September 05, 2012

September 5th: Bits and bobs

Things on the web that made me smile today:

On Advanced Style:
This series by L'Oreal to celebrate the anniversary of their "Ellnet" hairspray called "Hairspray confessions". Let me just say that if I am only half as witty and there as Iris Apfel at 91, I will be thanking god too every morning.

More is more and less is a bore.  Iris Apfel. You are a legend.

On Musings of an inappropriate woman:

“He was the first man I’d met who wasn’t afraid of me.” 
- Hillary Clinton on Bill.

(I must add, that I feel kind of creepy having a photo of Hillary and Bill "Beardy" Clinton saved on my desktop)

Via The National

 An excerpt (but read the whole darn thing!)
 "While her co-star Robert Downey Jr got a complex question about his character’s narrative arc, Johansson was asked about her diet. This prompted her to ask Downey: “How come you get the really interesting, existential question, and I get the ‘rabbit food’ question?”"
"A prime example is an interview last month with Anne Hathaway, an actress whose beauty and slenderness have often been rather more elaborately discussed than her performances. When asked about her pre-filming diet by a male interviewer, she turned the tables by asking: “What’s the deal man? You look great ... are you trying to fit into a catsuit or something?”
" This month, the Spider-Man actress Emma Stone fielded a question from American Teen Vogue about turning from redhead to blonde like this: “People do always ask that. They ask who is my style icon, what’s the one thing that I can’t leave my house without. I’m always like: ‘My clothes!’ I can pretty much leave without anything. It’s fine as long as I’m not naked.”
She went on to point out to her co-star Andrew Garfield that “you get asked interesting, poignant questions because you are a boy”.

 About time someone did an article on this (damn, why not ME?). It makes me feel so incredibly angry how women get objectified, no matter WHAT profession they pursue. Even if you work in a lab and do cancer research you won't be appreciated as much as your male counterparts, if you aren't conventionally beautiful (and even then you gotta be lucky to be considered as equals). This is media manipulating every single one of us and trying to make us believe that as a woman it's all about being beautiful and attractive. This won't change, until women receive credit for their talents and achievements, rather than for fitting a size 0. I am sick of it and I am glad these women are starting to stand up for themselves. There is nothing "bitchy" or "arrogant" about not wanting to talk about your calorie intake, if you have just worked your butt off for a year to shoot a movie. How frustrated would YOU feel if everyone treated you like an idiot and gave more shits about your workout regime than your work? I am all team Scarlett. I want every woman to join team Scarlett. Educate yourself and learn to stand above all these numerous sexist articles and you will feel so much more content. The worst type of sexism is the one that is so incorporated in our daily life, it's hard to point your finger at it.

Rekindling my love for Lykke Li