August 31, 2012

August 31: I'm not Josey Grosey anymore!

This is me. Ahaha.

Everyone should channel their inner Drew Barrymore from time to time!

So my day. Haha.
Highlight of working at Logan (which is where I did a shift today) was definitely the little banana-eating boy who sat in a shopping trolley and angrily screamed "BLACK BETTY" at me for the duration of the song. Also up there: breastfeeding woman engaging me in conversation while casually having her tit hanging out, the mum that fed her son packets of artificial sweetener which resulted in him turning into an absolute psychopath, destroying everything in his reach and of course the dude who threw a debit card into his girlfriend's face. Winning at life on every level.

Dios mio.

Someone get me a cotton candy cumulus cloud to lie in. I need the sweetness and fluffiness in equal parts to make my soul recover. I regret not having punched the plastic money throwing disrespectful dwarf of a man. ROAR.

August 30, 2012

August 30: Part of me

Yes, the title is a reference to Katy Perry and her documentary. Wowzers. I watched it yesterday in my PJs and was quite frankly mesmerized. I mean, here she is, this dorky girl who becomes a total superstar. I am not sure why critics slashed it. I thought it was pretty well made. Sure you won't be watching the Katy Perry movie if you're not a fan/not interested in celebrities in general. Well, I am a fan and have been ever since I saw her life during my graduation party in 2009. She was wearing next to nothing and kissed a girl and a boy (a boy I felt the urge of kissing just for the sake of quasi-having kissed KP haha. Ah youth!) on stage. She sang and didn't miss a note and played the freaking guitar like some sort of a hero. She was entertaining and authentic and funny and I loved every single minute of her show. And yeah, the story line isn't MAJOR but I found it really interesting to see how a big world tour works behind the scenes, how much practicing and working out is involved, what kind of toll it takes on someone's body and mind (..and relationships, obviously) and most of all I loved Katy perform. She is also one of the only women that isn't afraid to show everyone how she looks without the wigs, make-up and sparkly dresses. Oh, and her nana is just amazing! Just the type of crazy old lady I want to become.

So yeah, after I watched it I felt a sense of major insignificance. I had this whole: "Oh my god look at her life and then compare it to mine" panic attack you get when you see or read about someone else's success story. Or maybe it's just me who gets it.

So after beating myself up all day about whether or not to change my whole existence in order to pursue something I don't really want (fame) or don't really need (glittery boob-rotating costumes, albeit AWESOME!!!) I realised I just need to take it easy on myself.

Society is SO success orientated and seriously, I have had enough. I only have to make myself happy, I don't have to please anyone else. It's perfectly fine for me to have a small blog and a small wallet (not really, I have a massive wallet. A massive empty wallet. Haha) and a rusty car. I still fucking love my life and enjoy it every day.

I wake up in a country that's still so strange to me in so many ways. The first thing I hear in the morning are weird bird noises (I mean, fuck, have you ever listened to a Kookaburra? It's INSANE! It sounds like a copulating monkey!), summer is just amazing here and the beach makes my heart skip a beat it is so fantastic. I might not work my dream job, but to be honest, I don't even know what that is right now. I change my mind every day and that's, in a way, a good thing. As long as I can work hard and get appreciation for it, I am happy.  I share my life with someone I truly love, that I respect and that I know feels the same way about me. That is a gift in itself. I am as close as ever to my family and my best friends. To stop by at home every 12 months and have a feeling of never having left is just a feeling TOO good to describe.

So yeah, my message today is the following.
Your life is probably pretty great, you just need to point out the obvious for yourself sometimes.
Oh yeah, and watch the Katy Perry movie. It's so charming!!!!

image via google

August 29, 2012

August 29: Puberty blues

For all my non-Aussie readers, this show recently aired on Australian television and it is TRAUMATIZING!
It looks super harmless but it's actually a really heavy drama about coming-to-age. Man, there are a lot of things that get channeled in the episodes every wise woman tries to suppress. And even though some of the things are extremely 70ies (no sexual education, gender roles, not to forget the ridiculousness of a moustache), a lot of topics are just general shit every teenager has to go through.
Oh and speaking o sex ed. People still don't know shit. It makes me feel so sad and I really want to change something about that.

Are there any sex ed blogs out there for teenagers? And I am talking about blogs that aren't just about strippers and escorts supposedly living a glamorous life.
I mean. When I was a kid all we had were dodgy magazines telling us how to do stuff (the wrong way, I may say) and the occasional weird talk to Mum or Dad. These days there should be some sort of sex ed blog accessible for teenagers, right?
If not..well...there's a niche market right thurr...

