August 23, 2012

August 23: Nuts over denim

Hi there!
I am dying right now. My abs are absolutely killing me.
Who knew this workout would be so hardcore? But I am hoping to see some definition soon.
Dan and I are both struggling to get out of bed in the morning because it's so hard on our bodies. Which know..great in a way. I suppose that's what you want from a conditioning workout. You want to feel it.

Oh yeah, another cool thing: STRAWBERRIES ARE IN SEASON!

How great. And since I am not eating sugar I for once am really enjoying the fruit, rather than the fruit with ice cream.
I am definitely benefiting from my no sugar diet. It's only week 2 (1/2 haha) but I am feeling more energetic, less anxious or nervous, less stressed (!!!) and less prone to mood swings. I suppose...whenever I used to be bored I would eat a lolly, then feel stressed because I ate a lolly which led to eating another one and ultimately I would feel sad when looking at the empty packet. Sugar is the devil. I tell you.
What else...
The tax man stole a lot of my pay but I still managed to get myself a few bits and bobs from the lucrative as hell public holiday.

I fell for this tie-dye denim jacket from Glassons because of its colour but mainly because a) it's got a 90ies shape and b) it's got the 80ies colours. Combining the goodness of the best two decades ever. Yes, please!!!!
How great are these webcam shots?
Consider this a one-off occurrence. My phone just let me down.

PS: I am having a revival of my love for The Strokes. Stroke-love-fest is happening right in my heart. Cool beans!