June 02, 2012

June 2nd: Today tonight

So today.

 Random photo thrown in.
Crazy big day at work. Day three without facewash (How hard can it possibly be to get my sticky fingers on a bottle of Biotherm cleanser?). Eating lollies for dinner AGAIN. Got my dresses in the mail and still haven't tried them but I promise if I can peel myself off the couch tomorrow I will put them on and take some snaps. Dsrl snaps that is...MAYBE!!
Here's a sneak peek

here's to shitty photos

I also felt like crafting a little last night. I managed to dig out a pair of Converse Chucks I once bought in New Zealand out of boredom, hormonal craziness and a credit card at my disposal. (which , btw. made me do a lot of dumb but fun things in my time. ah wink ah wink)
Well, I used my studs but as soon as I put my footsies in the thorny stuff on the back cut me open and I wee weed my pants a little. Off to ebay now, buying some sew-on studs. Silly me, huh?