August 31, 2012

August 31: I'm not Josey Grosey anymore!

This is me. Ahaha.

Everyone should channel their inner Drew Barrymore from time to time!

So my day. Haha.
Highlight of working at Logan (which is where I did a shift today) was definitely the little banana-eating boy who sat in a shopping trolley and angrily screamed "BLACK BETTY" at me for the duration of the song. Also up there: breastfeeding woman engaging me in conversation while casually having her tit hanging out, the mum that fed her son packets of artificial sweetener which resulted in him turning into an absolute psychopath, destroying everything in his reach and of course the dude who threw a debit card into his girlfriend's face. Winning at life on every level.

Dios mio.

Someone get me a cotton candy cumulus cloud to lie in. I need the sweetness and fluffiness in equal parts to make my soul recover. I regret not having punched the plastic money throwing disrespectful dwarf of a man. ROAR.