June 30, 2012

June 30: Bye half of 2012

Half a year is already gone! Dayuuum!!!
Thank god I didn't have any resolutions I could
have looked back on with feelings of failure and regret...I'm just
doing my thang and doing it well!

Went on the dreaded lunch break shop today

June 29, 2012

June 29: Present

Got an early anniversary present.
I am feeling very spoiled!
sparkle sparkle sparkle

There apparently is another present waiting for me!!!

June 28, 2012

June 28: Shoop

I am a 90ies child. Suck it!

Had some random photos I wanted to post today on my beloved but neglected DSLR but
because good old life sometimes plays cruel tricks on me I can't get to it. The minute Dan left the
house I saw a little cockroach run into my office and I have since not taking a foot off the couch in case it comes back out. I did close the door and sprayed something toxic in through the little gap on the floor. If it didn't kill it I am convinced the insecticide will at least some sort of an invisible  barrier to keep the beast locked up.

Now I have creepy shivers and am hoping for Dan's return, so he can track the sucker down and kill it.
Otherwise - sleepless night!

Before I fall into a total girl group frenzy with Sugababes going STRONG on youtube at the moment, here are a few H&M items I am lusting over and would probably spend some hard earned EUROS on if I was overseas right now:


Kleid – von H&M

Figurnahes, ärmelloses Jerseykleid mit Musterprint.

Perfect floral/abstract print summer dress


Kette – von H&M

Metallkette mit Plastikperlen. Verstellbarer Verschluss hinten.

Yes, I would wear neon. Solely as jewellery though. Don't see the point in spending hundreds of Dollars on neon blazers, jackets and skirts when I know FOR SURE that in about 2 seasons there is going to be a major neon saturation and it's going to become this thing with a 'bogan' 2-Dollar-Mart touch to it. Or maybe I'll be totally wrong and will wear Adidas velcro tracksuits in lime green next Winter....who knows?


Sandalen – von H&M

Sandalen aus Lederimitat mit Metalldekors und Schnalle am Knöchel. Gummisohle.

Yeah...they are somewhat perfect. But why not in black????


Shorts – von H&M

Shorts aus Webstoff mit Seitentaschen und Umschlägen an den Beinen. Häkchenverschluss.

So these are probably the only floral shorts I would wear.  For some reason they remind me of Japanese art....


Bluse – von H&M

H&M FOR WATER. Ärmellose Bluse aus Webstoff mit aufgedrucktem Muster, Kragen und Knopfleiste.

So Carven started this trend with their alpine scenery short/t-shirt combination as seen on stylebubble.com
I kinda like this one though. Has a 'Dirty Dancing' - vibe to it. High waisted white denim with that and a shitloads of curls and you got that Baby - look!

Oh yeah...this is awesome by the way!
Shoop shoop.
Good night everyone!!! xxx

June 27, 2012

June 27th: Ripper

Oh my, ripped my happy tights this morning. Not cool. At least I got
2 wears out of them which is above average in the thights ripping statistics.
It was one of my co-workers birthday today so we showed her a little instagram love:

Love my girls!!!!

June 26: I forgot to blog!!!

Oh my god!
I forgot to blog yesterday!!!
BUT: I went to see 'Brave' at the movies and was blown away by its awesomeness so here you go!
As an apology here's a photo of my beautiful self I took 10 mins ago :-)

Should mention I was talking while I took this photo! lols. Happy tights.

June 25, 2012

June 25th: I owe you this!

Hey lads and ladies!
I owe you and myself a non-whiny post.
Cause let's face it: I am poor and I have a shitty job but at least I have one and I am healthy,
I am in love and I am loved and that's about all I need in life.

It can only get better from now on and I am willing to play an active role in my pursuit of happiness instead of being a whiny little bitch and damn fate for being a bit unkind from time to time.

Thankfully I married a very wise man who kicks my ass when I am feeling down. He says it's all part of character-building and he's right. I might feel overwhelmed by the thought of being an adult but not despairing of this realisation and getting through those tough moments will turn me into a more powerful, flexible and resilient human being. Yes, this is also an official apology to all my dear readers. I love you and I hate being a scruffy old geezer so from now on, I'll get back on the quirky train and annoy you with all things fluffy and pink.
AMEN everyone.
Now look at what made me happy today.
Finding these studs in a drawer. I bought them several weeks ago for $ 3.50 at Colette. Remember this post? I already bought a pair of those for one of my co-worker's 18th birthday. And YES my earlobes started swelling after about 2 hrs of wear. At least that's longer than when I wore cheap earrings at my wedding. I had earlobes the size an Indian Elephant usually sports. Yay me!
Dan took this for me. I love this jumper. It says: "Bitch, you mighta had a shitty day, but cheer the fuck up!" Actually, that's what Dan said. Haha. No, I love it. And a bit of Apfelkern Trivia on the side: My Dad had a sweater in EXACTLY that colour some time around the mid-late 90ies. My Mum used to steal it from him. The attraction to this "working class blue" as I like to call it must run in the family.