Anyway, watch puberty blues. You can watch the original on youtube. The remake is available to watch here . Don't know if this is available outside of Oz but it shouldn't take too long for it to pop up on youtube. :)
If you're a feminist make sure you have a stress ball handy. You will want to
punch the TV at some stage.


August 28, 2012

August 28: Oh man..I don't know

A million thoughts in my head and I am unable to bundle any of them.
I am just going to eat berries for the rest of my life, because they are delicious.
Oh yeah, and can I finally win the lottery in order to travel the world, looking like a bearded hobo.
This is my destiny. I think. Grow a beard, dig out a backpack and travel countries where people still die of the plague. Or something.
Instead I am sitting at home with a punnet of strawberries, trying to make that donut bun on my head look less like a gigantic arsehole.

Or maybe I should start a veggie garden?


So confused!!!!

August 27, 2012

August 27: Mondays...ugh

Currently working on the final (HOPEFULLY!) stage of my visa application. Basically Dan and I have to write each other love letters and then send it to a stranger. Sorta.

But anyway. It's very frustrating work and kind of invasive too but you know what, it has to be done and with a bit of luck I'll be a permanent resident in less than 8 months time.
Reading what Dan wrote about me on his declaration actually made me tear up. He's such a poet. And who wouldn't want to be called 'love of my life' every once in a while? ;)

Dan and I are both sick and freaking out over all those people who died of the flu. We regrettably had to postpone our first Rushfit training of the week and are going to skip our rest day on Wednesday to catch up.
I feel great and not working out for 2 days has made me feel pretty restless and the quality of my sleep has definitely decreased. So yeah, it DOES actually make you feel pretty great.
All these months and dollars wasted on my gym membership and a week of consistent training at home actually has a much better effect on my body than all the classes I have visited.
So my tip: If you want to get fit find a program that you enjoy and that you can do from home without any equipment, expensive gym clothes or creepy people secretly competing with you two treadmills down from yours (ALL THE TIME AT MY GYM!!!). I don't have an excuse not to go to the gym (hair is too greasy, fuel is too expensive, too much effort to look presentable, etc...) I just go downstairs and get my ass kicked. And I love it.

What else...

I am attending a supervisor meeting tonight. Management is going to be there. I am excited to say the least. And a little terrified. But I'll see how I go.

Blah blah blah blah...blah blah.

Anyone want to buy me this shirt, as well as a great immune system?
image via ebay. just search for skeleton shirt

August 26, 2012

August 26: Beach house

Sundays are pretty special to me.
Back in the day I used to just recover from major nights out or bore myself to death, but these days I just love them. When you turn into an adult you learn to appreciate one day of the week to explore, chill out or just go for a nice meal somewhere. And since I don't drink much alcohol or party a lot here, I usually get to enjoy every minute to the fullest!

This morning Dan and I went down the Gold Coast to have breakfast and enjoy the beach. We went to 3 Sixty in Labrador and were lucky to get a table. It was absolutely full with crowds varying from families to hungover faces to a very interesting 'Hulk Logan' - lookalike.
As for the was great. Fresh, salty smoked salmon, great quality eggs....
Ok, let's face it. We had to wait over 40 minutes for our breakfasts. It tasted delicious but not delicious enough to make up for a 40 minute wait.
I'm curious to find out if we were just unlucky or if the waiting times are like that all the time.

Ah well...after we had filled our bellies we went on to explore the beach a little. Turns out it's still Australian winter though so the swimmers were left at home. I spent around 10 minutes filling up little crab holes with sand and then watching them magically re-appear. Ahh..the simple pleasures in life.

Oh yeah, and for the first time in 6 months I was BARE-LEGGED! Seriously hoping I got a tan since I did a bit of the old up-skirt-action all the way home in the car. You know...when you pull your skirt up so your thighs can tan! The challenge is to pull your skirt down in time for all the passing truck drivers NOT to see your bright pink underpants.

On the way home we stopped at Pacific Fair, which was rather unexciting. I stocked up on good music though. Lykke Li. Any. Time. Of. The. Farking. Day.

Late afternoon brought a chill so I put on my Gorilla coat and knee socks.
Skirt: Dotti $ 50, Sleeveless button up: Ally $ 20 on sale, Cardi: Xenia in Westend $ 42 on sale, Kneesocks: eBay $ 2.

