June 20, 2012

June 20th: Stop motion magicka Pt 2

Oh hi there!

I did this little stop motion movie a couple of weeks ago. A filthy bug deleted all my video processing software, so it's a little raw without music (yet).

I had one of those days were I felt like appreciating the little things. It's a philosophy I like to go by, just because it makes life SO much easier. That's one of the reasons I love Studio Ghibli. I just always feel like there is NO reason to not be happy with my life when I watch one of the movies. There is so much positivity in it and although they're childrens' movies, there is a lot us adults can learn from them.

Anyway, that's the little short movie I made. I pretty much just stood there for half an hour and photographed every movement produced by the light and those cheap lace curtains that were already in our rental house when we moved in.

Shit like that fascinates and entertains me. Still holding out for a day with more wind and more movement. I took around 500 frames but with my video software not working I could only use my Stop-motion-movie option on my Nikon.

I collect photos like they're going out of fashion and wanted to share a few bits and bobs with you. Inspiration overload so to say:

Chanel. Still holding out for a cheap rip-off of these cuffs. They are amazing.

miniature food is good, but miniature food on a ring is just amazing!!!

this picture screams: GO TO THE GYM!

Maybe blonde isn't my colour after all?

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I am just about to book some flights to Europe for Dan and me. SO exciting and having a holiday booked makes going to work so much easier! It's like holidays my sole motivation to exist! :D
I still want to make it to Japan and (of course) Melbourne again this year. Trying to convince Dan to go to NZ with me for 10 days or so next year. He thinks NZ stinks. Such an Aussie...

Where abouts are you guys heading soon?

PS: I am loving galadarling.com at the moment! Such a great selection of great inspiring articles. If you haven't yet checked out her blog, make sure you do so very soon! You'll love it, I promise!!!
Oh, and read this! So interesting!