January 22, 2012

food fight

all images via cutestfood.com

I worked all day and came home for a shower and a 45 minute session of self hatred in front of the mirror and the old 'I have nothing to wear' shit we all know. When  I left, my husband said I looked like I was going to work. And he was right - black dress, black tights, hair open, black shoes, moderate make-up. I am the most boring person in the world!!!
Any way I picked up my lovely co-worker who I haven't seen in six weeks to go to another co-worker's birthday party. We looked for a park for over an hour and I let the poor girl get out and told her I would do one more lap and if I wouldn't find a park I'd just go home. I was about to start crying when I pulled myself together (for the eye make-up's sake) and found myself in what seemed to be the last park in the whole South Bank area. FOR FUCKSAKE EVERYONE!!!!
By the time I got there I was so hungry and agetated I had to have a drink. Afterwards we blantly helped ourselves to vegan tapas and birthday cake with pink icing and little marzipan shoes on top until we had to swallow our own greed-produced vomit. Truely a royal night!

No watching Conan O'Brian with some big breasted women there. He's just stuttering and staring at her rack. Sad performance.

Good night!