January 14, 2012


What a day!!!
I had to get up at 6 am this morning and got a massage at 7 am (!!!). When I was driving to the massage place I felt so good - like, I always get this feeling that when I get up early I am ahead of everybody else. I feel like I could make the most of the day! It's a feeling of empowerement of a really weird kind. Ah well.... :)

Anyway, I ended up coming back home, had breakfast and tons of water (always hydrate after a massage! transports all the toxins out of your body!) and then went straight back to sleep. Yay me for being not productive at all. Later on I went shopping and this is what I got at wonderful Zara
I know what you're thinking: Karen Walker rip offs!! omg!!

ooo lovely little lumberjack shirt. and how good are these fake Dicker-whatever Chelsea boots for 29.99??

(DEAR ZARA! I WILL MISS YOU SO MUCH WHEN I'M BACK HOME AGAIN!!!!) One thing I've noticed about Zara in Australia is: a) everything is much much more expensive than here and b) besides the fact there are only two shops in whole Oz (Melbs and Sydney - how good for someone who lives in Brisbane!) you always have to line up to get in and all the Small and Medium sizes are always sold out. So boo you Zara Australia!!

Off to dinner now!!!