January 19, 2012


My keys - yes, I'm a kid! - Cookie in a snow coat - The most horrendous nail painting job in the world. Clearly my eyesight decreases when looking through a lense, as I can't even focus on the right thing. I hate yellow and I hate green. In combination their uglyness combines into one big gross supernova. GREAT!! - Picture we bought on Charles bridge in Prague. I fell in love with it straight away. Then I bent it. Typical - brag board on the fridge (as mentioned a few posts below) many more to follow. Still gutted we were too hungover to get one in Berlin. I might make one myself.

I litteraly worked an arm and a leg off today. The house is still a mess, but I finished a project I have been working on since August last year. It's called: Tidy my closet. Now the thing you have to know about my closet is that it is way too small and that it has NO shelves whasoever. Chaos much? Also I have to fit my wardrobe and my complete shoe collection (despite about 20 pairs) in one tiny closet - a mission for anyone I think. Lucky for me I found a way today to use up all the unused gaps and put all my unwanted stuff in a big bag to eventually sell it. I'll sell it all. One day.

Am very excited to go back to work. Tomorrow I will find out wether I will be able to keep the job or if I have to look for something new. It all depends on the hours I get. Sucky feeling y'all!! I have been promised great things before I left but six weeks is a long time and it might all come differently!
PS: I slept for 10 whole hours last night. Woke up only once. Jet lag much?? NO THA!!!