January 31, 2012


You know that feeling when you had a workout and
it was just plain bullshit.
Like all the old birds around you were capable of so much more
than you were and you were just about to start crying
when the girl with the shoulder injury was able to plank for longer
than you were??

Then my question to you is:

Give yourself a good doing over on the treadmill?
Start a starvation program for the rest of the week?
Train your abs like a muthafucka?
Go home and eat your body weight in NicNacs?
There must be some big secret behind motivation
and I know the people who regularly go to the gym
without admitting to having a bad sess once in a while
are hoarding it!
Selfish bastards.

I myself treated the issue as follows: I started with a big hate date in front of the mirror and
then lost it over something litte and ended up feeling really good afterwards.
What a fucking nutcase scenario, right?
There must be something wrong with me.

But anyway....
we went to a mate's house today, who is pretty much the owner
of a zoo (dragons, snakes, dogs, cats, fish, turtles, parrots, rabbits, etc.)and
had a big spring cleaning/drinking/playing with animals/food orgie - session on.

It was SO much fun, besides the moment when the dog ate cat poo, but other than
that it was REALLy fun!!! Now I'm drunk and my body is craving a gallon of glacier water and
some vitamins (and greasy french fries) to break down all the sangria and vodka pineapple I poured down my gob all afternoon.

Yay!! Off to work again tomorrow.
What size were you after??

January 30, 2012

hello gaybo

So this post was meant to be about
one of the many special little
eateries and cafes in Oz.

I have taken man
photos with  my embarassingly loud
cell phone camera but unfortunately
my bluetooth is fukd, and of course
I don't have any sort of
USB connection or anything. Me, unorganised.

I will post the photos as soon as I either
get my laptop to work again or
some other miracle happens (like when somebody invents
a way to transport data from one device to another simply by
using willpower!!)

Until then, check out their facebook page or even better,
go for a visit and have a superbely delicious warm chicken wrap
or a BLT with super fresh lime and chili mayo!!

Did I mention all the girls there are super hot and the service is excellent? :)


January 29, 2012

Good bye you fucks!

I have cleaned out the crowd.
Yeah, I stole that line from a Cosmo article or something I read today. ha ha.

No but seriously, it's 2012 and I am doing hectic Yoga and eating healthy and being mindful and I am not, NOT going to hang around with toxic people anymore.
I have decided that 2012 will be my year!
And you can't work on a desk that is full of rubbish! You have to make space first. That totally implies on my life. I am taking out the (white) trash, so I can focus on the people that bring light to my life, rather than beer bottles and racist comments. I will surround myself with people who are in healthy relationships, rather than passive aggressive, miserable partners who drag me down. And people who I can learn form, not just the other way round.

Empowerment is the key word!

January 28, 2012

What a difference a steak makes

I am a sucker for little collectables like this! All these things were presents from my loverboy aka husband aka makes the best steaks-man.

yes, I know this obsession is wrong in so many ways but, ahhh, totoro - I LOVE YOU

So I went for a massive and really expensive steak today with two of the nicest people in the world. They are the definition of  a classy, 21st century married couple whereas Dan and I are the definition of an unorganised, fuzzy looking married couple (ok, no - we're pretty good I suppose!!). I tried to drown my emotions in meat, as my laptop died earlier today.
Here's an ode to my laptop:

Oh laptop, I have thrown you into buses, I have thrown you on the floor
I have opened you harshly and carried you around holding onto the screen only
I know you didn't like any of this, but you surely liked me.
You made me get through many days of school, you ran so many games of Age of Empires for me,
to make me stand the history class.
You were the one, that enabled me to skype with my family, while I was drunk in New Zealand for Christmas.
Your keyboard could tell thousands of stories, but we better not tell anyone any! ;)
Your screen is a reflection of myself. So full of photos, so full of words.

But there is something I wish for. That some day, some time, you will switch on again, even if it's only once - so I can take off my 2000 + holiday photos I didn't save anywhere else and my whole journalism course material I didn't save anywhere else either.
If you don't, I'll be sad, angry even. And you will end up in the bin. After. I. Stomped. On. Your. Head.


