January 24, 2012

this is the think tank!!!

Miike Snow, how come you are never a disappointment?

I have just started a monthly ritual of listening to every track on this list. Say 'hell yeah' for being a super sucker for Indie music and staying true to ya roots! I have fm4 on my rss but tend to just flick through some fashion blogs and look at pictures rather than listen to music after a long day. It's a pretty bad habit and I'm trying to find a 50/50 balance in terms of my music and fashion intake. At the moment it's more like 10/90. Shame on me.

What the hell is up with Kele, though?? Releasing his new EP 'The Hunter' after his album was called 'The Boxer'!! What sort of shitty concept is that supposed to be? But what I'm actually complaining about is the new track. Very average there mister.

Everything's flooded again in jolly Brisbane because it rained continuously for - no wait - exactly 1 fucking day! GREAT!

So uhm....
What else happened today, besides rain?
After having cleaned every corner of the house after we came back (a week ago), and having re-cleaned everything yesterday I had to come across a dirty ol' cockroach in my cupboard today. A roach inbetween leather shorts and sequin dresses seems just a bit off.
Dan was too slow to get it, so I had to pull everything out of the cupboard, gave it a clean and a spray (bug spray, a girl's best friend) and am now hoping it has died in the poisonous mist and won't try to take revenge while I'm asleep.
The next thing I did was stepping on a poor little white gecko egg and when it broke open, the little embryo still moved - its limbs and body were so tiny my first thought was an egg full of WORMS so I ran out of the room screaming, already grossed out by the fucking roach I saw 10  minutes before that and had a hysterical panic attack and cried and hyperventilated for a good 25 minutes. Then I realised I killed a baby gecko - the most delicate thing I've ever seen, and started crying again because I am a brutal KILLER (yes, today was really something else....we call it " the psycho days"). After seeing this litte shit die I don't think abortion will ever be an option for me. Unless I have a roach baby inside of me. In that case they can keep my utero....

PS: getting a roll of 35 mm film developed in OZ costs me 14 $ / roll. what a good way to blow some money!! Tomorrow I'm off to work again (finally!!!) and I'm hopefully going to get everything sorted that needs some good old fashioned sorting. I might even write one of my famous memos again. He - he - he.

Good night!!