about the amazing ways you and "INSERT HOT FAMOUS GUY" could spend the rest of your lives together), the weird creative outlets and pseudo poetry, love songs and expressing insecurity and the darn aaaaaangst in all possible ways, the body image issues that ate me up but also allowed me to develop an opinion and a genuine interest in things, the moments I made a total ass out of myself and the moments I kicked ass like a bawse, the good friends, the scumbags, the fights with parents, the hundreds of concerts and dozens of music festivals that I am convinced really really really saved me from becoming a total hermit weirdo.

 So yeah...uhm. This is just a heads up that I am still here and that some really, uber amazing content is coming your way!
NOW: Art I like. By Nick Sheehy 
Stop by his website and his very reasonably priced web shop.