We sat through the entire "Five Year Engagement" movie last night. It was a horrific experience. I love the cast but went for SO long and became a real burden to watch towards the end. While certainly funny at times, I wouldn't want to watch this movie again. Hopefully Emily Blunt and Jason Segel team up for another movie sometime because they acted so well together. I imagine if they reproduce their offspring would be the perfect mix of comedian/actor with a terrific British accent.

Tomorrow will be the start of week No 2 of Rushfit. I can already see definition in my arms, abs and back. Hopefully my thighs are going to follow soon!
Waaahhh.... Aaaaand I'm off. xxx


August 25, 2012

August 25: Ooops, I did it again.

Saving room and money is a tricky one when you work in retail.
You pretty much sell the idea of materialism as a life changer to your customers. Buy these shoes, they will make you prettier/happier/more attractive/a better person/give you a healthy relationship/increase your confidence etc.

Now I know I am not supposed to get affected by that, since I am the smarter person, right? I am the one somewhat taking advantage of people's low self-esteem and their (not their but society's) urges to consume regularly. Therefore I should know better than to regularly consume myself. I should be all over this, going: "I don't need to clutter my home with footwear. I am a happy person without these heels". Maybe I am reading too much into this. Maybe I am not reading enough into it. It doesn't really matter, since none of the above really means anything. Oh. My. God.
Enough of the crazy talk. Here's a little poem I wrote. 

Ooops, I did it again.
I played with some shoes.
Got lost in the heels.
Oh baby, baby.

Ok, some credits MAY go to Britney Spears' ghost writer anno 2000. But only SOME.

I feel like I am channeling my inner Elin Kling with these shoes. Dramatic footwear but kept in a subtle colour. Just my thang.

Ok, I am off now.
Going to the beach tomorrow morning. Life is bliss!!!

August 24: WERK IT


Looks like this is going to be a DIY next week. Now I just gotta find a nice fitting pair of denim I can slash. Woahahhaa. Evil mastermind laugh.

My going overseas excitement is growing everyday, but so does my desire to spend money. Something isn't going to work out here.
Thankfully Ally always has some sort of a deal on when I need it so I got myself 3 beautiful tops and a nice little skirt for less than $ 65. Now the only thing my heart still desires is a pair of flatforms. There is a nice little pair at Glassons


What does the audience think?

August 23, 2012

August 23: Nuts over denim

Hi there!
I am dying right now. My abs are absolutely killing me.
Who knew this workout would be so hardcore? But I am hoping to see some definition soon.
Dan and I are both struggling to get out of bed in the morning because it's so hard on our bodies. Which know..great in a way. I suppose that's what you want from a conditioning workout. You want to feel it.

Oh yeah, another cool thing: STRAWBERRIES ARE IN SEASON!

How great. And since I am not eating sugar I for once am really enjoying the fruit, rather than the fruit with ice cream.
I am definitely benefiting from my no sugar diet. It's only week 2 (1/2 haha) but I am feeling more energetic, less anxious or nervous, less stressed (!!!) and less prone to mood swings. I suppose...whenever I used to be bored I would eat a lolly, then feel stressed because I ate a lolly which led to eating another one and ultimately I would feel sad when looking at the empty packet. Sugar is the devil. I tell you.
What else...
The tax man stole a lot of my pay but I still managed to get myself a few bits and bobs from the lucrative as hell public holiday.

I fell for this tie-dye denim jacket from Glassons because of its colour but mainly because a) it's got a 90ies shape and b) it's got the 80ies colours. Combining the goodness of the best two decades ever. Yes, please!!!!
How great are these webcam shots?
Consider this a one-off occurrence. My phone just let me down.

PS: I am having a revival of my love for The Strokes. Stroke-love-fest is happening right in my heart. Cool beans!

August 22, 2012

August 22: Circus is in town!!

Day off today (YES!) and we went to the Cirque du Soleil.
So Tuesday night we were bored and spontaneously decided to drop a load of money on tickets and
it was well worth it.
If you're hesitant about seeing it - it is worth every penny.
The whole entertainment value is just great, there is never a moment of boredom and it's everything you expect from a circus, without being cliche at all.
Oh, and you also get to see some crazy muscular girls and boys doing the most amazing stuff. Makes me think about what my body could be capable of and how little I challenge it every day.
Anyway...I'm off to bed now. Dreaming of muscular butts in tight leggings.


August 21, 2012

August 21: Tough shit and a unicorn

Day two of Rushfit and I can't walk stairs without yelling out in pain. I even woke up a few times during the night because I was so sore.
So does that mean it's working?

