September 30, 2012

September 30th: Banks. Smooth.

Oh hi there. Fancy meeting you here.

There's a public holiday tomorrow and I must be the only twenty-something in Brisbane NOT having plans to get wasted for the evening. I lost my husband to "Borderlands", he even slept on the couch because he was "jet lagged", but I think he actually just wanted to play the game all night.

My first day at work was OK. My naive self posted a facebook status about how excited I was, to go back to work but honestly, 20 minutes into my shift and I felt like I had never left. The same old stuff. But I suppose...I have been doing it for SO long now that it wasn't very likely going to turn from "same old" into "super awesome", just because of a 17 day break. But ah well. It's not dreadful either so I can live very comfortably with that.

Talking about not being so superficial yesterday, and I am already outing myself as a hypocrite. I wanted to show you a few of the key pieces I got overseas, since fashion has been a very underrepresented topic on this blog, when it is such a big thing in my daily life.

I usually go crazy with buying all sorts of stuff but this time I actually made myself stop and think before I went to the register. Often I buy things because they are in fashion, not because I actually like them. I think that's quite a common problem, since every girl between 11 and 28 dresses practically identically here.
Over the winter months all I saw was knits and printed Lycra leggings, then there were (are) pastels, now it's going onto neon and brights and lace for spring/summer season. It seems all these people are so scared of not being stylish, they would rather disappear in a sea of  fashion trends, than put something on that isn't considered "in".

So when going overseas, I saw how much individuality there still was in terms of fashion. Yes, a lot of stuff might be considered "outdated" over here, but it's worn in such a charming and also extremely careless way, that it's just.. you know... OK? And people identify themselves with what they wear. You can tell the literature fans from the music fans from the car fans and so on. It's part of showing the world who you are, and not what look you're going for.
It's quite refreshing seeing people who don't read style blogs, don't go shopping for months at a time and don't care about kawaii nail art and Jeffrey Campbells.
It's a save world and a soothing experience to go to the mall and not having to try hard, to look good and impress anyone. I feel that there is such enormous pressure on people here to stay up to date with fashion and trends and make up and hair and what not, just to be able to feel comfortable when doing your fucking groceries.

That's why I decided to take a second look at everything I bought while being overseas, to decide whether these things are just appealing because they are trendy, or because they represent me. Some of the things were still impulse buys (cat ear headband, anyone?), but nothing more expensive than, say,  a Tenner was purchased without doing the old "what will it go with in my wardrobe, will this cut suit me, do I need this shiz?" check first. I feel like such an old lady now!!!

Alright, object number one was purchased after looking at and thinking about it for around a week, during our 3rd trip to H&M (and trust me, the third one wasn't our last one!!!):

College jacket with pleather sleeves, pocket details and collar with press studs. EUR 39.99
I blogged about this jacket ages ago (can't find the post but just have a browse if you want to). It's basically a rip-off of the Marni x H&M collaboration that happened earlier this year. I wore it to work already today. What can I say about it? It's warm, it's comfy, it's black and it has quilted elbow details. Case closed.

Patent pleather Satchel bag. Yes, this is a total Cambridge Satchel rip off but you know what? I paid EUR 24.99 for it so for my financial situation and the fact, that I am treating all my bags disgustingly disrespectful, this is simply a better option for me.
And it's time for some patent to finally make a comeback. I missed the shiny Sunday school look. Will be relying on this bastard for at least the rest of the year.

High waisted skinny jeans. EUR 39.95.
There's not much to add to these. I snatched the second last pair and they are ridiculously comfortable. Good for me, that after two washes the colour is already starting to fade around the top and pockets. I wanted to get a pair that had a washed look to it. And did I mention the 80ies butt they give me? Hahaha.

So there you go.
3 staples I purchased that I will be living in for the next twenty or so years. At LEAST! Haha...oh I wish I could sleep already. Going crazy like duh.