September 03, 2012

September 3rd: Rules

On my way home today I was thinking about why people invent rules and why other people stick to them.
I thought, if everyone driving in front of me did whatever they wanted to, they would cause a lot of pain to other people. But that's certainly not, why they stick to the rule. It's because they don't want to get hurt themselves. It's a completely selfish motive that makes people stick to rules. And I think that doesn't just apply to traffic rules, but to life in general.

People follow rules because that's the easiest way to keep oneself out of trouble and NOT because it's the easiest way to save other people from getting harmed. Our whole society is built on selfishness. Pretty disgusting, if you think about it.

Getting pretty deep on here. But you know what...since Eva Longoria is now in an advertising campaign for cat food, I am sure hell is about to freeze solid.

Oh and yeah, I have a slight obsession with Katy Perry at the moment. I LOVE this interview!!