January 28, 2012

What a difference a steak makes

I am a sucker for little collectables like this! All these things were presents from my loverboy aka husband aka makes the best steaks-man.

yes, I know this obsession is wrong in so many ways but, ahhh, totoro - I LOVE YOU

So I went for a massive and really expensive steak today with two of the nicest people in the world. They are the definition of  a classy, 21st century married couple whereas Dan and I are the definition of an unorganised, fuzzy looking married couple (ok, no - we're pretty good I suppose!!). I tried to drown my emotions in meat, as my laptop died earlier today.
Here's an ode to my laptop:

Oh laptop, I have thrown you into buses, I have thrown you on the floor
I have opened you harshly and carried you around holding onto the screen only
I know you didn't like any of this, but you surely liked me.
You made me get through many days of school, you ran so many games of Age of Empires for me,
to make me stand the history class.
You were the one, that enabled me to skype with my family, while I was drunk in New Zealand for Christmas.
Your keyboard could tell thousands of stories, but we better not tell anyone any! ;)
Your screen is a reflection of myself. So full of photos, so full of words.

But there is something I wish for. That some day, some time, you will switch on again, even if it's only once - so I can take off my 2000 + holiday photos I didn't save anywhere else and my whole journalism course material I didn't save anywhere else either.
If you don't, I'll be sad, angry even. And you will end up in the bin. After. I. Stomped. On. Your. Head.


This is it!