The only part of my body I don't feel pain in just yet are my abs, but since Day 3 awaits me with a whole set of abdominal and core strengthening this is about to change. Wish me luck, dear friends.

Since most of my co-workers immune systems are somewhat collapsing/giving in to spew bugs, I had the pleasure of working for 8 days straight, while fighting off a virus myself. See, working 8 days straight in customer service is somewhat psycho. But anyway, today was my last shift so when I closed the shop and went to my car earlier, I felt such an awesome feeling of relief. Note to self: Never EVER feel relieved ever AGAIN! You see, in order to leave the car park at work I need to scan my parking card twice. And SOMEHOW after I scanned it for the first time this evening, it disappeared. Into a slot below the radio. I have no idea whatsoever how I could have possibly placed the card into a 2 mm slot without looking and without feeling any resistance. It just glided into the damn slot. And even though I pride myself with how skillful this ridiculous task was operated, I ended up stuck in the car park at the end of my 8th shift in a row, with a raging headache, crying in the car, on the phone to my husband, trying to rip out the radio.
Long story short I completely destroyed the radio and much to my dislike this didn't bring me an inch closer to my parking card. I finally had to ask Dan to come and help me out. After having to take half of the interior out and scarring his arm for life, my knight in shining armor held up my stupid plastic staff parking card and told me to NEVER do this again. And that I owed him a radio.
Fair enough.

So the moral of this story: Don't EVER think that shit can't get worse. It almost ALWAYS does.

Anyway, all day I felt the strong urge to re-watch this movie. It's probably one of the most traumatic children's movies and the animation is pretty scary, don't you think?
But the soundtrack is beautiful and hey, it's about unicorns so what's not to like? Unicorns! Anyone?

August 20, 2012

August 20: Ready, set, rushfit!

Yeah, we did it!
Ok...we made it through is probably a more suitable terminology.
Through the first day, that is.

I'm talking 'Rushfit'. It's fun and it's super brutal. I was already pretty sweaty after the warm up and the rounds are hardcore. But it's a very pleasant experience once you get through. And did I mention George Saint-Pierre is absolutely comical with his French accent and his constant remarks on "how terrible" it burns. Haha.

I'm not going to talk too much about it for the next week, since I am still scared of failing in a horrific way.
But since I haven't had any processed sugar in the last two weeks, I am kind of on a winning streak at the moment in terms of 'head strength'.

But what I actually wanted to show you today is this little artist I am quite fond of at the moment:

It's hipster quirk mixed with kawaii gore. Awesome!

The artist can be found and congratulated on her talent via her website

August 19, 2012

August 19: Big spender

There are weeks when I don't feel like spending any money, where I feel buying cheese is too expensive. And then there are weeks like the last one, where I would buy myself something every day.
It might be the prosperous public holiday I worked, the virus that is messing with my body and mind or the fact that I always get the urge of owning a new wardrobe whenever I go overseas. Now is definitely the time to stop and save though.

BUT that's a pretty tough one considering the awesome stuff they are stocking at Glassons at the moment. Most of the awesome stuff is available in store only, so I can't show you any photos but I bought a pretty great tee today and will get myself a tye-dye denim jacket next week. If only the lottery would work out this week...

Anyway, I am still sick and in this very moment am lying in bed, trying not to die from all these horrible sneeze attacks I am having. Sneeze fest 1000. Or so...

Haven't had a day off since Monday and won't be having one until Wednesday so yeah, that's crap. And not helping with my recovery. But you know...chang chang gettin paid over here...
Although the tax man is going to steal everything of me. Boo you and your greedy sticky fingers tax man.

Ah this isn't going anywhere folks...
Swap reading for listening please.

August 18, 2012

August 18: Pantalones

Currently lusting over these bad boys.
available via
Think I might have to make a spot for these in my closet in the near future...

August 17, 2012

August 17: Lilac and a bastard virus

If you are wondering what happened to my rushfit ambitions, well let's just say a bastard of a virus set Dan and me back a few days. New planned torture start is now Monday.
I am currently at work trying not to vomit/pass out/have a headache infused stroke. Nonetheless I took a selfie to show you a better view of my lilac hair. Second try and I left it in for 45 mins this time but still a similar, fair result. Ah well...I'll appreciate it while it lasts
 You see...I am doing a Chalotte Free at the moment...colour the ends of your hair in order to draw attention AWAY from your regrowth.

August 16, 2012

August 16: New in

Come into my closet:
$ 30 at OzJeans/Stones Corner

$ 2 studded headband off eBay.