This is it!

January 27, 2012

hello, it's the 27th!

Wow, today really sucked.
It sucked for so many people too. I think I'm going to declare the rest of this month 'sucks balls days'.
It sucked too much to even get into detail, but here's a list of things that DIDN'T suck today:
found two gecko eggs and stored them on a tissue bed. hopefully they hatch

Un-dangle necklaces and dwell over how pretty some and how tacky others are :)

display my favourites (see the packman one? a gift from ma lovaa!!)

yes! love me some statement jewellery

bruise starts healing! finally!! people at work constantly ask me about it. It's so big and swollen you can see it through my tights. Can't wait till it's gone. (Btw: I bumped into the bed frame while making the bed. No kinky or shocking story behind that one!)

picked out a few pairs for my lovely goddaugther to wear for a party tomorrow. She picked the gold glitter  peeptoe heels right down the back and the ones up the front as 'back ups' :) So cute!!!
Good night!

January 26, 2012

Ariel Pink

via terrysdiary.com
He is so weird and wonderful. I like how he looks like a girlier version of Kurt Cobain.
Unlike his looks, his music is pretty good :)

January 25, 2012

Family love Pt. 1

photo of me and my brother in what must be the ugliest yet most charming picture frame. Found it in a drawer during my stay and just had to take it with me.

my brother's belly 2012 :) his shirt is the coolest!!

I love my bro!!

January 24, 2012

The Tumblers

retro. me likey

this is the think tank!!!

Miike Snow, how come you are never a disappointment?

I have just started a monthly ritual of listening to every track on this list. Say 'hell yeah' for being a super sucker for Indie music and staying true to ya roots! I have fm4 on my rss but tend to just flick through some fashion blogs and look at pictures rather than listen to music after a long day. It's a pretty bad habit and I'm trying to find a 50/50 balance in terms of my music and fashion intake. At the moment it's more like 10/90. Shame on me.

What the hell is up with Kele, though?? Releasing his new EP 'The Hunter' after his album was called 'The Boxer'!! What sort of shitty concept is that supposed to be? But what I'm actually complaining about is the new track. Very average there mister.

Everything's flooded again in jolly Brisbane because it rained continuously for - no wait - exactly 1 fucking day! GREAT!

So uhm....
What else happened today, besides rain?
After having cleaned every corner of the house after we came back (a week ago), and having re-cleaned everything yesterday I had to come across a dirty ol' cockroach in my cupboard today. A roach inbetween leather shorts and sequin dresses seems just a bit off.
Dan was too slow to get it, so I had to pull everything out of the cupboard, gave it a clean and a spray (bug spray, a girl's best friend) and am now hoping it has died in the poisonous mist and won't try to take revenge while I'm asleep.
The next thing I did was stepping on a poor little white gecko egg and when it broke open, the little embryo still moved - its limbs and body were so tiny my first thought was an egg full of WORMS so I ran out of the room screaming, already grossed out by the fucking roach I saw 10  minutes before that and had a hysterical panic attack and cried and hyperventilated for a good 25 minutes. Then I realised I killed a baby gecko - the most delicate thing I've ever seen, and started crying again because I am a brutal KILLER (yes, today was really something else....we call it " the psycho days"). After seeing this litte shit die I don't think abortion will ever be an option for me. Unless I have a roach baby inside of me. In that case they can keep my utero....

PS: getting a roll of 35 mm film developed in OZ costs me 14 $ / roll. what a good way to blow some money!! Tomorrow I'm off to work again (finally!!!) and I'm hopefully going to get everything sorted that needs some good old fashioned sorting. I might even write one of my famous memos again. He - he - he.

Good night!!

January 23, 2012


evil twin summer collection
jeffrey campbell lita spike
sexy personal trainer

If I had the time and money, this is what I would spend my summer with. A lovely collection of light, flowy evil twin garments, a pair of chunky JCs to give it a bit of a twist and before wearing out any of the above I'd love to have my butt kicked by a PT. One day, I will afford the luxury of getting trained by one!! I have seen before and after results of women with my body type and they are just amazing!!
Good night!!

