September 02, 2012

September 2nd: Sunday Funday

It's incredible how big an impact a few degrees and the sun has on my mood
and general mental state. I am a happy little chipmunk right now.
I am going overseas in 10 days. That might contribute to my happiness.
To say I am excited is an understatement. I have tingles in my toes and butterflies
in my belly!

Dan and I went on our usual Sunday date day this morning. We had a lot of stuff planned but we sorta got distracted and just ended up buying "The Big Lebowski" on blu-ray and then having the most DELICIOUS lunch ever. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Jackpot Noodles at West End. It's delicious. It's cheap. It satisfies my cravings for BBQ pork buns.
I was in such a good mood I broke my sugar abstinence and had some fried ice cream (wasn't that good) and a chocolate milk shake (wasn't good either). My guts hate me, I didn't sleep well and I, once again, got taught a lesson I already knew. Sugar is not good for your body. Ok. Note taken.

After lunch we made our way home and ended up in bed to watch above mentioned movie. I kinda just fell asleep and woke up, craving Kahlua. So much for hidden advertising. It even works on me when I'm unconscious.

Anyway, I decided to go all out and wear NO black clothes AT ALL. Felt very girly and extremely out of my comfort zone but I think I like it! What do you think?
 I finally got myself a great great bokeh app!!! So in love!

Dan took this photo of me outside our house. I am wearing Ally shirt and skirt and YES I have finally conquered the art of donut hair bun making. It's spring guys! I am so excited!!!

He only JUST escaped an attack by our mate sholphin. He is half shark, half dolphin - combining the best attributes of both mammal and fish. Needless to say he is one evil motherfucker.

I am currently trying (again) to get through Nabokov's "Lolita". It just drags on and it's so weird and twisted. Very off-putting.
BUT since my goal is to get through every Penguin book every published, I have no choice but to keep on pushing through!
Oh and for you who are wondering how my work out is going - it's going FANTASTIC! I am so stocked that I have stuck to it last week, since Dan was sick and had to skip 4 sessions. My abs are starting to REALLY show, my thighs and glutes are getting super firm. The only thing that's annoying is my arms are getting real big again. But I'll swap muscle for wobble any day.
It's super hard but the results are worth it.

KK. I'm out.