August 15, 2012

August 15: Praise the lord for online reviews

Had a bit of a weak moment last night and almost purchased the Ashy Bines Clean Eating Plan. I am so happy I did my homework before forking out the $ 75 for a lousy PDF file. 99 % of the reviews are not just bad, but horrific! And since there are bits and pieces of it for your viewing pleasure online, I cannot believe I almost got tricked into buying it through an animated video. Did I mention they spell "Incredible" wrong in their video (incredEble????). But that's not even the only typo. I mean, there are MORE typos than when I blog from my phone!! Need I say more? The Clean Eating Plan is pretty much just a guideline on how to lose weight with the help of lots and lots of supplements, low to no carbohydrates (healthy, huh?), fresh fruit and protein shakes (Oh yeah, what a coincidence that Ashy has her own brand of protein powder...lols)
So yeah, if you still aren't sure about NOT buying her plan, have a look at these reviews.
You're welcome!  

Anyway, disappointed as one can be when being promised a freaking miracle weight loss plan that turns out a total scam, I made my way deeper into the interwebs and had a look at reviews for RUSHFIT. Rushfit is a MMA conditioning program, developed by THE George Saint-Pierre and his trainer. It sure as hell looks tough but it can't be more painful than doing 200 lunges in a freaking pump class. Knock on wood...
It is an 8 week program, with 6 workout days and 1 rest day per week. The cool thing is it is directed at men and women. I first was a bit hesitant since Dan does MMA and it seems pretty full on, on top of that I build muscle super easily on my arms, shoulders and neck (!) and tend to look very masculine if I do a lot of "male" workouts (that is for me: pretty much everything but Pilates! Haha).
But I am happy to give it red hot go. Tomorrow is our first day. Yeah, we are doing it together since we are both burning money for our gym memberships at the moment we don't use and are getting out of shape. So yeah, we thought we'd just motivate each other. We'll see how that goes! Combined with my no-sugar diet I am hoping to see RESULTS! Woo...the might word of MAGICKA in the home fitness world.

Oh yeah, another interesting detail about Rushfit:
The DVD comes with a nutrition guide (for free!), that is so much more informative than the above described typo disaster. It helps you get your BMA (your Basal Metabolic Rater = the number of calories your body uses in a state of rest - so basically the energy your body needs to keep your body temperature steady, to make your breathe, your blood circulate etc.) which I found really helpful. Then you can determine your ideal daily intake and subtrahend your BMA, as well as all the calories you burned during your workout! If you are trying to lose weight, you will ideally have a calorie deficiency in order to make your body eat its own love handles. Sounds easy peasy!

I am a bit excited, but scared at the same time.
Will let you know how I go. In the meantime I'll be dreaming of fitting in a dress like this one!
Dayum gurrl.
image via dress available via It's SABOSKIRT everyone!

August 14, 2012

August 14: Sandals out my ears

Currently deciding wether or not to go allout with sandals and if I should go pastels or metallic:

all styles available at Famous Footwear

August 13, 2012

August 13: DIY monday

Had a productive day off today, so I started studding one of my envelope clutches:
far from perfect but ah well...I believe charming is the word!
Dan got me this nana bag at Lifeline for four dollars. I added the strap. It's awesome. Now I just need to figure out how to incorporate a white bag into my wardrobe. D'oh.

Directions arrived from the UK and I put some lilac on my tips. Now this shade works totally differently from all the colours I previously tried. It's very subtle and thin and even though I left it in for about 30 minutes, it didn't stain half as thoroughly as richer colours in half the time. There was also hardly any excess colour when I washed it out. It's very grey-ish and subtle so perfect for work, but I really wanted a more candy coloured pastel effect. Maybe I'll try mixing it with some of the blue and pink and see what happens. Oh yeah, and I got a tub of green dye too. Fun times!!!

August 12, 2012

August 12 - 2: Happy in the ears

Listen to this and be happy.

This is so bad ass, I cannot believe it took me over half a year to stumble across this video. I had no idea. I always say if I could swap lives with someone it would be Mick Jagger. Now I am thinking Alex Turner would be a good option.

And yeah...I fell in love with Dallas Green last night...

August 12: A homesickness appreciation post

As a Euro chick living in Australia I am sometimes confronted with homesickness. Yep, I know it's been around 3 years now that I have been living abroad but I always have and always will miss my family and friends, miss the taste of Austrian beer and the fresh glacier tap water. The list goes on.

