August 02, 2012

August 2nd: off guts

No not really. Just a photo of Dan and me at the RAW showcase last Wednesday. I am sad it was held on a Weekday, because it was pretty fun and I would have loved to stay longer.


BUT what really pissed was that there were photographers EVERYWHERE who CONSTANTLY asked the exact same people to take their photo. And also: Since when do people take tripods to parties? Seriously? A DSLR at a drunken party already yells "douche bag" in all directions, but a tripod really makes me want to punch people (metaphorically. because i hate violence...but you know what I mean)

So here is my tip for all photographers: if p
there are only 200 people in the venue and you have been taking photos for two continuous hours you probably took every arseholes photo by now. Stop harrassing the crowd and concentrate on the artists instead. And leave your tripods at home!!