September 01, 2012

September 1st: WHOA where has the year gone?

Hey! It's September.
My Northern Hemisphere body rhythm is now telling me: "Rug up, bitch! Autumn is here!"
My Southern Hemisphere body rhythm keeps punching me in the face, going: "It's spring, silly! Show some leg, for crying out loud!". I will NEVER get used to that.

So yeah. Great things have happened since yesterday. Not.
Still trying to recover from all of my very traumatic work experiences yesterday.
Dan and I were mocking around when he randomly started yelling out "BLACK BETTY" and we collapsed onto the kitchen floor, weeing ourselves a little bit since we lacked muscle control because we were STUNNED from laughter.
I think  "BLACK BETTY" has the potential to become a little thing. Or a big one. Maybe a phenomenon!!!
What's your opinion on this? And most importantly will you spread the word?
BLACK BETTY?      via

I have a whole 8 working days to count down until I board my plane to Austria. Already dreading the 26 hr flight but a woman's gotta do what she has to do. Then it's two weeks of bad behaviour and drunkenness with very little to no responsibilities. In fact, the only responsibility will be trying to wear pants most of the time. After giving it a bit of thought even THAT might be optional.

Oh Jesus. I just got side tracked.

someone throw that jumper in my face NOW!  via

Ah attention span is zero right now.
I might just curl up now and leave this stuff to it.
Oh hey, and you should go and watch this movie!