As an Austrian I am part of a non-moving friendly culture (what a horrendous way to put this in words!). We don't want to move, we love our nest. And even though some of us might go to Vienna to study, most return and try to find a job in the area they grew up in. It's kind of like the bond between a person and a place is stronger where I come from than in Australia. I can hardly think of any of my friends and acquaintances down under who stayed in one house, one city or even one state since the beginning of their lives. It's a cultural phenomenon and in a way it's a charming and free-spirited one. Comparing that to back home, most of my friends or former classmates moved a max. of a 4 hr drive away to study, drink and do all the naughty things one can't or shouldn't do at home, but then are happy to return to Mum's warm nest every weekend or so, to eat the home cooked greatness and sleep in some fresh sheets.

Homesickness isn't necessarily a bad thing, it just means that you had a good time there! And hey, who wouldn't? It's your home after all, the place you spent years of  an innocent, naive and super optimistic childhood at, the years you turned into an absolute psychopath and started dating all the wrong boys/girls (maybe that was just me?), the years you got your first shitty underpaid jobs and dragged  yourself to school. There are a lot of memories connected to this place and of course you formed a special bond! BUT that doesn't mean you have to spend every year of your life there. Nostalgia is a good thing, obsessing over the past not so much. There are a lot of paths that lead to Rome and for all of you who chose to try living outside of your home country, good on you! The world is our oyster and we are here to explore! Bravery is a long lost attribute. Security is overrated. The end.

Oh no, wait up!
I am getting carried away here....

The point of this post here is the following: Homesickness is good, as long as it only makes you feel a little sad sometimes. If you wake up and miss everything you don't have and hate everything you have, you should probably consider going back to where you came from. Literally. So here are a few of my personal anti-homesickness tips and tricks:

1. Skype
I owe Skype Millions of emotional dollars.(Please don't ever claim!!!) Talking to my family and a handful of friends makes me feel so awesome and I LOVE catching up on all the things at home. I love me some real life gossip!! No, but seriously. Skype takes away the 15000 km and allows me to bitch and moan to Mum on a regular basis about life. It's great! I also love SKYPEING my Nanas, seeing their overwhelmed faces and having a laugh with them. Of course it doesn't bring me the real-life interaction that I sometimes miss, but in the end it makes me feel less left-out and more up-to-date with everyone's lives. Too lazy to sit in front of the computer at 10 pm? Just install Skype on your smartphone and you can talk to your overseas buddies from your couch!

2. Go to the deli
Food always gets me excited so even weeks before my little holiday, I am salivating at the thought of fresh rye bread, dumplings and the candy. OMG. Luckily enough there are lots of Delis around that sell imported foods. I don't get a lot of my much missed foods as most of it is dairy in some form, but if I can see a packet of Soletti somewhere, I won't walk past it. Also some amazing finds I have come across: Manner Wafferl (these are the hazelnut wafers as featured on tv show "Friends"! SO YUM!), Kremsfer Senf (an Austrian mustard brand, very distinct sweet flavour! Awesome!), and various pickled vegetables. And of course: Beer! Stiegl, Zipfer and Goesser are all available in Australia (and at almost AUD 4 per 500 ml can a rip-off!), but I almost ALWAYS get one to start off a big night out.
These things make me feel super content. It might be a quick fix, but it's a delicious one! And if your beloved foods are available here, home doesn't seem half as far away!

3. Open a savings account...

...and do that for the sole purpose of saving money for flights back home! There is nothing as exciting as knowing I am going to hug my family in a month + 1 days time! And even though my Mum and Dad paid for my flights this time (thank you x 1000!!), it is still a massive financial burden on a young woman like me.  Let's face it, traveling is expensive as all hell and besides the cost for flights and accommodation, your budget also has to cover all your bills back home. My rent doesn't automatically pay itself and being a casual employee, I don't receive any holiday pay. That's why saving my pennies is so important! However, I wouldn't want to miss out on going back home to celebrate my Mum's half century birthday (OMG! TIME FLIES!!!), have coffee with my friends, discuss important life matters with my sister and get hilariously drunk with my bro!
I know the stocktake sales are more than intriguing and eating out every weekend seems like a great reward for a hard week of work, but maybe you should start saving all those hard earned dollars for a GREATER CAUSE! You won't regret it!

4. And in those tough moments... REALISTIC!
There are moments where I get incredibly homesick and am confronted with an overwhelming amount of guilt. Yes, I have made a conscious decision of moving away and this decision, if always supported by my family and friends, doesn't come without a downside.
There are moments where I feel regret as to why I haven't spent more time with my grandmas, why I was such a little bitch to my parents as a teenager, why it sometimes takes me a month to reply to an E-mail from a friend and why I can't tell anyone when and where I am going to settle.

