August 15, 2012

August 15: Praise the lord for online reviews

Had a bit of a weak moment last night and almost purchased the Ashy Bines Clean Eating Plan. I am so happy I did my homework before forking out the $ 75 for a lousy PDF file. 99 % of the reviews are not just bad, but horrific! And since there are bits and pieces of it for your viewing pleasure online, I cannot believe I almost got tricked into buying it through an animated video. Did I mention they spell "Incredible" wrong in their video (incredEble????). But that's not even the only typo. I mean, there are MORE typos than when I blog from my phone!! Need I say more? The Clean Eating Plan is pretty much just a guideline on how to lose weight with the help of lots and lots of supplements, low to no carbohydrates (healthy, huh?), fresh fruit and protein shakes (Oh yeah, what a coincidence that Ashy has her own brand of protein powder...lols)
So yeah, if you still aren't sure about NOT buying her plan, have a look at these reviews.
You're welcome!  

Anyway, disappointed as one can be when being promised a freaking miracle weight loss plan that turns out a total scam, I made my way deeper into the interwebs and had a look at reviews for RUSHFIT. Rushfit is a MMA conditioning program, developed by THE George Saint-Pierre and his trainer. It sure as hell looks tough but it can't be more painful than doing 200 lunges in a freaking pump class. Knock on wood...
It is an 8 week program, with 6 workout days and 1 rest day per week. The cool thing is it is directed at men and women. I first was a bit hesitant since Dan does MMA and it seems pretty full on, on top of that I build muscle super easily on my arms, shoulders and neck (!) and tend to look very masculine if I do a lot of "male" workouts (that is for me: pretty much everything but Pilates! Haha).
But I am happy to give it red hot go. Tomorrow is our first day. Yeah, we are doing it together since we are both burning money for our gym memberships at the moment we don't use and are getting out of shape. So yeah, we thought we'd just motivate each other. We'll see how that goes! Combined with my no-sugar diet I am hoping to see RESULTS! Woo...the might word of MAGICKA in the home fitness world.

Oh yeah, another interesting detail about Rushfit:
The DVD comes with a nutrition guide (for free!), that is so much more informative than the above described typo disaster. It helps you get your BMA (your Basal Metabolic Rater = the number of calories your body uses in a state of rest - so basically the energy your body needs to keep your body temperature steady, to make your breathe, your blood circulate etc.) which I found really helpful. Then you can determine your ideal daily intake and subtrahend your BMA, as well as all the calories you burned during your workout! If you are trying to lose weight, you will ideally have a calorie deficiency in order to make your body eat its own love handles. Sounds easy peasy!

I am a bit excited, but scared at the same time.
Will let you know how I go. In the meantime I'll be dreaming of fitting in a dress like this one!
Dayum gurrl.
image via dress available via It's SABOSKIRT everyone!