August 09, 2012

August 9: It's SO FLUFFY!!!!

YES!!! I finally got my hands on this lovely cardigan:

image via
I bought it at the Xenia boutique in West End and the drive there took me over an hour in afternoon traffic so I am happy I got the last one in a reasonable size (that is a 12, the smallest size that was left). Kind of a sad face there but it's worn oversized anyway and at least I have lots of space for long sleeved shirts and dresses underneath. Oh, and it's extremely warm.

I also have some amazing news in terms of my "Have no computer, must blog shit from my phone" - situation. I took the plunge and spent a thersend dellers (ok, not quite but almost) on a Sony Vaio. Yes, it is pink but it wasn't my choice. It just seemed the most reasonably priced in its league. And no I will never buy a Mac. Unless I get super rich and become a world famous graphic designer. Which is certainly NOT on my list.

I am now on day two of my no-sugar diet and I can already feel the changes. I mean. I think I do. Since I don't feel like a tired-as-fuck arsehole from 3 pm onwards and can actually stay up past 8 pm at night. Long story short I have way more energy and I cannot wait until all the sugar that's still in my body has pissed off.
I still eat ready-made oats and flavoured yoghurt, but considering I ate chocolate and lollies probably three times a day for the last 3 months I think that's ok. For now. :)

I'll show you a photo of my new brain sometime tomorrow but for now it's time for bed. It's been a long and expensive day and I am sure work is going to be insane tomorrow!
Love you all.