September 11, 2012

September 11th: I'm BACK

I admit, this is a very clumsy date choice to announce my comeback as a daily blogger but you know...history shouldn't stop progress. Or something.

Anyway, I am dearly sorry for my absence. I don't even know myself what I have been doing the last 5 days. I just didn't feel like blogging. Might be, because I am quite (QUITE) excited about going overseas and every minute I have I am trying to either sleep, to make time go quicker, or do something silly In fact, I am just about to head to work to get through my last 8 hours, then come home and start packing (the latest I have ever started packing for an overseas trip/LD flight).

The thought of the flight already makes my joints ache and I had to turn down my friends' advice to pop some Valium. The possibility of me turning into a cat-throwing Hulk-like psychopath is just too great.
Thankfully Dan got himself a packet of sleeping pills (not the crazy type) and has successfully tested them out last night. We might actually get to enjoy a couple of hours of induced coma this time. The only thing scaring me is the old "piss yourself in your sleep" situation. I hope I don't feel THAT relaxed. Although, at the thought of plane toilets 10 hrs into the flight my wee wee usually disappears into thin air anyway.

Waah, what am I talking? Clearly my itchy foot sole is distracting me here.

Ok my dear electronic friends. I am going to work now. For the last time. In two weeks. Whoo hoooo. I will post again tomorrow and will most likely show you my half empty suitcase (I am great with packing!) and then I'll be offline again for a day or so. We'll see how the jet lag goes and whether or not I'll be able to use my phone overseas (OMG, two weeks without instagram? WOOOOT??).

Until then, be nice and stay tuned. Love you xxxxx