I don't have as many friends as I used to, because I am not there to nurture them. I am taking full responsibility for this. I live a life like everyone else, work full time and am trying to figure out what to do with the rest of my professional life and trust me, a 10 hr time difference doesn't always make it easy to keep in touch with as many people as I would like to either. But the great thing is that there are still people who want to know how I am doing and who still love me to bits, even though I jumped on a plane and got off on the other side of the globe!

And being realistic about this helps me out of these emotional slums. Being realistic about the fact that if I was home life wouldn't be all candy. That if I was still living at home, Dad and I would probably kill each other (figuratively) because we are so different. That Mum and I would get so over each other, because we both have opinions on things that are important to us, but are from different generations. That I would hang out in the same places as I did when I was 16 and would find myself lost in the same emotional dumpster. That I would probably stagnate as a person. That I wouldn't visit my Nanas every weekend to chat about the weather. That I wouldn't have a major career and a book deal up my sleeves and that I wouldn't travel to France or Italy or Spain every weekend.

Fact is: If I was home I would probably doing the SAME stuff that I am doing right now in a different part of planet Earth. And I think that's the most significant step of homesickness appreciation. Realising that the grass isn't greener on the other side of the world, but that it's just as great to roll around in as here! :)

Ps: Alex Turner. Please be my postman!

August 11, 2012

August 11: Sugar fail

Since I started not eating sugar a couple of days ago (Tuesday, to be exact) I have been feeling awesome! My body is thanking me through not breaking out even if I sleep in my make-up and being less of a stress ball altogether.

Now I didn't realize until half way through the bottle that ginger beer contains a shitload of sugar, so I broke my diet last night. What a fail. I am serious! I didn't even think... but anyway, today back to feeling a bit headache-y so I learnt my lesson: Don't underestimate the evil of soda.

I am really looking forward to this weekend, since I had the worst work week in history. Tuesday: boring, Wednesday: abused by a customer, Thursday: troubles with the boss, Friday: shitload of stock, Saturday: angry with my staff.

It's about time I can just chill the fuck out and the biggest worry is when I do the dishes...seriously, I need a game plan. I am not willing to do this shit until the end of my life, working 11 months so I can enjoy 1 month off somewhere awesome and then come back home depressed and broke, forced to do the whole 11 months all over again.

Lottery anyone? I have tried but failed. All I want is a freaking house in Europe and here and a million in the bank so I can stop working for others and start working for myself. I know there are all these success stories out there of broke people spending their last money on something awesome (see Black Milk) but let's face it, these people are pretty darn lucky and no, it's NOT just hard work. I work hard and I get my modest pay check every week - thassiit. My dreams are big and unglamorous (no singer, actor, model, designer, journo, author, politician, I just wanna educate kids!!!) but similar to 99 % of the population I cannot afford to quit my job and pursue them right now. Sucks to be me, dude!

BUT since I am only 22 (and a half..urrgh) I still have time to think all this stuff through and get a clear vision of who I want to be and what I want to,

And to finish this post with something light and fluffy - here are my favorites of the current H&M collection. I cannot WAIT to be over there and fill my suitcase with goodies!!!

I have been looking and failing to find a great pair of washed black pants. The tears are an extra plus! EUR 40

the only colourful piece that I would gladly put in my shopping cart. EUR 30

this would just be awesome for work. adds a little charm to the plain black long sleeve. EUR 15

this will be a staple in spring! I am in love with the shape! EUR 25

YES! These and skinny jeans. Love love love. EUR 40

one of those pieces you can't really walk past. chuck a white flowy top underneath and you got yourself an outfit. And it's jersey, so no sweating :) EUR 20

aaand more patent. because I can. EUR 30

Ok, this is THE piece that made me start going through their website in the first place. What an absolute beauty of a jacket. Clearly H&M had a similar piece in their x Marni collaboration collection and thought: We can rip this off ourselves and sell it for less than half price! et VOILA, a piece I will definitely try to get my hands on in a months time! I am now having this vision of combining the patent skirt, boots and this jacket. Michael Jackson style.  EUR 40

...and last but not least. I refuse to board the plane home without this on me! EUR 7

All images via
If one can trust the rumours going around they are going to open stores in Australia at the beginning of next year. Since Zara has opened stores in Melbourne and Sydney, I am sure that's where H&M will settle for their first stores. So it's half yay half nay for me. But even if they make it over the big pond I am afraid the mark up will be as off-putting as it is in Zara. Some garments are double the price here than they are in Europe. Pretty cheeky.

