June 24, 2012

June 24th: Krill them all

So...had a day off and in between calculating how much
it will cost to move and get my car fixed I just hung around
and complained about being poor.
Really quite productive, as you can tell
Then I made Apple Strudel.

So as an adult I can't really avoid the whole job situation. Which is
exactly why I am now trying to make the most of it. I catch myself
feeling extremely angry about having to drag myself to work 5 days
per week, then having two days to recover from standing, lifting, bending
climbing ladders and fake friendliness and helpfulness. Even at the end
of my first day off I still feel pain in my legs and hate the fact I have to go back
on Tuesday. 

Let me wear this and ride on rainbows!!!!!!

Seriously, why didn't I appreciate being a child? I always wanted to
grow up as quickly as possible and be independent and stuff. I just thought 
I'd straight away end up as successful and financially well off as my parents are.
Well, didn't seem to realise back then that it took them decades of working dead end
jobs, saving and a super modest lifestyle to get that stability.

I guess I have a lot to look forward to!

Gonna enjoy a glass of Bailey's now and continue being a gigantic pessimistic arsehole!!
Wohoo. What are you pissed off about at the moment? Let it all out. Come on! Don't be shy!!!