January 22, 2012

all images via google
Had to indulge in nothingness and sleep today. Had Doritos for lunch. .. pretty sad!
Then I remembered Jawbreaker.
What a great movie! And the fashion! So wrong but so right! I AM SO VIOLET!
Oh my god you guys....vomit everywhere.

I have three days off. That's right - I had six weeks off, worked two shifts and now have three days off. Involuntarily, I need to mention because I am broke as balls. I have no idea what to do with myself without money at my disposal. Gym, I suppose. And maybe getting stuck back into my course I have been systematically avoiding by working 200 hours/week. Boo.

Currently I don't have any of the following items in my house: milk, bread, shampoo + conditioner, meat of any kind, tissues. My financial situation won't allow me to go shopping until I run out of toilet paper, which is probably going to be in two weeks time (I am a toilet paper hoarder, you must know!). Will be living off flour and bread crumbs until then!

Again vomit.
This isn't getting any better.
Good night!

food fight

all images via cutestfood.com

I worked all day and came home for a shower and a 45 minute session of self hatred in front of the mirror and the old 'I have nothing to wear' shit we all know. When  I left, my husband said I looked like I was going to work. And he was right - black dress, black tights, hair open, black shoes, moderate make-up. I am the most boring person in the world!!!
Any way I picked up my lovely co-worker who I haven't seen in six weeks to go to another co-worker's birthday party. We looked for a park for over an hour and I let the poor girl get out and told her I would do one more lap and if I wouldn't find a park I'd just go home. I was about to start crying when I pulled myself together (for the eye make-up's sake) and found myself in what seemed to be the last park in the whole South Bank area. FOR FUCKSAKE EVERYONE!!!!
By the time I got there I was so hungry and agetated I had to have a drink. Afterwards we blantly helped ourselves to vegan tapas and birthday cake with pink icing and little marzipan shoes on top until we had to swallow our own greed-produced vomit. Truely a royal night!

No watching Conan O'Brian with some big breasted women there. He's just stuttering and staring at her rack. Sad performance.

Good night!

January 21, 2012

Fuck your shit up

Dude, I know exactly how you feel. Let me snuggle up next to you!

A very disappointing day

1) I dropped an egg on the floor. Well, it wasn't really me. It was more of an egg-suicide. Or egg-KIA. I put it on the kitchen bench and it sort of rolled down on the floor in that special egg-rollling way. back-forth-back-forth - wobble. It was free range. That's probably why it felt the need to escape my belly. Too bad I ate its cousin.
2) I didn't  go to the gym. I attempted to recreate my pump class at home, but failed after 40 lousily executed squats. At pump class it's usually 250 squats (not to mention the thousands of evil lunges!!!). That was my work out for today. Booo.
3) The minute I got off the bus on this muggy, hot Australian summer day it started pouring down. I had my golden hair ghd straightened to the max. When I finally got to work I looked like this guy:
4) I got to work. I cannot put the disappointment and frustration I am feeling at the moment into words. Note to myself: If your employer promises you things, always - ALWAYS - get it in writing. My balls got cut off today. Humiliation deluxe!! Not all hope is gone yet though. I was told I will have a promising chat when my actual boss returns on Wednesday. Until then my body will be host of several severe emotional and physical outbursts such as crying hysterically in public, yelling at my gym trainer (if I ever make it there again), poisoning other people's environment with my mood and body odour and lots and lots of verbal vomitting.
5) I went home from work at 9:30 pm on this lovely Friday night and realised I must be the fattest girl in whole Brisbane. Where did all these long legged gazelle-like females with perfect skin and thick eyelashes come from? And where they here last year already? Why didn't I see any? (Ok, maybe it's cause I worked in a suburbian mall where all the old and fat people made me feel outstandingly attractive - But seriously? How do people have time to work out what looks like 6 hrs/day and still afford to live, breathe and eat healthy. Not to mention the new outfits and the cocaine....It puzzles me. They must be vampires.