Ah well...

August 10, 2012

August 10: Marilyn

I know I am a little bit late but this is a tribute for grande MARILYN MONROE.
It was the anniversary of her death on the 5th of this months.
And since everyone knows her mainstream movies, but hardly anyone I know has seen "Don't bother to knock" here is the trailer to it. You can actually watch the whole movie on youtube.

She plays a psycho in this and I love it! I still mourn over her death and wonder what great ventures would've laid ahead of her, hadn't she died so young. I suppose we'll never know.


August 09, 2012

August 9: It's SO FLUFFY!!!!

YES!!! I finally got my hands on this lovely cardigan:

image via
I bought it at the Xenia boutique in West End and the drive there took me over an hour in afternoon traffic so I am happy I got the last one in a reasonable size (that is a 12, the smallest size that was left). Kind of a sad face there but it's worn oversized anyway and at least I have lots of space for long sleeved shirts and dresses underneath. Oh, and it's extremely warm.

I also have some amazing news in terms of my "Have no computer, must blog shit from my phone" - situation. I took the plunge and spent a thersend dellers (ok, not quite but almost) on a Sony Vaio. Yes, it is pink but it wasn't my choice. It just seemed the most reasonably priced in its league. And no I will never buy a Mac. Unless I get super rich and become a world famous graphic designer. Which is certainly NOT on my list.

I am now on day two of my no-sugar diet and I can already feel the changes. I mean. I think I do. Since I don't feel like a tired-as-fuck arsehole from 3 pm onwards and can actually stay up past 8 pm at night. Long story short I have way more energy and I cannot wait until all the sugar that's still in my body has pissed off.
I still eat ready-made oats and flavoured yoghurt, but considering I ate chocolate and lollies probably three times a day for the last 3 months I think that's ok. For now. :)

I'll show you a photo of my new brain sometime tomorrow but for now it's time for bed. It's been a long and expensive day and I am sure work is going to be insane tomorrow!
Love you all.


August 08, 2012

August 8: Art in my mail box

Got these prints in the mail today. A friend from work drew these and I am in love. Catbus obviously shares my sentiments since he can't stop grinning looking at them (uhmm....lame anyone?)
Shop her wonderful art at and support a struggling uni student who wants to create more of these beauties in her spare time but currently has to spend all of that slaving away in a shoe shop :-)

August 07, 2012

August 7: lolita

this is certainly not a good before-bed read...
I am thinking about doing a sugar detox. Has anyone ever tried
one and have you cut out all kinds of sugar or just white and the one in processed foods? I am having headaches after eating lollies etc. so I am guessing it's not doing me any good. And since I read that sugar fuels cancer cells I am kinda freaking out!!!

August 06, 2012

August 6: It's dead - aww

Ahh what a day. A million loads of washing and more unpacking and
cleaning. Very glamourous, I know. Had to drop off the car to get it serviced an
it's going to chew up our entire holiday budget. Also ruined Dan's amp cover when I threw it into the washing machine. get it. It's one of those days. BUT: As I was walking home from the mechanic I passed a whole heap of green, healthy looking trees. Then I came across this black tree with grey leaves and had to stop for a moment. I thought it was fascinating how it towered over the other trees, when it looked so sad and drained. I shall call it the arborio dictatorio.

August 05, 2012

August 5: Sexpo

I will write a proper review about sexpo but until then all I can say is that meeting gorgeous Alexis Texas and Belladonna was a pleasure. I love the company of intelligent and business savy women who don't give a fuck about social standards and just do their thing. Not to mention their multi-million dollar empires. Judge all you want but these ladies are making lots of money and they surely aren't hurting anyone during the process. And one thing I need to mention and that is something I constantly preach: Adult film actresses promote a much much healthier body image than your average women's magazine.

August 04, 2012

August 4: New in

Everyone seems to own this dress by now and when it first was
for sale on I missed out on the first batch
and then was too broke to get it when
they got it back in.
I saw a customer today wearing it and shr
got it from Ally. Luckily I got the last dress in my size for half the price it would've

been online.
Yay. Small win for me.
Not so awesome: Struggling to get my computer to work since we moved and it looks like its life is about to end :-(
So until I have a working pc there's foing to be some reeeaaallly light and fluffy blogging. Sorry in advance. xxxx