August 28, 2013

Daisy chains

I am currently indulging in child hood memories, which in my case, involved a lot of nature, flower picking, playing in the millions of forests surrounding my parents' house, building dams in every stream we could find and watching wild animals with fascination. Yeah, I had a pretty banging time growing up on the country side, where the TV was never switched on before 5 pm and, looking out the window of my room, I saw nothing but mum's massive veggie garden, a linden tree and endless fields.

One very fond memory I treasure is spending afternoons with my great grandmother, who not only had a talent for finding rare flowers in the wild (of which we were only allowed to pick one or two), but who could also find four leaf clovers in an ordinary clover field and make the best daisy chains the world has ever seen.

And since daisies are a big trend at the moment, I felt the need to share a few of the many ways one can surround oneself with as many daisy themed items as possible.

daisy dress via asos, headband and necklace: Lovisa, magnificent pouch manufacturer unknown, other images via pinterest

Putting daisies in your hair is really not a new thing - I can remember the girls at communion at age 8 wearing flower crowns their mums, aunts or grandmothers had carefully made the day before and  kept in water overnight to keep them from wilting. It's not a hipster thing, gooosssshhhh. It's really a catholic countryside farmer tradition. Let's see who will burn their flower crowns first?

I involuntarily fell in love with this dress from Asos when I "researched" for this post. The length, cut and the fact it's called a "sun dress" make it completely unsuitable for my body shape and personality but hey, it's a steal at $ 35 and you might want to have a closer look!

The headband from LOVISA is not yet in my possession, but the necklace I own and I have received a lot of positive feedback from various strangers on the internet (don't you love reassurance through social media? Jokes...). Lovisa is making a bit of a statement with daisies at the moment, so there is a much bigger range online. Check it out.

As for the tea cup - it's vintage and possibly a one off - but daisy tea is something we learned to indulge in as kids too. To be honest we even put daisies in our cocoa some experimental summery holiday mornings. You can eat the leaves as well or put the flower buds in sandwiches, soups or salads. Speak of prettying up your lunch!

Being surrounded with possessions, responsibilities, currency and social pressure, it really helps remembering the blissful content I had as a child and taking in how happy I was as a little peanut. I had next to nothing in materialistic goods (expect for a shit ton of Lego, of which some was handed down from my mum's childhood days), yet I think of it as one of the richest periods of my life. Anyone's life really. There is nothing more exciting than exploring and seeing the beauty of the world through a child's eyes. It's not something we have lost, we just need to re-learn it. C'mon everyone, shake off that sarcasm, money-orientated attitude and indulge in some barefoot, flowery goodness! *slaps a tambourine and rides off into the sunset*