September 29, 2012

September 29th: Zombie mode

God, jesus.

I am a zombie.

Tried sleeping for 8 hours today, but ended up sleeping...what... 14 something?
It took me 6 hours just to get in the shower. Future is looking prosperous, people!

September is almost over and it hasn't been a very fruitful blogging month. Since January posting has become somewhat like brushing my teeth every day, but September really, really sucked. This girl has a dirty old mouth by now. Figuratively. I enjoy hygiene. Just to make things clear.

So what can you expect from now on? Well, I can't really tell right now. I am blogging daily, but the content..I don't know. I am trying to take a step back from the superficial at the moment and concentrate on a couple of issues of greater importance. Like, why are people more offended by being called ugly or fat than being called dumb or boring?

All throughout school I was called fat or ugly or both, but the only thing that really stuck with me all these years is when a particular young man called me boring. That was the most hurtful thing anyone's ever called me.

I talk to lots of young girls these days (yes, I know using this term makes me sound like an old hag) and they don't care if anyone calls them boring or dumb. They do, however, break out in tears if someone calls them unattractive.

So here's the thing. We can't deal with being unattractive, but we are happy to be unintelligent. What does that say about society? Shudders down my back...

But I am getting off topic (once again...)
In any way, make sure to watch this space again. There are still three months to go until the end of the year so bear with me and see what I've got up my sleeves. Who know, maybe I'll win the lottery and become a filthy rich arsehole and you can say: "Whoa, see that kunt. I read her blog when she was poor". Or something.

Now: Pretty picture!!!

   Oh Austria, you beauty!!!!