January 07, 2012

if you were born in the 80ies

I know for sure that with the release of the 'Daria' Dvd-Boxset, including both Daria-Movies, there is going to be a 90ies - revival! (or at least I hope so!) It is shows like that, that make me want to be born in the 80ies, to grow up a teenager in the mid 90ies. Thinking of all the things I missed - stuff like Grunge, Heroin chique, Salt'n'Peppa constantly singing songs about sex , underage Kate Moss, pencils with fluffy bits on the end, Daria, the rise of the Cds and music videos and MTV in it's prime with all its awesome music shows I kinda remember from when I was a child, Even that weird as Supermodel Program on MTV in the 90ies was great! Where else do you get to see Cindy Crawford asking Steven Tyler what 'Marijuhana' is? BRILLIANT! Charlotte Roche's interviews on German music channel 'VIVA' (I remember one where she asks Dave Grohl if he thinks drumming is as good as wanking. Haha, grande!!), belly free tops, love parade, BRAVO TV, bellybutton piercings and tramp stamps, crazy Janet Jackson - inspired braids and ponytails, Madonna brining Cowboy hats back in fashion, TLC, Destiny's Child, Alicia Silverstone in Clueless, aaaaaaargh REALLY the sky is the limit here!!!

Of course we year 2000 ICQ haunted (I know you can still hear that 'Uh-Oh'  noise in your dreams!) teenagers had a few nice things ourselves. Like preppy rich kids playing in bands (Strokes), or pimply poor kids with funny accents playing in bands (Arctic Monkeys). We had facehunter and themusicslut. But that was too little too late. I can't remember anything inspiring, witty or challenging during that period. And if it was there,  it was either not accessable or too pricey. Fashion was boring too. Suddenly, dressing in subtle colours and in a lot of knitted shit was the go. (or: maybe only I was boringly dressed - belly bottom jeans, T-shirts, Cardigans - or the leggings phenomenon in 2005. Then it was leggings, long shirt, cardigan. Then slim cut low waisted jeans, muffin top, t-shirt, cardigan), MTV only played shit like 'Cribs', 'Room Raiders' or 'Next' and these shows stole a substantial part of my teenage years and brain cells. They shut down MTV2 and that was the end of it. Never seen a Queens of the Stone Age or even Incubus video there until I hit my Twenties. The cinema was full of SAW movies.
Let's face it, a 90ies revival would do YOU besides GOOD only GOOD! Bring on the round, neon coloured sunglasses and braids. AAHHH pu-push it REAL good!!!

On a side note: I'm in Hamburg at the moment! Boooyaaaaa!!!