ENOUGH! Love me a good ol' whinge parade sometimes though.
Now listen to this shit:

January 20, 2012

This must be the best interpretation of this song EVER

I really enjoyed this movie. I hope I look like Jennifer Aniston when I'm her age. Or maybe at 22? Two months to get a body like that. Will be living off scrambled egg whites and frothed no fat milk until then.

Oh hold on to your panties. Antonio Banderas just went on air in 'Conan'. Shit the host is creepy.

'You don't make dollars you don't make sense' St tropez anyone???

January 19, 2012


My keys - yes, I'm a kid! - Cookie in a snow coat - The most horrendous nail painting job in the world. Clearly my eyesight decreases when looking through a lense, as I can't even focus on the right thing. I hate yellow and I hate green. In combination their uglyness combines into one big gross supernova. GREAT!! - Picture we bought on Charles bridge in Prague. I fell in love with it straight away. Then I bent it. Typical - brag board on the fridge (as mentioned a few posts below) many more to follow. Still gutted we were too hungover to get one in Berlin. I might make one myself.

I litteraly worked an arm and a leg off today. The house is still a mess, but I finished a project I have been working on since August last year. It's called: Tidy my closet. Now the thing you have to know about my closet is that it is way too small and that it has NO shelves whasoever. Chaos much? Also I have to fit my wardrobe and my complete shoe collection (despite about 20 pairs) in one tiny closet - a mission for anyone I think. Lucky for me I found a way today to use up all the unused gaps and put all my unwanted stuff in a big bag to eventually sell it. I'll sell it all. One day.

Am very excited to go back to work. Tomorrow I will find out wether I will be able to keep the job or if I have to look for something new. It all depends on the hours I get. Sucky feeling y'all!! I have been promised great things before I left but six weeks is a long time and it might all come differently!
PS: I slept for 10 whole hours last night. Woke up only once. Jet lag much?? NO THA!!!

January 18, 2012


This is a selection of women who I looked up to when I was a young girl, tween and semi-adult (teenager). I always had to make myself stay up for Fast Forward with Charlotte Roche, because they used to show it at 11 pm. And Clarissa!! Who DIDN'T love Clarissa as a child?? HI SAM! She always had the most horrific clothes and she was an outsider and alt chick, just the way I always felt!! (Or anyone at that age I suppose!). I have put my obsession for Alicia Silverstone in words on this platform many times before, but cannot put together a post without her on the list. Britney Spears. What can I say? I remember her style was awful in the beginning. Demin dresses and fluffy pink Cowboyhats with rhinestones on them. The industry went and copied everything  and you could find above mentioned hats for years in one dollar shops. She was pretty flipping cool at the time! Enie should definitely dye her hair red again and by the way, is BRAVO TV still on air??? Last but not least Sarah Kuttner, whose show was the only thing left on MTV that was classified as watchable. She was sassy, honest, brutal, quirky and witty. She was the one that told Moneybrother he wears his jeans too tight. She had the star tattoo before all the other indie kids. Then MTV cancelled her show. Boo.

We got back to Brisbane today. Flying was a horror as usual and my legs still look like they belong to a pregnant lady. I have transformed all my hard earned muscles back into fat the last six weeks and am dreading the gym already. Roooaarrr. Yay me for ignoring the fact that it's summer in Australia. Now: bedtime!

I'm on a plane at the moment.
This still counts as a blog post though, does it??

January 17, 2012

OH god. I hate packing.

2 hours till we leave.

January 16, 2012

Went to look at some old photos with my nana. I think today I realised that I can't stop time and that nothing stays the same. It was liberating, but it hurt at the same time.

We leave tomorrow.

January 14, 2012

obsessed much?

yes, I get obsessed with stuff sometimes. I bought five practically identical necklaces....
I am fighting off an emotional blizzard at the moment. Trying to see everyone again before flying home on Monday and getting everything done that has to get done (ie packing up the 300 books and video games Dan bought, send away some stuff that doesn't fit our suitcases, soaking up all the awesomeness of my teenage bedroom) I hate goodbyes!!!!