September 16, 2012

September 16th: Too much fun!

Sorry ladies and lads. I am just having too much fun right now. Well...since I am OFF the plane, that is. I am going to try to get back to blogging daily but to be honest I am kind of in the mood to enjoy every second I am here, drinking and eating delicious food and going through my old crap and you know..the usual goodness. So in case I shouldn't show up here in the next ten days be sure to watch this space for the next couple of weeks. There are going to  be a lot of photos to show and stories to tell. And if you are really keen to see what I am doing, just visit me on instagram :) I am bombarding my followers with food photos and drunkenly misspelled captions at the moment. It's fun!

I had a couple of dreadful hours up in the air on the way here, with people spewing next to me and food that reeked and tasted like arse, turbulence and lots of fart smell. After 22 hrs of traveling I was finally able to hug Mum and Dad, who picked us up from the airport at 9 pm on Thursday. Needless to say I was looking forward to bed but we were stuck in traffic for almost an hour, which resulted in us getting home at about 2 am the next morning. The jet lag that followed was horrendous, I felt like rocking the whole time and then came nausea and headaches and the usual shit (falling asleep during a conversation...). I think I am finally over it, with that probably being due to my hangover overpowering the other symptoms.

But you know what, before I get carried away here I just want to point out how extremely amazing it is at home. I am eating great food, tucking in on the desserts (sugar diet is on hold!), drinking preservative free beer and hugging my little old dog every spare minute. My parents, siblings and friends are absolutely great to me, bartenders at my go-to pub give me free drinks, I already saw an awesome live gig and it's only day three. We have ten days to go, with my Mum's big big birthday party (she's turning 50 next week! WOWZERS!) coming up, another couple of dinner dates and big shopping trips, and of course lots (LOTS!) of great foods and beverages to consume.

As for today I am happy to just lounge in the front yard, where it's quite frankly too beautiful to even grasp.
The weather is perfect, flowers are still blossoming, the grass is juicy and green and we can pick apples from trees and veggies from the garden.
We're surrounded by forests and there is even fucking deer running around. I am serious. This must be paradise! Aha.

I'll get some photos up definitely but for now, byeeee :)