September 24, 2012

September 24th: Can't catch a break

Hey there. It's me. I am not even going to announce that I am back because GOD KNOWS what is going to happen the next couple of days when we have to pack our bags, harden up and say good bye like grown up people (NO TEARS THIS TIME!) and travel around the globe. I might not want/be able to blog but I am definitely going to get back to blogging daily once I am back in Australia.

I can't catch a break at the moment, I am always driving somewhere/meeting somebody/buying something/eating something at the moment. The last full day here will be tomorrow and besides saying goodbye to both my Nanas (which, btw., is the hardest thing to do), my sister and a couple of close friends, I will have to fit in some laundry doing and packing. Mum and Dad are awesome so they organised for Dan and me to get a massage early morning on Wednesday before our flight. They are going to drive us to the airport too.

It's a good thing to come home from time to time. It clears my mind and makes me feel ambitious again. Sometimes I get a bit superficial and insecure, but seeing my parents being proud and my siblings being interested gives me such a boost. I have this urge to learn again, to make a difference. I can't quite put my finger on what I would like to do just yet, but there is an outline of a dream job on the horizon - considering I was totally clueless for the last three years about what I would like to do (with the exception of a completely naive dream of how great a job in journalism would be) this is a big old step for this girl right here.

Another thing I have been thinking a lot about is the way I consume. I couldn't help but notice how short my attention span has become. I am so incredibly bored with media and music and fashion, that all I do is consume more and more. That's one of the reasons why I am so slack with reading books. I start one, then jump to another one, then finish some and forget about others. The confusing thing is, that this is a way of doing stuff that I completely detest in my regular life. The way I work compared to the way I consume media are a complete contradiction. There is no system, no productivity or efficiency. I think the room for improvement is gigantic!!! When I went to the music shop today, I listened my way through some albums I was intending to buy. I was bored. (Ugh..The new "The XX". Fark. How disappointing.) Skipped through all the songs and couldn't find anything I really enjoyed or I thought was worth buying. So my question is: Is it me or is it media? Is there nothing enjoyable out there or am I just not paying enough attention? Or not paying enough attention to the good stuff?

Too many questions. I should start consuming less media, selling all of the things I bought but refuse to use and choose more critically what I read and look at online. Amen. And now I'm going to hop on instagram. H-Y-P-O-CRIT me.

Ok, gotta go now! :)