January 30, 2012

hello gaybo

So this post was meant to be about
one of the many special little
eateries and cafes in Oz.

I have taken man
photos with  my embarassingly loud
cell phone camera but unfortunately
my bluetooth is fukd, and of course
I don't have any sort of
USB connection or anything. Me, unorganised.

I will post the photos as soon as I either
get my laptop to work again or
some other miracle happens (like when somebody invents
a way to transport data from one device to another simply by
using willpower!!)

Until then, check out their facebook page or even better,
go for a visit and have a superbely delicious warm chicken wrap
or a BLT with super fresh lime and chili mayo!!

Did I mention all the girls there are super hot and the service is excellent? :)