June 18, 2012

June 18th: Skull T-shirt DIY

Hi there! Not quite noon but here it is! It took me over an hour to make this skull tee and even though there are 10000 DIYs for it on the web, you should totally check mine out!!! :)

I stumbled across it on Instagram a couple of days ago and thought I can do this myself. With everyone's Stocktake sales on at the moment I was able to get a flowy white shirt from Cotton On for $ 5. All you need now is a pair of scissors, some scrap paper, a couple of pins and a pencil.

Step 1:

Get your stuff ready. I used a floaty top which is a bit of a bitch to cut, but I wanted it light and summery, so chose that one. Plus it was on sale. I also had my inspiration pick ready to peek at on my phone. I suggest to stand up while doing it, because you get a better view on the whole thing and that way you can work out propotions better.

Step 2:

Turn your shirt back to front. Of course you can choose to do this to the front of the shirt, I'm just not brave enough to take part in the nipple parade. Draw and cut the eyes first. They are the focal point of the T-shirt. They look a little like a coffee bean, with one half of a circle a little smaller, and the other one nice and big. There should only be a tiny little gap inbetween the eyes. Then place them nice and high on the shirt. Remember, you still have to put the cheeks, nose and teeth in, so if you place the eyes in the middle of the shirt, you won't have enough space for the rest of the skull.
Step 3:

Draw and cut the rest of the shapes. I left out the teeth because I got bored with cutting and pinning a bit. Short attention span. Damnit! After you have laid out your skull face pin it down so the paper stays in place when you start cutting.
Step 4:

...pin some more....

Cut that shit! I pinched a hole in the middle of each shape, then cut the inner shape. After that I took the paper off and cut the shape to size and cleaned up the edges a little bit. It is supposed to look messy and DIY, so don't worry too much about cleaning the whole thing up. Make sure you don't cut across any seams though!!! After I had done the eyes, cheeks and nose, I went and did the teeth. It would've definitely paid off to make paper stencils because they turned out pretty crooked - but hey, it's a skull after all!
Step 6:

Take a shitty photo and show it off on your blog. It's not amazing, but definitely better than I thought it would turn out. I certainly have to make the cheeks larger and nose longer, but other than that I am quite happy with the result. I'll throw it on sometime this week so you can have a good look at it.

Will definitely try it again on a black top or sweater.
This one from the blog withasianstereotypes.com is amazing!!!

On a side note: I cannot believe this trend started in 2009 and I have never heard of it before!!!
Well..better late than never :)

WILDFOX and love. xxx