Oh my, look at that weird expression. I think I might have tried to pick something out of my teeth with my tounge, therefore the funny mouth-movement. Anyway - got this hat for $ 5.95 at the Dotti sale three weeks ago. I love me a good Fedora. Hat Person through and through.

I bought a set of 9 Revlon lipsticks on my Dubai-Vienna flight last December for probably around $ 50. This is my favourite daytime one. REVLON JUST ENOUGH BUFF 613

So what else is up in my marvellous life?
I went to Sunnybank yesterday (which a majority of the Asian population in Brisbane call their home suburb) and ate at MOS Burger.
Yummy and healthy! Great portion sizes (small but filling!!!) and prizes!
Then I got Japan-fever.

I also went to this great shop I will blog about this week. Absolutely LOVED it and once we've moved and gotten our shit together I'll definitely stop by and buy some ruffle socks and Korean jewellery and cosmetics!

Since my car needed to get fixed and serviced, I dropped it off this morning and walked back home. It was only a 5 minute walk but I realised how little I actually walk to places anymore. Thinking back to my backpacking days, I didn't waste a thought on methods of transportation - I just walked naturally walked everywhere. I really should incorporate a few bits and pieces of that lifestyle into my present life. Definitely not the drinking and scabby hostel bunk bed parts though! :D

That's me for today. I have a flight to book and a cookie to eat!

X and love mit Bomben und Granaten.

June 24, 2012

June 24th: Krill them all

So...had a day off and in between calculating how much
it will cost to move and get my car fixed I just hung around
and complained about being poor.
Really quite productive, as you can tell
Then I made Apple Strudel.

So as an adult I can't really avoid the whole job situation. Which is
exactly why I am now trying to make the most of it. I catch myself
feeling extremely angry about having to drag myself to work 5 days
per week, then having two days to recover from standing, lifting, bending
climbing ladders and fake friendliness and helpfulness. Even at the end
of my first day off I still feel pain in my legs and hate the fact I have to go back
on Tuesday. 

Let me wear this and ride on rainbows!!!!!!

Seriously, why didn't I appreciate being a child? I always wanted to
grow up as quickly as possible and be independent and stuff. I just thought 
I'd straight away end up as successful and financially well off as my parents are.
Well, didn't seem to realise back then that it took them decades of working dead end
jobs, saving and a super modest lifestyle to get that stability.

I guess I have a lot to look forward to!

Gonna enjoy a glass of Bailey's now and continue being a gigantic pessimistic arsehole!!
Wohoo. What are you pissed off about at the moment? Let it all out. Come on! Don't be shy!!!

June 23, 2012

June 23rd: live to work. oh my.

I really need to win the lottery.
Then I would quit my job and find a way to educate young
women - and I'm not talking third world countries - I am talking about
the western world.
There is a serious demand! You don't believe me? Go
 out and have conversation
about contraception with a sexually active 15 year old.

June 22, 2012

June 22nd: No dice

Fuck being an adult.
That is all.

June 21, 2012

June 21st: DIY inspiration

I find these so beautiful and great. It's just a great mix between new and old. Wandering down memory lane at the moment, thinking of my two amazing grandmas (both sewers) embroidering table cloths, pillow cases and hanging carpets.

all Izziyana Suhaimi via booooooom

I also really like Nylon magazine, so that's a double plus. Speaking of Nylon, check this out:

This is 5 years old now, can you believe it? I'd still wear everything she's rocking in that photo shoot. Oh my....when I grow up I wanna be an Olsen.

June 20, 2012

June 20th: Stop motion magicka Pt 2

Oh hi there!

I did this little stop motion movie a couple of weeks ago. A filthy bug deleted all my video processing software, so it's a little raw without music (yet).

I had one of those days were I felt like appreciating the little things. It's a philosophy I like to go by, just because it makes life SO much easier. That's one of the reasons I love Studio Ghibli. I just always feel like there is NO reason to not be happy with my life when I watch one of the movies. There is so much positivity in it and although they're childrens' movies, there is a lot us adults can learn from them.

Anyway, that's the little short movie I made. I pretty much just stood there for half an hour and photographed every movement produced by the light and those cheap lace curtains that were already in our rental house when we moved in.

Shit like that fascinates and entertains me. Still holding out for a day with more wind and more movement. I took around 500 frames but with my video software not working I could only use my Stop-motion-movie option on my Nikon.

I collect photos like they're going out of fashion and wanted to share a few bits and bobs with you. Inspiration overload so to say:

Chanel. Still holding out for a cheap rip-off of these cuffs. They are amazing.

miniature food is good, but miniature food on a ring is just amazing!!!

this picture screams: GO TO THE GYM!

Maybe blonde isn't my colour after all?

sources: ellevictoire.com, Stolen Girlfriends Club, Evil Twin, Tobacco&leather, head+heels, fannylyckman, stylebubble, withasianstereotypes,

I am just about to book some flights to Europe for Dan and me. SO exciting and having a holiday booked makes going to work so much easier! It's like holidays my sole motivation to exist! :D
I still want to make it to Japan and (of course) Melbourne again this year. Trying to convince Dan to go to NZ with me for 10 days or so next year. He thinks NZ stinks. Such an Aussie...

Where abouts are you guys heading soon?

PS: I am loving galadarling.com at the moment! Such a great selection of great inspiring articles. If you haven't yet checked out her blog, make sure you do so very soon! You'll love it, I promise!!!
Oh, and read this! So interesting!

June 19, 2012

June 19th: Floral blazer

Finally found a floral blazer I like on eBay!
I went for the black mutli colour.
Can't wait to get it!!!

Off to bed now, kittens.

Ps: I am obsessed with Robyn again at the moment:


June 18, 2012

June 18th: Skull T-shirt DIY

Hi there! Not quite noon but here it is! It took me over an hour to make this skull tee and even though there are 10000 DIYs for it on the web, you should totally check mine out!!! :)

I stumbled across it on Instagram a couple of days ago and thought I can do this myself. With everyone's Stocktake sales on at the moment I was able to get a flowy white shirt from Cotton On for $ 5. All you need now is a pair of scissors, some scrap paper, a couple of pins and a pencil.

Step 1:

Get your stuff ready. I used a floaty top which is a bit of a bitch to cut, but I wanted it light and summery, so chose that one. Plus it was on sale. I also had my inspiration pick ready to peek at on my phone. I suggest to stand up while doing it, because you get a better view on the whole thing and that way you can work out propotions better.

Step 2:

Turn your shirt back to front. Of course you can choose to do this to the front of the shirt, I'm just not brave enough to take part in the nipple parade. Draw and cut the eyes first. They are the focal point of the T-shirt. They look a little like a coffee bean, with one half of a circle a little smaller, and the other one nice and big. There should only be a tiny little gap inbetween the eyes. Then place them nice and high on the shirt. Remember, you still have to put the cheeks, nose and teeth in, so if you place the eyes in the middle of the shirt, you won't have enough space for the rest of the skull.
Step 3:

Draw and cut the rest of the shapes. I left out the teeth because I got bored with cutting and pinning a bit. Short attention span. Damnit! After you have laid out your skull face pin it down so the paper stays in place when you start cutting.
Step 4:

...pin some more....

Cut that shit! I pinched a hole in the middle of each shape, then cut the inner shape. After that I took the paper off and cut the shape to size and cleaned up the edges a little bit. It is supposed to look messy and DIY, so don't worry too much about cleaning the whole thing up. Make sure you don't cut across any seams though!!! After I had done the eyes, cheeks and nose, I went and did the teeth. It would've definitely paid off to make paper stencils because they turned out pretty crooked - but hey, it's a skull after all!
Step 6:

Take a shitty photo and show it off on your blog. It's not amazing, but definitely better than I thought it would turn out. I certainly have to make the cheeks larger and nose longer, but other than that I am quite happy with the result. I'll throw it on sometime this week so you can have a good look at it.

Will definitely try it again on a black top or sweater.
This one from the blog withasianstereotypes.com is amazing!!!

On a side note: I cannot believe this trend started in 2009 and I have never heard of it before!!!
Well..better late than never :)

WILDFOX and love. xxx